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    How odd. I arrived here via the Twitter link but it's still not on the front page yet.

      Experimenting with time machines is not something to toy with, Strange! >:|

        Time-travel is best saved for the experts. Per the article in one of the linkboxes.

        You could end up killing your own grandfather. Or becoming him!! Which would be extra @strange in her case

    Morning all, my weekend was as follows.

    Friday night I went to the neighbors' place for Poker with some of his mates; everyone put in ten and I took home thirty. Yay! We all drank way too much and I ended up having a massive hangover Saturday despite promising myself that I would do some gardening as soon as weather was dry on a weekend.

    I awoke around 3pm Saturday and watched LEGO movie. Sunday I had an argument with my wife and we spent the day apart - though we did reconcile by about 4pm and a little bit of gardening was done.

      Was the argument about the validity of the "everything is awesome" hypothesis?

        Nah, she's addicted to that song, too. The argument was over something more trivial.

          Roses or tulips?

            I wish. It was really dumb actually. She went off to the market Sunday morning so I looked after little Joshie as she said she gets by quicker without him. No problem there. While she is gone I head to my parents so the grandparents get some extra time with the littlie.

            She gets back, calls me, blasting that she intended to spend the day with Joshie and I need to get back home. I yell back you never told me how long you were going to be gone blah blah and so forth.


              Yeah it sounds like a lot of miscommunication happened, like if she planned to spend the day with him why not take him even if you get by quicker without him

      I just had argument with my girl this morning before leaving. Reading TAY n stuff to cheer myself up. I know dat feel. :(

        Mr. Strange is usually leaving as I'm getting up so not having a chance to annoy each other before we go our separate ways for the day is a good by-product of our differing schedules. Especially as neither of us are morning people.

          Morning people are just... wrong in the head. Normally I might manage to cobble together a vague impression of civility after about an hour and a half of consciousness but I could easily be spurred into activity by someone being all happy and enthusiastic at me. Unfortunately for them the activity I'd be spurred into would be stabbing them in the forehead with a fork.

            I'm the opposite, I'm all fine in the morning but if I'm up late and have work in the morning and people won't let me sleep I crack the shits hard

    The first thing that came to mind when the credits rolled for X-men: Days of Future Past (ROT13'd for spoilers).

    Gurl fubhyq unir whfg pnyyrq vg K-zra Ergpba: Gur Zbivr.

      I don't disagree but I'm not disappointed by that.

        I agree and I'm pleased by that? God damn don't make me think on a Monday, Neg!

    Watchdogs tomorrow b1tches.

      Pretty hype for this, but I don't think my Dedsec edition will arrive in the mail by tomorrow as it hasn't shipped yet. As long as it arrives before the end of the week I'll be happy. It'll give me a chance to finish Wolfenstein I s'pose.

        I only started Black Flag on friday, so I suppose I should be glad it'll take me a day to download Watch Dogs on Steam... gives me more time to finish off Black Flag, so that WD doesn't end up on the pile of shame.

          Good luck. I think AC IV took me a week or two to finish, but half that time was probably spent sailing around finding collectibles and doing side quests. It's probably do-able, if you only stick to main story missions, and you can pretty much play all day long.

      I've got to do the sensible thing wait till about half 3 to get my copy, got to take my mum down the street for a doctors appointment at 3 and if I go down early and get watchdogs, I won't want to leave the house (unless it sucks but hopefully it won't). Then if my mums eyes explode from th pressure buildup she'll be all complainy like mothers are and make me do stuff for her and I'll get even less watchdogs time...

    Good morning everyone!
    I challenged my anxiety over the weekend and proved to myself that the yoga is helping me tremendously!

      Anxiety is notoriously crap at competitive yoga but an easy win is a good confidence builder, well done!

    Recommendations for slower paced games? Possibly platformers? Have the Xbox One and 360, finished Max Curse of Brotherhood. Have one broken wrist and one with a torn ligament from a motorcycle accident, so can't handle fast twitch or gaming requiring accurate joystick use, so my usual FPS or driving games are out.

      If you can get into them, any sort of RPG is pretty good and very rarely requires accurate targeting. Depending on the RPG you will have to put with menus and managing character actions but they're a pretty breezy and relaxed genre to play (at least in terms of button and controller input).

      Dragon Age is pretty good in that regard for slower-paced gameplay. There are other options but I can't hink of them off the top of my head sorry.

        Turnbased JRPG's would probably be good. Ones that pause the game once it's your turn. No need to stress about getting your commands out super fast.

          I used to be super into turn based JRPG's in high school, but just find the gameplay a bit boring these days. the stories are always fantastic, but the usual over complicated card game style character upgrades just frustrate me.

          The issue with that is that there's very few true turn-based JRPGs out there, even less of them that are actually good and on the 360, and basically none of those don't have annoying twitch mechanics where you need to hit a button with precise timing during the attack stuff to be able to perform well.

        Speaking of RPG's, how does Diablo 3 go with touch screen? Is it supported or will it just take it as crappy mouse input? I have a 10 point multitouch hybrid PC. Or any other suggestions of actual PC games with decent touch input?

