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    Got Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity from EB because it was $47 pre-owned.
    It's interesting so far, but it's too early for me to tell whether I like it or not.

      I'd like to know whether it lives up to Explorers of Darkness and Time. All signs point to no.

    Why the hell does my gym have to be open for a half day just when I have an appointment? It's a conspiracy damnit!

    Morning everyone.
    Hope all are swell :)

    I had a great week :D
    I didn't get nearly as much study done as I'd hoped, but I'm not even mad :P
    I have a new found resolve to get a nice body and (possible overshare, but I don't care, I'm in a good mood :D) a nice booty, so am going to gym it up 5 times a week (gotta do them squats :P).
    I also spent a fair amount of time on the weekend flirting, haha! :S
    It's not gonna go anywhere (mutual conclusion), but it was fun regardless! :D
    I think that's what's put me in a good mood :S
    I still got it ;D
    Exam week next week, meaning I'm gonna feel the stress,at some point this week, but that's,what exams do, and I'm sure I can pass them all :)
    Oh, and I officially got confirmation of me TAYbie status, so that's put me in a good mood too, cause who wouldn't want to be a member of this lovely bunch! ;D

    Anyway, hope everyone is great! :D
    Have fun on your long weekend you Eastern TAYbies :D

      Liondrive living the good life,
      Glad you're in a good mood buddy :D
      Exams always suck, but eh, life moves on after them (that's always been my attitude anyway XD)

        Yeah, I always get stressed right before then, then during them, then as soon as they're over I'm like "I don't know what I was stressed about", haha!

        It seems you might be having a bad morning, in which case I hope your day gets better, pal :)

          Well my morning has consisted of TAY, Porridge (with banana and honey, YUM!) and Coffee so aside from having to get out of bed, not being in my pjs and leaving my missus at home, it's not been too bad a morning actually XD
          Good thing about working public holidays is that because no one is in, unles something breaks, i really don't have to do much aside from monitoring things every once in a while :P
          IT \o/ we work hard... when things break!

      I'd recommend the leg press at the gym, it always manages to make my arse hurt (as well as my legs) if I do a lot of reps

        I do that, but I think I'm coasting at low weights (for what I should be doing), so I'm gonna up all my weights today :D
        Wish me luck! :D
        I'mma be so ripped :P

          Also, don't underestimate the weighted step. Grab some weights and a bench/surface you can step up on. Remember to really squeeze those glutes like you're thrusting, when you step (the entire point of the exercise, right?). A few sets each leg and you'll be feeling it, but you'll get some bonus work on yourhammies, and quads, and if you rise tip-toe on every step, hit your calves as well. And don't forget your lunges.

          Last edited 09/06/14 9:51 am

            I like how people are helping me get a booty, haha!
            You guys are alright ;D
            Thanks for the advice! :)

          Well my record is 4 reps at 503kg, as long as you have that target to aim for you always have an objective!

          Sit to stands are another good exercise for the arse, by which I mean it hurts like mad the next day when I do a lot of them. Holding a 20kg disc in front of you as you do it makes it harder which is apparently a good thing (personal trainers are wired wrong in the brain I think)

            I don't think I'll ever get that high, haha!
            I do around 100 reps (50 at a time, broken into sets of 10) at 115kg, so I'm a long way off, haha!
            I don't want like, huge bulging muscles though, just to be toned :D
            And have pecs and a nice caboose ;P

              I seem to be getting visible muscles lately, I was drying my hair a few weeks & had both hands above my head and suddenly noticed I have rather well defined biceps & shoulder muscles. I'm kind of ripped but only from the armpits up, the rest still needs a lot of work, rather odd

                Good work! :D
                I'm always like, "Oh my god, I have abs! Oh wait, never mind, just ribs".
                Then the next day, "Oh my god, abs! Nope, still ribs", haha!

        Leg press always drains ALL the blood out of my body into my legs. My brain really misses that blood. It wants it back.

          One of the guys at the gym last week was practicing headstands, that seems like a fast way to get the blood back up there.

          Unless you're talking about your other brain in which case porn might be the answer.

    *blink blink* Who's making all this noise out here? Can't you see I'm sleeping in?? Sheesh!

