Super Mario Bros. Beaten In Under Five Minutes, A New World Record

You've gotta watch this impressive Super Mario Bros. playthrough by speedrunner "Blubbler." Blubbler beats the game in a bewildering 4:57.69.

Previously, the world record for an "any percentage" completion run was held by andrewg, according to the SMB Leaderboards Wiki. The time? 4:58:09. A second can make all the difference in a speedrun!

Here, the speedier time is chalked up to a lucky bullet bill glitch used in Blubbler's run at level 8-2, which allowed Blubber to skip the walk to the castle.

Curious about the particulars of runs like this one? You should check out the Speed Demos Archive page on Super Mario Bros., which details some of the techniques and strategies used in speedruns such as this one.

And in case you're confused about how the timing is measured in this run, it starts when the timer appears in level 1-1, and it ends when Mario hits the axe in 8-4.


    Hours I played this for. HOURS. Lives lost. Items thrown across the room.

    Insanely good effort.

    I like this, there are no obvious external cheat engines involved, its all skill... ALL AWESOME.

    Pffft it's alright I guess *secretly envious at skill that really doesn't achieve anything in life but wants anyway*

    That bullet glitch totally sums up speedrunning and how just the tiniest portion of luck can be the difference between breaking a record and missing out by fractions of a second.

    I'd be interested in knowing how many attempts it took to beat the previous record. It's obvious the guy knows the run really well but just the tiniest mistakes or gameplay glitches would throw you off so many times.

    For a legit run through he sure hits a lot of piranha flowers.

    Part of me wants to think a lot of those exact jumps and running sequences are too coincidental to not be tool assisted, but watching the AGDQ/SGDQ events for the past couple of years has shown me these people have precision platforming down to an artform. I'd love to be even half as good as these guys and gals.

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