          Not entirely certain how D3 works with a touch screen but I would imagine it just translates into an inaccurate mouse input. I haven't seen or heard of it supporting touch screens.

          I don't actually know of games that support touch input but maybe Civilisation 5 does or XCOM or some other strategy game. That would be the genre that would make the most sense and I think XCOM has come out on iPad so it might have decent touch input for PC. I'm just guessing though sorry.

          If you want some good touch-based games for a tablet then I think Diablo wouldn't be a good one, since your hand is going to be in the way of what you're looking at and you need multiple buttons.

          Have you tried Hearthstone? That game was designed for a touch interface and it's turn-based.

            Ah bum, I got excited when I saw it was blizzard, but it's a card battle game :(

      Puzzle platformers are always good. I'll assume you've already played Fez, Braid and Limbo though :P

        I remember the Limbo demo being awesome, buying it now.

        Last edited 26/05/14 10:09 am

      Ah, sorry to hear about your wrist man. Play an adventure game! :D

      Ouch! Maybe something like Peggle 2, Child Of Light, Or Powerstar Golf.

      I wouldn't even attempt a platformer with hand injuries! They can require as much fast accuracy as shooters.
      Popdart's RPG suggestion is good. A lot of JRPGs go even further and only require one handed play because you're usually only pressing one button at a time. Apart from that, maybe something like Puzzle Quest?

        One wrist strapped and the other in a cast, so it's more about the speed I can handle. Xbox control is alright, PS3 is very awkward, and I can't hold a mouse because I can't turn my wrist that way. Just bought Limbo on the 360, that's alright. Just no fast twitch or button spamming for me.

        Last edited 26/05/14 10:24 am

      I would say L.A Noire, but at times the game does incorporate action scenes.

      Heavy Rain/Beyond : Two Souls would definitely be good choices however you might not have a ps3.

        I disagree with Heavy Rain. Sometimes there were scenes you had to contort your entire hand in weird angles to do stuff. (Like the power station section.) XD

        Last edited 26/05/14 9:23 am

          And shake the living fuck out of the controller when you're being attacked and knocking someone off you

        Didn't play my PS3 in a good two years and the blood batteries inside all four of my controllers crapped it. None will charge.

      You could give XCOM a go, it does have a bit of fiddly controls that require the analogue stick, but since its turn based there's no quick movements/time restrictions.

    Hey guys, how was your weekend?

    Mine was... interesting. Planned to make a fair bit of progress on Game Of Thrones (book), but I didn't even get to read one page. Went out with the missus and our son for the day on Saturday. Sunday, the in-laws came around for an impromptu bbq, then halfway through cooking said bbq I get a phone call from work. Was a bit annoyed at first because it seems that everytime I have a day off they call for something, but I answered it anyway. Turned out that one of our regular customers, who happens to be mentally disabled, and can be very difficult got refused service because of how difficult he can be, the customer then went to the toilet and after coming out tried to walk into one of the cinemas. The guy in charge yesterday tried to block him, there was a short argument and the customer punched him in the face and walked off.

    Cops were called and ambulance came and all that. When he came back from the hospital, we discussed the situation and decided to ban him immediately, the guys mother (who was notified by one of the other staff members, because apparently they know her), called and spoke to the staff member and apparently said to him that she was upset that we had decided to ban him without discussing it with her first. WTF!!! What is there to discuss, the guy punched him in the face.

    Totally didn't expect anything like that to happen.

      Intense. Just be careful you don't get sued or some shit for "discrimination". -_-

        Yeah, now he's been physically violent towards a staff member I think we're totally within our rights to refuse service, but up to that point, I'm not so sure.

        He never comes with a carer, but he clearly needs to. If he had been with a carer yesterday the whole situation would've probably been avoided.

          Unfortunately, just as he doesn't know he can't behave that way, there's a good chance he'll keep trying to come to your cinema frequently because he doesn't understand he is banned, which could cause more trouble than letting him in.

            I think it's the fact that the staff member physically stood in front of the doors to block him that made him get violent, so if he comes in again and won't leave when asked, I think the best course of action is to just let him go in where he wants to, and call the police to have him removed.

              Might be an idea to take a picture from video surveillance and put it up with his mothers number at the register, with a note saying if there are any troubles to call her.

                That's the thing, there are no cameras. All the staff members know what he looks like though.

    Mario Kart 8 week! I trust everyone's hype levels are up to the appropriate levels!

    Except for @strange's hype levels. She was exposed to the monster gene in an unfortunate laboratory explosion and has no hype for the game as a result. :'(

      Mario Kart 8 old TAY repost!

      $58 at Big W!

      MADNESS (this is Sparta)

        Catalogue or site? I couldn't find it on either.

          Catalogue, but hasn't been updated online yet!

          I don't think it's available yet - catalogue pic here:

          Amazing price for a new Ninty game, AND it comes with another free downloadable game (choose from a list of 10) - I'm going with Wonderful 101 because I hear nothing but good things about it, and the only other one I don't have that interests me is Monster Hunter.