    I think we're having a family cooking day today. Cakes, bread, slow cook stew, and a rather delightful pumpkin soup I've been aiming to brew once it was winter-y enough (which it now appears to be today).

    In between sessions there shall be much 4 player Mario Kart, yes indeed!

      What sort of cake?

        Our oldest suddenly "remembered" he has assignments due tomorrow, therefore the cake making was sacrificed. We only just finished the last cake I made (caramel banana) last night anyway, so maybe that's a good thing. :)

        The soup is good though. Not the usual pumpkin variety I would normally work with, but when it comes fresh from Dad's garden you can't go wrong.

          Fresh pumpkin is so good. I have a friend who grows the tiny golden nugget pumpkins. Very yum .

    Anyone watching Microsoft's or EA's press conference live?

    Those are the two I care the least about so thankfully their during sleepytimes. I'll try to catch Ubisoft if I can but Sony and Nintendo are the highest on my list.


      When does it start?

        Microsoft's is at 4am tomorrow, and EA's is at 7am.
        Then there's more through the day, with Ubisofts at 8 or something and Sony's at 1pm.
        I think they're roughly the right times. Kotaku had an article earlier about it.

          I think your times are off :P. I've just been going by this

          More reasonable in Perth times though (@phlanispo)

            I'd been going off this:
            I got 1/4, but I remembered the end times and not the start times...

      EA has the potential to have good things like Star Wars Battlefront 3! =DDD

        Also Microsoft might have some info about the new Fable game which could be interesting ... Maybe?

          Fable, Halo, Sunset Overdrive, and a heap of unannounced games that I hope aren't Kinect games :P
          Also, they might show off some Below there too, maybe?
          Maybe I should wake up for it...

            I'd be keen for a Master Chief edition!

              I'm hoping they'll release that rumoured collection for PC also. I CAN DREAM, OKAY? :P

                That'll be even better for me! Less motivation to get an Xbox One :P

              They could make a master chief helmet themed XB1, the disc slot could be in his visor.

              If they did redesign the machine to be more vertical than horizontal and made unusual versions like that, I might be a bit more interested in it from an aesthetic perspective (still needs games I want though)

                Vertical console, ew.

                  Sif. Both my Wii and Wii U live veritcally, and it's rad. Kinda miss the slant stand that the Wii had though, that was cool.

            I'm looking forward to seeing more of Quantum Break.

        Oh yeah! Battlefront!!!!!!!!!

        Mirror's Edge! :D

      I have found lately (in my new found old-man's cynicism) that i couldn't 2 flying fornications about those Press Conferences. I feel like they just use them as a way of telling people how superior they're going to be, and it's usually a let down...
      Except for Nintendo, i feel like they don't bullshit around because you kinda know what to expect from them, they mention a "new" title and you pretty much know what the deal is and it's going to be amazing :P

      I couldn't be bothered getting up to watch the MS one live. But I'll probably be up for EA as it's not too early in the morning. Keen to hear about their Star Wars games and Mirror's Edge :D

        Ohhh yeah, new Mirror's Edge would be interesting.

    The exam break is over. Back to school. The exams are still going on for Year 11's, so for the one class I have that is a Year 11/12 mixed class is going to be interesting, because only 3 Year 12s go to that class.

    Yep, that made sense. Yep.

      How do year 11s & 12s share a class? What witchcraft is this??? Is it some kind of esoteric subject that doesn't have the required numbers if its only one year doing it?

        Business Management. Because of half-year cohort stuff, my year group has always been half the size of the others. Last year, back when I was a Year 11, I took Business Management and there were only 5 Year 11s in the class.

          Oh yeah, that makes sense. We had a similar thing like that in TAFE when I was doing the CertIV where we had diploma guys in with us because they needed to do a specialised subject that we were also doing

    Last night I met Stan and threatened to punch him right in the sternum and steal his shoes!

    Last edited 09/06/14 9:37 am

      I'm so glad you linked to the profile, otherwise i would automatically have assumed you threatened to punch Stan Lee... which you are not allowed to do, unless i'm there because i want to see it XD

        I at first thought he was talking about this guy:

          Man i would totally do a Stan cosplay costume if i could find a way to do his jacket so that the pattern moved (or lack there of) like in game XD

      Is he tall? Is his name Brad? Is he a Quizmaster?