            Monster Hunter is amazing! It frequently goes on sale elsewhere though so keep your eye on it :D

            I'm choosing W101 as well because it's one of the few Wii U games that I've wanted for a while, but hasn't had a price drop (the other being LEGO City). I'm so glad we got this promotion :D

        I saw it for 68 at Big W online, which is better than 79 at EB/JB. Preordered it for a friend's birthday present and paid the 68 to be price matched when I pick it up on Saturday.

          I expected $68 (and was happy paying it) but this out of nowhere $58 is insane. Their $44 for Pokemon was great too.

            Not complaining that I get 10 bucks back. Guess I can roll it over to a pokeymans preorder.

              I'm assuming Big W would have the best local launch price again for Pokeys. Good ol Big W!

        Woah, 58!?

        I better get there early...

          Assuming they actually have it. D:

          Last few times I've gone to Big W to get a Nintendo game on launch morning they've been all 'what we don't have that what are you talking about'

            You would think that if they're pricing it so aggressively they'd have some copies to sell.


              As someone who has worked at Big W in the past...


      I'm hyped but at the same time I want to sell my Wii U console.

      I'm not doing this correctly, am I?

        Hey, you can be hyped for Mario Kart 8 without having a Wii U. Just buy the game and study the box art twice a day for three months. *decisive nod*

        I kind of regret selling mine now that DKC; TF is out, MK8 this week and Smash Bros. coming soon.

          Ever since I sold my SNES + games I've regretted it, and vowed never to sell another games console ever again!

          But one thing you have going for you, the price of a Wii U can only go in one direction, and possibly very quickly if Ninty announces any hardware plans at E3.

            SNES is different, because it's possible to emulate it effectively. If you have no problem with that kinda thing.

              Yeah very true, and they look much better too with a smoothing filter on the pixels, but there was something about those plastic cartridges that was so appealing (beyond nostalgia, I swear!),

              I mean, they were like physical toys that you could stack and hold, and that was special. It's the type of console I want my kids to have now, partly because I know I could give it to them without worrying about them destroying it - optical discs wouldn't last 5 minutes with them.

            Bought it from Dick Smith when they had them for $220, traded it in at EB a few months later on an Xbone for $150 with a 50% extra trade credit birthday voucher, so I actually made 5 bucks on it. A bit pissed off at myself, because now I want Mario Kart 8, and have to pay full price for a console bundle.

      I've got no hype for the game either, never owned a Nintendo machine and the one mariokart game I had a go of year ago bored the crap out of me.

      I'll hang out with @strange in monster corner

        Best corner!

          Isn't the unicorn dragon just the coolest thing ever? The chimera that makes homemade ice cream is also pretty awesome. Shame none of the others can come over and see them...

            I forgot to reply earlier when I noticed this, but your comment was a bright spark in my bad day and I love you for it. :D


        Nintendo are monsters who tend to do Saturday releases.

          Oh, 31st. Great, depending on weather I may/may-not make it for pickup. Or even have the weekend free to play much. :(

      Count me in with @Strange.

      I'm good at every other game but the secret to Kart games escape me.

        Accelerate at the 2 second countdown mark, yellow mushroom. The secret is out.

        I wasn't bad at the greatest kart game ever made, Crash Tag Team Racing, all other lesser games I'm terrible at

    Saw "Chef" on the weekend, after seeing the trailer and thinking "Yep, that looks interesting and food is delicious so... movie."

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    Nyfb Fbsín Iretnen naablf zr va rirelguvat fur'f va, fb gung cebonoyl qvqa'g uryc.

    3 Obof bhg bs 5 O-bo. (Jngpunoyr, ohg abg jbegu ercrngvat va n uheel.)

      Don't want to read the spoiler, as I haven't seen it yet, but was it good or bad? I got told from one of the other staff members that it was good, but on the other hand we had two old ladies walk out of it, demanding their money back, because they were "disgusted" at the amount of language in it", surely it can't be that bad, it's only rated M.

      Last edited 26/05/14 9:12 am

        3 Obof bhg bs 5 O-bo. (Jngpunoyr, ohg abg jbegu ercrngvat va n uheel.) = 3 Bobs out of 5 B-ob. (Watchable, but not worth repeating in a hurry.)

        I grade on a very harsh scale though, so 3 is still enjoyable.

        Edit: Oh, and language? Yeah that's about all that would push it to being an M in the first place. It's pretty PG otherwise, but even then the language is barely noticeable.

        Last edited 26/05/14 9:23 am

          Yeah, figured as much with the language. Obviously church going women who are easily offended.

          We once had a seniors day, and had a guy complain because there was two swear words in the whole movie.

            2 swear words in the whole movie? What was it? Beauty & The Beast? (I'm pretty sure Lumière says the F word like 7 or 8 times and Cogsworth definitely drops a C Bomb.)

    I just watched GameTrailers' Top 10 E3 Trailers and I totally forgot The Last Guardian was a thing :P

    PS4 announcement trailer at this E3 pls?

    This year's E3 is gonna be big methinks! I'd like more info on XenUblade, an official Zelda Wii U announcement, another MGSV trailer and a bunch of other things. Surprise announcements are gonna be awesome too :D

      Apparently Zelda and MGS V will be shown, as well as Mirror's Edge 2.

      The Nintendo thingo isn't on until 2am D:

      I'm really keen for it this year, Sony, MS & Ninty have to show lots of software to prove their new platforms are worth picking up, they won't have new hardware this year to rest their presentations on.

      My E3 predictions:
      - Nintendo will disappoint everyone by announcing some random stuff no one wants and showing off trailers for the next 3 months games. They'll also be making a massive song and dance over some downloadable thing that they'll sell for $50 but is realistically worth $15 at the outside. Then they'll show a teaser for a Wii U Zelda that won't actually release until 2016. They will show some X footage but will still refuse to provide any details.

      - Sony will show off a bunch of awesome games coming in 2015. Also expect them to gush about Indies again, and show off their Totally-not-the-Oculus-Rift headset. The highlight will be Uncharted 4. The Last Guardian will be teased in a montage but no details will be announced. Destiny will get shown off. Activision will again show off Destiny.

      - Microsoft will show off a whole lot of Halo and Gears of War stuff and there will be no mention of Kinects or TV integration or anything. Also all their games are coming in 2015. Expect them to announce some big games for their Xbox+ Games with Gold initiative. Activision will again show off Call of Duty.

      At one of Sony or MS's conferences EA will show off a new Star Wars game. Probably Battlefront 3, but maybe whatever Amy Hennig was hired on for. Most likely whatever they show will be Original Trilogy stuff or it will be very very light on details, because Lucasfilm are being very careful with what they announce ahead of Episode VII.

    Watched Wreck It Ralph, surprisingly better than expected. Lost a phone so new one is on its way. Weekend was busier than expected as well. I need more time to sit down and do nothing

      I was pleasantly surprised as well when I saw it, plenty to enjoy for everybody.

      Really enjoyed it, but I kinda think that movie has a limited window of time when it will be readable by an audience - a lot of the humour come from references that mostly slightly older gamers will get. Like, Tangled and Frozen could be made 20 years ago. or in 20 years time and still be entertaining, but Wreck it Ralph could only come out and find an audience around now. My daughter still enjoys it the movie once Vanellope is introduced though, but she'll never find it funny the way I do.

    Thinking about entering a fabric design contest even though I can't art. Monday morning madness!

    Also, having realised I'll probably never get around to finishing all the games I want to play, I'm thinking maybe I should hire @dc to come over and play them while I watch and sew. :P

      I would take that job! Do you need a copy of my resume?

        I already know you're qualified. :D

          Do I need to interview for the position? Create some fake references?

            A phone interview would be nice, but I fear I should specify that most of the time I can only afford to pay in food....

              I am a hungry young go getter. :P

    Katawa Shoujo - Finished the Emi route. Pleasantly surprised by... well. Everything.

    There's some real maturity to that story, and unlike many other media it didn't just finish with kissed/banged the girl, happily-ever-after. Actually echoed back to events of my own earlier years, and the characters really seemed to develop and grow without everything going perfectly or without understandable confusion. Cute. I liked it.

    Which is why I've been very disappointed by the Shizune Arc I started pretty much immediately afterward. Not only is the only way to get it by breaking a promise and being a dickbag, but additionally the character's internal voice and monologues grow increasingly immature. Petulant, impatient, ill-tempered, self-centred, and distinctly unkind, intolerant. It's almost as if the arc was written by a completely different person.

    So either it's very clever writing which uses a different voice to portray how a kid might develop under less ideal circumstances, or it's a different writer altogether. Either way, I really can't stand it and reckon going with my gut the first play through must've resulted in the optimal route, really.

    No mater which parts I like or dislike, the book/game's been a brain-worm and unbeatable value at 'free', which has also demonstrated enormous respect for my time with convenient save options, skipping/auto-dialogue, greying out unchanged text so I can read only new content, etc. Makes me want to look into giving something back.

      On the technical side, it's implemented in Ren'Py which is why it has all those features. Only really need the art and writing to build one if you're using an off the shelf engine like tat.

      There is definitely a different writer for Shizune's arc. I haven't played her route, but there is a consensus that her's is the worst one. My friend described the plot as:
      "My dad's a dick."
      "I agree."
      "Let's bang."

      There is a different writer for each route. That I know for sure. The problem with having multiple writers is that Hisao (main character) is not 100% consistent. I noticed subtle changes between the routes. However, if the writer for Shizune's route did a 180 on Hisao's character, I will not be happy.

      I get you on the free thing. I don't think 4-Leaf Studios exists anymore, so I don't think you could find a way to donate to them.

      Opinion of the music?

        Music: Not technically brilliant, low-grade'ish which I expected, so no disappointment either. Some common themes seem to get used situationally, which gets a little muddled when you leave a scene for too long and it cycles between some of the ones which are used across different situations. I frequently turn it off if it gets too grating and just get to the reading.

        Interesting to hear, re: the writing team.
        That actually gives me some slight trepidation when it comes to approaching the other arcs.

        I enjoyed the growing maturity of the character and the increasingly self-aware introspection which had a real sincerity to it, in Emi's arc. There's clearly some writing from experience there, in the way certain situations are captured down to striking details one might otherwise miss. And decently-written adults, that always helps.