        Stan. STAN. He's two metres tall with an axe!

    Goddammit, I'm having an allergic reaction to nothing. My nose is itching and I'm sneezing painful sneezes constantly, the back of my throat is itchy and I can't scratch it, and my back is very itchy and I think there's a rash on it.
    Gotta soldier through and get myself to school, I'm probably not contagious.

    Also, my neck's itchy and I think it has a rash, but I can't tell because there's facial hair in the way. DAMN YOU NECKBEARD!

      This might sound silly, but does your house get dusted often?
      When i lived in Wagga (so much dust!) if we didn't do it every few days i'd wake up with similar symptoms as you, and i don't even have any allergies :P

        Were you here when we had lovely clay dust storms that turned the entire sky a terracotta colour? That was quite nice until you had to go out in it or clean up afterwards.

          Was that in 09-10'ish? Because my car looked like this

          back then :P

            Yeah that was it, I do have a few photos of the sky but they're on google plus and are stupid to share. Can't just link to the fucking picture can I?

              Yeah it's a bit... clunky XD
              Yes i remember that storm well, it was pretty insane... that entire year was insane weather... The hailstorms as well :\

      You got any antihistamines? Sounds like a job for telfast

    So i was playing SWTOR yesterday (my first MMO i've actually payed a subscription for and quite enjoying it)
    But i ended up doing a flashpoint with some randoms, and friendly as i am just started talking random crap.
    One of the other guys joined in and we cracked some jokes and it was all merry...
    The only problem was that even when we were done with the flashpoint he constantly send me direct messages, and constantly waffling on about what he was up to.
    I started out thinking "alright, he's friendly enough i'll just reply with the usual "lol" and stuff"
    After some time it just became tenacious, and 2 hours into it he started constantly sending me group invites... i ended up blocking him, felt really bad for doing it, but he was ruining my game experience, and didn't think it was entirely fair (i had told him that it wasn't necessary to constantly tell me how he just killed this dude, and was now force choking that dude etc.etc.)

    Anyway, this turned into a longer rant then i thought, but it started a thinking process.
    I can sometimes barge into conversations, but this experience has kinda left me thinking that i really, REALLY hope no one sees me like that (intruding, tenacious, annoying) and they just want me to go away... if you do, please inform me, before i become that... i really don't want to be that kind of guy :P


    So, vidya gaemz ey? they're pretty great

      Nah man! You're one of my favs :D

        naw thanks man :), it's just one of those annoying insecurities i have... I don't want to annoy people, and i constantly worry that i am :P
        I know it's stupid, but i've been in that position before (in my teenagehood) where i really wasn't welcome but people tolerated it out of politeness...

          Nah man! You're one of my favs :D

            naw thanks man :), it's just one of those annoying insecurities i have... I don't want to annoy people, and i constantly worry that i am :P
            ... Waaiit a second!

              Nah man! You're one of my favs :D

                naw thanks man :), it's just one of those annoying insecurities i have... I don't want to annoy people, an-
                ... Now hang on just a minute!

      We all barge into conversations here. That's what TAY is all about. :P

        I guess that's true, but there's barging into conversations having something clever/witty to add and barging in just being annoying... i'd hate to be the latter :P

          Pretty sure if you were being annoying by doing that someone would say so. We're a pretty honest bunch.
          What I do find annoying though, is all you guys thinking you're annoying when you're not. :P

    @virus__ Are you still in Launceston? If you are, do you want to have a meat? I don't even know if you'll get this, but there's no reason not to try.


      @benj get in on that!

        We should all catch the Spirit of Tasmania one day and to to tassi to visit @ontargett!
        Well when the money allows XD
        I've always wanted to catch it and coordinating that with a meat would be amazing...
        Plus we can all be seasick together \o/

          Sea sickness is the worst. I almost threw up on the way to Liberty Island. XD

            It really is :P
            I don't usually get seasick but man i remember that one time that i did... it lasted for hours after we left the ferry!

          Funnily enough, Mum and I were discussing going to tassie if we get a new car

            Well i've wanted to go to Tasmania for a while (never been) and the more i think of it, the more it seems like a good idea to coordinate it like a meat if people are up for it XD
            How long is the ferry trip? 10 hours or something?