        Shizune's arc feels like it has some places it wanted to go, but didn't quite know how to get there. It results in an unfortunate tick-box approach to hitting plot points without connecting them smoothly. Also, dialogue and pacing is not always that writer's strong suit, though a few moments were unexpectedly good, playing with the concept of what can and can't be understood by each character through translating sign language, with subtle variations. The family-home visit scenes, however, are just a mess of unrealized ideas which obviously didn't pan out. I'd wager the writer's a bit younger and might've got some help with the h-scene - either that or they're more experienced with that part of writing.

        Having used a flow-chart to make sure I cover the bases I need to and not being especially concerned about spoilers now that I've done a 'true' run, I am interested to see how a more complex twist I'm coming up on will be handled, which seemed to hold a lot of potential for interest.

          The problem is likely not that there were multiple writers, but that when they started none of the writers had a true handle on the main character, and so they've built him out differently in their arcs. Only way to avoid that would probably been to have had the whole game skeleton done by one person and then different writers filling in the details, but that wouldn't have worked with the way the game was developed.

            I'm not real experienced with the genre, but if I had to guess, I'd say it's probably a trap of the genre. In these two arcs I've read, the character has adapted himself to the personalities of his love-interest with generally being as agreeable as possible until stretched to breaking point.

            My hunch would be that most protagonists in these types of games are as 'blank slate' and neutral as possible to better allow for self-insertion by the player.

              Most (good) Japanese VNs are written entirely by one person so you don't usually get too much of a sudden character shift, but it depends. Sometimes it might actually be that you're seeing a different element of the character's personality being expressed, for example stuff where some routes are gated off until you've completed others, it's not uncommon for it to turn out that what you see in the earlier arcs is only the surface layers and the protagonist is actually different to how they seemed early on. Combined with the fact that some authors like to have really screwed up characters it can be quite surprising, like they seem to suddenly flip unexpectedly, but it turns out that it was their personality all along. Cross Channel was one that I distinctly remember that from, but it has a structure such that you're going through layers of the main character as things progress as it's a looping narrative (groundhog day style) rather than a branching one.

              As far as the depth of the protagonist, there's all sorts of VNs and all sorts of protagonists. If the main character is voiced that's usually a big sign that they'll be much deeper than a blank slate. Additionally it depends on the style of the game itself. If it's just a straight up porn game (nukige) where the plot is there to string together sex scenes, the protagonist will be little more than a cardboard cutout. Other stuff that's very story-focused will be the opposite - most of the 'crying games' (nakige) along the lines of To Heart or Key's stuff like Clannad and Air have a more defined protagonist, actually as they've made more games like that their protagonists have gotten more and more involved. Most galge stuff is in the middle, the protagonist has some details and everything but it largely a Potato, has some substance but the other ingredients are where the bulk of the flavor is.

      I think there were different writers for most of the arcs. Shizune's is the only one I would classify as bad. All the others range form good to fantastic.

      Whilst not my favorite from a character standpoint from a narrative I believe Emi's is the best. It's definitely the most interesting and also brought back memories of my younger years.

        I'm glad I'm getting the Shizune one out of the way now. I'm probably going to follow up with Rin (she never really interested me), then debating between Hanako and Lily. Folks online seem to be most enamored of Lily so I'll probably do that last, but for personal reasons I suspect I'll prefer reading the Hanako arc. Familiarity/resonance and whatnot.

        I'm glad to hear that the others are good, though, thanks. The Shizune one was giving me doubts.

          I agree with you that Shizune's route felt like it didn't know how to get where it wanted to go. Her rout feels like fan fiction whilst the others all feel professional. The writer for her seemed to have some good ideas but not the skills/patience to implement them and it ended up just being a bunch of different things thrown together and feeling disjointed.

          Though the biggest problem I had with Shizune's route was to me it lacked any sort of resolution. The other routes (excluding the Kenji ones) all feel like the closing of a chapter of Hisao's life and the begging of a new one. At the end of Shizune's it just felt like I'd gotten past the intro to the chapter setting up people and places and all the interesting stuff was yet to happen.
          That being said I guess that kinda makes it more realistic in that people all live their lives at different paces and just because finishing high school is the end of a chapter for a lot of people doesn't mean it has to be for everyone. I don't get the feeling that's what they were going for though and just kinda sucks from a narrative standpoint.

          PS: The Kenji ending is that start of a new chapter as well if you've seen the (fake) katawa shoujo 2 trailer I've linked before.

    Predictable Popdart5 weekend RPG shenanigans. This time with the Ancient Rome Pathfinder game I GM.

    My players seem to enjoy trying things out that are distinctly left of field. The Lawful Neutral Cleric has raised an undead bear as a skeleton and then applied a separate spell to change it from a skeleton to a preserved corpse (aka a zombie) so that people don't get freaked out when the bear walks into town. He's then proceeded to give the bear armour plating and ride the zombie armoured bear who has 26 AC.

    In addition, the cleric also thought he'd make some money by making some magical pendants and selling them to the legion. Except he screwed up the crafting check and one of them ended up cursed. It's not exactly ideal when you promise a legionnaire that the pendant will protect him from the elements when it ends up amplifying the effect of the elements on him. Particularly when it's currently nearing the end of winter in Romania. >.<

    The session ended with the party fighting a small pack of trolls. Ordinarily, the only way to kill trolls is to overcome their natural regeneration with acid or fire. That didn't stop the barbarian scoring a critical hit that dealt 81 points of damage in one strike, causing instant death and basically causing internal organ failure as its body tried to regenerate from the massive damage. They burned the other two trolls to kill them but then they subdued a troll, tied him up, and then fashioned granite cinderblocks around its arms and legs as manacles. They then dragged the troll back to town (about a two week journey) where they sold him to the monster market.

    To be honest, that's pretty par for the course for these guys. They have, so far at least:

    - suplexed a lion as a level 1 character
    - stolen a magical scimitar out of a skeletal champion's hands during combat
    - baited an elephant into charging into a spiked pit of death
    - wrangled a bull by literally grabbing it by the horns
    - tortured a guy by knocking him unconscious, stuffing him in a bag of holding, cutting out his tongue, accidentally breaking his neck, and only then killing him
    - used the skeleton bear to grapple with a frost giant and give him a great, big, skeleton bear hug

      This makes me think I need to be more creative in our Pathfinder games.

        Give us a break, there's not much freedom to work outside the box when you're level 1. :)

        I'm sure there will be more hobgoblins you can suplex :)

        It's been straight-forward so far, no need for creative solutions. We probably could have been a bit less abrupt with our hobgoblin prisoner.

        EDIT: Also Pathfinder tends to skew away from having the PCs being really powerful, at least early on. 4th Edition D&D the players feel a lot more powerful, though a lot of that is because of the focus on giving people lots of stuff they can do.

        Last edited 26/05/14 12:30 pm

      Man, that sounds awesome. I want to be part of your RPG group!



      I lol'd at the lion suplex, and lol'd more at the rest of them xD

    So, Murdered: Soul Suspect is out next week. Thinking about picking it up, anyone else gonna get it?

      I am! I suspect it's going to be an Aladdin-style diamond in the rough.

      It's $31 for a steam code by email from ozgameshop and they're doing 5000 bonus player points for preorders. I figure that even if it's a bit crap, being that cheap (and made a bit cheaper still by my $2.50 voucher) means it'll have been a cheap bet. With any luck it'll be an interesting story but I'm expecting fairly linear gameplay from the stuff I've read, as long as it delivers the story in a good way I don't really mind the lack of dynamism

        Sadly my PC is crap and wouldn't be able to run it. I'm expecting it to be fairly linear too, but at $70 for the Xbone limited edition (less a $5 voucher) I'm willing to give it a crack.

      I am as well.
      I've read two hands-on-previews that say it's mundane and not great. One said it barely qualified as good.
      I've then read two hands-on-previews that say it's unique and worth your time.

      ...I'm worried about the critical split, but I will ignore the worry and buy it because I live in a capitalist society that demands me to spend money on shite, so instead of shoes I'm going to buy a game about an dead detective.

      Last edited 26/05/14 9:59 am

      It looks interesting, but not enough to warrant a day one buy. I'm gonna hang back and see how it reviews before deciding.

      It seems interesting but I'm not sure about it yet. Too much stuff coming out, not enough time.

    Got free VIP ($100+ ea) tickets to horse races on Sat, went with gf. She dressed all fancy-like and got invited to 'fashions on the field'. Didn't win anything (judges had weird taste) but she got claps and wolf-whistles so not bad. Free food and drink, good time.

    Sat night played some retro SNES/64 games at a friends house for a while. Fun times, some games I've never played.

    Sunday went to golf driving range, hit some nice balls considering we haven't hit in pretty much a year. Sun night had DnD session, went alright.

      Sounds like a pretty good weekend.

        Yah quite nice, bit of a bummer to be at work on Monday after that. :P

      Dressing up is fun. For some GFs, it was even a kind of competition.

      Last time I told a GF we were going somewhere as a surprise and she should 'dress nice', she was mildly pissed initially at how I'd dressed (t-shirt, jeans, dinner jacket), complaining that she thought I'd said 'dress nice' and that it would apply to me as well. Not that she'd actually gone to THAT much extra trouble, though, so in my opinion we matched class levels just fine, which was exactly what I'd expected and was entirely appropriate for the venue. She hated/loved that line of thinking, so it worked well. There's something pretty great about a volatile partner who you can tease and play with.

      Of course on another occasion she totally got her revenge by dressing up in one of those slinky Chinese, split-leg dresses, vibrant red with gold trim and dragon pattern. Damn near knocked me out (all that blood rushing away from my brain), along with every other man and woman in the place. And I'd thought I could out-dress her that time. She must've known something was up. Even though my suit was pretty decent, she definitely 'won' that one by the dropped jaws about the place, and she was so pleased about it that I didn't even care. You gotta respect an earned win. (Plus, y'know. It's nice to see your partner happy.)

        Hehe, indeed, when I told her about the reactions she brought out she was all :D. She didn't hear it at the time because of stage fright haha.

        We also got compliments on how we matched! Gf had purple/blue-ish color hand-made dress via her mother, in vintage style, with over-jacket. Makeup, hair (small individual curls, so many bobby pins) in vintage style with a hand-made purple fascinator - via her cousin who makes vintage couture!