              Yeah, it's about 10 hours. They show two movies in the theatre as well, so that helps pass the time.

              9 hours or 11 hours.
              I wanna take Sid!

                Can you take pets? cause that'd be amazing!

                  Yep, you can take pets. I don't know whether it costs extra or not. (I've never actually paid to go across on the Spirit).

                  Dogs are allowed but they have to be treated for a special type of tape worm. Sentinel spectrum deals with it, so Sid is safe. It's $22 for kennel hire a trip.

                  @scree @ontargett
                  Excellent, we already use Sentinel Spectrum on both dogs so they should be OK \o/
                  alright i need to stop before i get ahead of myself and order tickets without actually having the money XD

                  At least you know what you need to.
                  Also, pet friendly accommodation

          I'd be keen!

            The more we talk about it, the more my mind convinces me that this is an amazing idea XD
            i just need to save up some bloody money then i'd be totally keen to do that!

              Let me know when you come up with a date so I can put in for some time off.

                Yeah man, i'll go over things come tax return and stuff, but i really want to organise this :D

                  Mrs. Monkey would be very keen on this, she's always wanted to go to Tassie.

                  Edit: Don't make it for school holidays, because I'm not allowed to take time off during those periods.

                  Last edited 09/06/14 10:57 am

              Yeah, let me know as well if you decide to do it. I grew up in Tasmania and really want to go back.

                Yaaay i love how a random brain fart is now turning into a thing \o/

                  I can't believe that my first ever meat is possibly going to be a freakin' trip to Tasmania.

          I'd be all for that. As long as I have enough rum :D

      Nah was in Hobart only got back to Launie bout 6 last night and then got on the turps so I was good and hungover for my 9am flight to Melbourne haha. I feel so fucking seedy currently.

    Oh, and @scree! I sent you that code for the Tomodachi Life demo via Twitter DM!

      Oh Thank you! I'll grab it when I do some knitting, it'll be my reward

    Oh right. Monday.

    Previously on TAY:
    Gooky @mrtaco JUNE 9, 2014 3:43 AM
    So yeah, just a normal installation, changed it from C to D drive (HDD instead of SSD), then as I hit Next I see the icons on the desktop disappear and just think it's that weird desktop refresh thing, but then get a popup saying D can't be found. Then I start panicking and check System Restore, see a point for just a few minutes before and use that one, but once it all restarts nothing's changed. So I went to bed to leave it til other people were awake. And now I'm back to shitting myself again.

    So that's both computers that have crapped themselves within a week and now I'm down to using my phone for Internet and I am scared.

      I'm no expert, but I hope you've got everything backed up, because it sounds like you might need to format and reinstall everything.

      Check cables
      Check power saving settings
      if the SSD is in anything other than the first 2 SATA ports, change it to one of the first 2.

      I had a 2tb drive I bought late last year randomly disconnect on a semi regular basis, crashing whatever game was running from it. Turns out it was in SATA 5 which ran off the southbridge chipset (it's pretty common for only 0 & 1 to run on the northbridge) and somehow kept going into a low power state despite my telling it not to (might have been the chipset itself since I just told the drive ports to stay active and if the chipset went to sleep nothing was passed through). Swapped it to SATA1 and the problem seems to have been resolved forever.

      It lead me to a new rule of system building, the more system critical the drive, the closer to SATA0 it should be.

        I've got the SSD in SATA3_0 down on the bottom part of the board where the five SATA2 ports are, then the HDD and disc drive are in SATA3_A0 and SATA3_A1 respectively which are on the top of the board closer to where they both sit. It still seems to be running, I can feel it vibrating when the machine's on. Just doesn't show up at all :/

          Does it show in POST/BIOS?

          If not, disconnect everything but the boot drive and plug the SSD in right next to it and see if that changes

            Uh... how do I check that again? I don't see any post on startup (that's the white text on black screen, right?) and can't remember/figure out how to get to bios. The starting screen lists F2/del for UEFI, but couldn't seem to find anything about drives in that, then it was... F6 for instant flash, didn't touch that, F11 for boot menu, and I forget the fourth. But yeah, couldn't find and can't remember anything from setting it all up.