        So I matched her with grey pants, new shoes, a purple matching shirt and a jacket. We were quite the team haha. I made gf mad that I didn't win her a carton of beer in the male equivalent of fashions in the field, since she thought I had it in the bag after seeing the contestants.

    Morning, TAY!

    My weekend had games.

    I finished Skyward Sword Hero Mode (man that was hard at certain points!) - still easily my favourite Zelda game. Some of the boss battles are very Dark Soulsy in Hero Mode. Also got the Hylian Shield this time around (didn't even know it was in the game in my first playthrough :P). Now I'm all ready for Mario Kart!

    I also watched the first couple of episodes of Orange is the New Black. There was someone on TAY who always squawks about that show... If only I could remember who it was... It's pretty good!

      Skyward Sword sure is pretty.

        Don't tell me that, I've got a copy that I haven't played and my Wii is broken :(

          $50 gets you a preowned Wii, do it just for Skyward love - worth it. A GREAT Zelda game, I loved how the journey to dungeons were puzzle-filled and almost mini-dungeons in themselves. And that final dungeon - SO AMAZING.

            Well, I think it's broken. It worked on our old TV, but we got a new TV about 4 or 5 months ago and first time I hooked it up it didn't work.

            Might give it another try now.

            Just hooked it up, and it powers on and loads and ejects a disc, but no sound and no picture, so maybe the AV lead is stuffed.

            Might buy one off Ebay and see if that fixes it.

              You may as well pick up a component wii cable from eBay for HD picture (480p).

    Longtime lurker - first time contributor.

    Got an iPad on the weekend. Oh. My. Hearthstone.

    Most addictive game I have ever played... ever.

      Welcome to TAY! Want some rye? Course ya do!

        Welcome to TAY! Want shome rye? Courshe ya do!

        NOONE EVER MENTIONED THERE WAS RYE IN HERE - Would have joined years ago.

        Chuck me the bottle this is gonna get dirteh *aggressive swigging*

        Last edited 26/05/14 10:36 am

          I always thought they meant rye bread so I just had toast

            Wait, D.C.'s rye doesn't refer to rye bread?

              @dc we need answers.

                It's a reference from Return to Zork. You go to this drunk guys old cabin and he says Want some rye? Course ya do!

                Rye is booze. :D

      It definitely has a "1 more game before bed" aspect to it, I've wrecked my work-day by thinking it would be safe to have a quick game the night before. It's not just the game, which is fun, but the gamification with the "quests" and rewards you get.

      When one of these digital collectible card games works they're way to having an open marketplace, where you can buy, sell and swap cards, it could go gangbusters. Don't get any ideas Valve!

        I suck at it at present but getting ever better. The one more game factor is ridiculous. Started playing at 8:30 last night. Nek Minnit. 11:30pm... 12:00am .... 12:30am ... fall asleep.

        Currently using a sort of ... Pump up the Taunt cards then unleash ALL THE MURLOCS. Those Froggy b*stards on mass do some real damage.

        Anyone in here have any strats they lean toward?

        @sernobulus I feel for the people you know ... and the people they love.


      Luckily I didn't get hit by the Hearthstone addiction, I know a few people that have though.

      Welcome to TAY. Someone prepare the Oar of Thorns, because I don't know where it is. I think B-ob had it last? Or was it Tigerion?

        I hold the rare distinction of being the only TAYbie not to come into contact with the Oar. :D

    Hola Tay

    I had a busy weekend.

    Lady Friend friday night, Gave blood Saturday morning, then went to a BOARD GAMES cafe saturday night. Played Dominion, Space Cadets: Dice Duels, String Railway, Pandemic and The Game of Life. Pub last night.

    A Monday Morning Question, inspired by @dknigs: Favourite games to play slowly? which games do you take the time to stop and smell the roses in?

      Every game!

        Yep, pretty much same with me. I literally stop to check out small flowers/plants around the place. Then spend 5 mins sliding around on an ice surface.

      Every pretty game!

      All the Zelda titles - try to, anyway.

        BTW, that board game cafe would have been like just around the corner from you- it's on Milne road

          Oh wow, that's close. I might have to consider.

            You know the redwood park shopping centre? it's in there Fri & Sat nights

      Fallout. I wish I could input my own dialogue.

      "Hey vaultdweller, you look fairly new out here..."
      "Really? Did you miss the power armour and laser rifle here? How about my giant sword, notice that to?"
      "Uhh...I need to you go and kill-"
      "Done it. About 5 hours back. I'm only handing this in because I can't drop quest items."
      " about clearing out that cave-"
      "Done it. Here."


      I also kind of like exploring open world games to see how immersive it's capable of being, following NPCs around to see what they do, etc. Ever since GTA IV, I always spend at least a little time just checking out the world.

      Usually, I do it until there's some immersion-breaking incident (in GTAIV, I followed this guy who was carrying a box for about five minutes, but in the end he just turned around and went back the way he came) and then I feel okay mowing down sprites in the ensuing mayhem.

      Last edited 26/05/14 10:19 am

      Any time there's control, I go the way the designers didn't intend just to see what's there and see if I can find something cool, hidden or catastrophically game breaking. One time in Ultima IX I spent an hour doing tiny jumps onto the few standable pixels all the way up an "impassable" mountain only to get stuck in a genuinely impassable bit at the top. For some weird reason, I didn't consider this wasted time...

      Definitely the Elder Scrolls games. Talk to every NPC! Catch all the butterflies!
      Read every other book!


    for those who need a recap- Apartment next to me had a fire. Sprinklers went off en masse. My floor essentially became waterworld.

    after much wiping and mopping of water, I went to work. I didn't get any sleep, and my work started at 4 in the morning. So.. not fun. Even better, it immediately hit me when I entered the building that I wasn't scheduled for work. Boss was kind enough to let me work a shift since I was there anyway.

    I got home, knocked out a few hours of sleep, and when I woke up I find that my landlord has installed 4 industrial fans throughout my apartment to dry everything up. As expected from industrial-standard equipment, they're pretty obstructive and so damn loud.

    but hey, roommate bought key lime pie. It's good pie. And I can actually say I was pretty chuffed about it. :P

    Last edited 26/05/14 10:00 am

      Oh man, I had key lime pie when I was in the US last year, it's absolutely a god-tier desert... I need to find a good recipe for it...

        Isn't it just lemon meringue pie with the lemons swapped for limes?

    Catching up on gaming news, and there's two Watch_Dogs articles. My hype has long since been dead, but there is literally no good news or hype-worthy tid-bits to be seen anywhere. In contrast, pretty much every shared detail reveals how it's worse than: a) what was shown-off; b) what is expected. <$15 Steam sale for me.

    Dark Souls 2 stuff :

    Anfunaqen = Qrnq.
    Qnex Fbhyf VV = qbar.

    Raqvat jnf n gnq qvfnccbvagvat. Fcraq 50 ubhef tbvat guebhtu fbzr cerggl qvssvphyg guvatf & gur raqvat phg fprar vf lbh fvggvat ba n guebar. bx. sbe gur rssbeg chg va, V jbhyq'ir gubhtug gur raqvat zvtug'ir orra n gnq zber vzcerffvir. Fgvyy... gur tnzr vgfrys vf cerggl qnza tbbq.

    tbaan tvir vg n erfg sbe n juvyr & znlor fgneg nabgure punenpgre va n ovg. Cebonoyl n pnfgre bs fbzr fbeg.

    Also, finished Tansistor last night. Absolutely loved the soundtrack & gameplay. Story didn't grab me as much as Bastion's did (Seriously, I was in tears during the last level with Zulf. & the overarcing message of the game was a bit more apparent & less... subtle, I guess. Hell.... other than The Journey, I cant really tell you if Transistor had a deeper meaning like Bastion did.)
    Also, it felt short. but then I look at the time-played counter in Steam & it says 8 hours. weird....

    Anyway... gonna have to replay Transistor to pick up on some things I may have missed.
    Still, I really liked it.

      Ahhh, you need to watch that "Dark Souls 2 ending explained" video. It's pretty excellent, and led me to have a huge amount of respect for the way the game and story are structured!

      This is part two (it has a link to part one in the video itself):

      Last edited 26/05/14 10:12 am

      Oh, the way that last Bastion level grabbed me had me hanging on every word. Amazing. GOATY. ETC.
      Maybe I should get Transistor next time I have a spare weekend.

    Hey, movie thoughts while I think of it.

    Did anybody else look at the trailer for "Edge of Tomorrow" and think "Oblivion 2: Electric Boogaloo"? Just a lot of similar vibes, to the point where I'm not sure if I want to watch it (if I even did in the first place?) - hell, I even get a "Discount Emily Blunt" vibe from Andrea Riseborough, though that's going in the opposite direction.

      The source material is really neat. Far different than Oblivion, I'd like to think.

      ... but, uh, it looks to be completely different than the source material. So....

        Yeah, I'm not saying the two are exactly alike, it's more just the vibe I got from the trailer made me think of Oblivion.

        I haven't seen much of the source material though, but generally when Japanese novels get transported to Hollywood via Spec Script (just going of Wikipedia here) there's so much that changes they might as well have just started from scratch.

          Oh wow, I hadn't realized that it was an adaption of All You Need is Kill at all. I assumed it was related to the Asimov book of the same name, which I hadn't read so have no idea what the content is.

      I watched the trailer then leaned over to a buddy and was like "the idea of a film where Tom Cruise is repeatedly shot in the head is actually quite appealing".

        I hadn't thought of it from that angle, I'm suddenly interested again.

      That's that other futuristic movie of his that came out not too long ago wasn't it? Except it had a lot more of the sterile white futurism thing going on.

      Yeah, I thought the same thing too and it took me a while to realise I was thinking of a separate movie.

        Yep, that's the one. Glad to know I'm not going (any more) crazy (than usual)

    HOLA TAY! Had some logon issues, but can post at last! \o/

      Who's this guy?

        The guy who's stealing your greeting.

          Bah, plagiarist.

          in the meantime, check out my new book, The Blesser Blevil, available on bookdepository.

            Next, on Exploitation Theatre...Blacula, followed by Blackenstein, and The Blunchblack of Blotre Blame!