              Usually F2 or delete, assuming it's an Award BIOS (most are) it'll have something called standard cmos features, HDDs are listed in there by model number, if you unplug everything but the boot drive and SSD and it picks up 2 things, that means the drive is working and it's a software issue

    I posted this yesterday, but I don't think there were many TAYbies around, so I'll post it again (slightly edited).

    Anyone heard of/played Lifeless Planet? Was browsing Steam and came across it, looks intriguing.

    Haven't played it yet, but I'll start it up in the next hour or so and let you guys know what I think. Also, got a coupon after purchasing that and Toki Tori 2 for 50% off SpaceChem, which apparently I already own, so if anyone wants to trade, let me know.

      I had a bit of a look at it, but the negative reviews made me reckon I'll wait for a sale.
      Not that the game mostly gets negative reviews, just that negative reviews are where I look to for the points of truth that enthusiastic fans won't tell you about.

      A lot of them have some pretty heavy spoilers in them though (which I don't care about but you might), so I would say... the negative side seems to be that the 'puzzles' are overly simple, the exploration is limited to moderly-well-hidden corridors, the first act is amazing but also happened to coincidentally be the Early Access Beta for kickstarter backers, and the second act peters out into uninspired blandness with nowhere to go. Movement can feel too slow when you want to move on from areas which purely exist for eye-candy which isn't doing its job, and according to some the plot doesn't really reach a resolution.

      Which is kinda why I always read negative reviews before buying anything. You know there's no sugar-coating, and you can usually tell from the language when someone just has an axe to grind and is really beating up minor points. Plus you can ignore all the, "Game is complete shit, can't get it to run, bullshit devs won't acknowledge the problem," reviews. EVERY game has those.

      That's the negatives. If that shit doesn't turn you off immediately, you should go read the positive reviews about what you would really enjoy. Seems to be some inspiring art, a pretty cool story concept, and the price isn't terrible.

    Whoa... The Witcher 3's price on Steam just jumped by $20 overnight :/

      Good thing Cake bought it for me yesterday!

      What a jerk. Stupid jerk. Handsome jerk.

        Man what a guy!
        the best thing is he only expects some sexual favours in return!

          And yet surely by now he knows that he gets those for free.

            And people are always nervous about getting stuff from people from the internet.
            SEE GUYS NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! just a damn generous guy who expects nothing out of the ordinary in return!

      Far out! If you want to get the Witcher I would suggest getting from GOG because you get a couple of bonus' from there for the same price. Plus the money goes straight to the devs!

    Mornin' All.

    Had a good weekend. Went and saw How to Train Your Dragon 2, it was pretty cool, animation was great, had a pretty cool fight scene (even if nobody seemed to understand basic DRAGON TACTICS!), and it didn't pull punches at some important moments, which was nice to see in a kid's movie. So I give it a thumbs up.

    Afterwards I went and ate some horrendously overpriced churros that were delicious.

    Speaking of overpriced, I'm going to buy Wicked Tickets this Friday for Saturday the 18th of October. Kind of short warning for people but shmeh. Tickets are going to cost $122, which is a lot, but hopefully totally worth it. So, as last time, people interested in seeing Wicked who feel like throwing money at me, can you send me an email please?

    Obviously, not a lot of warning, and I doubt that Nova (and plus one), CJ, and a few others would be able to pay me now, so if you could reply here, or send me an email, and on Friday I'll buy as many spare tickets as I can reasonably manage, since I'm sure I'll be able to offload them at some point. Hopefully.

      Hey Balge, do you want to actually tell people your email address?

      Nah. They'll work it out, it's fine.

        I always just figured if I wrote "Blaghman" on an envelope and posted it, they would know what to do with it.

          You need to go "Blaghman, Canberra." Once it gets here there's only 2 dozen houses, so they can work out which is mine fairly quickly.

          I just put "Blaghs" on all the presents I send to @blaghman. I assume he has got them all.

      Ohh I wouldn't mind seeing this again, where is it playing at?

        Capitol Theatre.

          Coolio, if you don't mind me tagging along I'd like to join you all.
          I can pay you now, just send either bank details or your preferred method of payment to my email

            The more the merrier!

            I will send an email later today, assuming I remember. >.>

    Well, I was worried this morning that I wouldn't be able to go to school on account of sickness, and I was dead right. Blergh.
    Hey, that means I can play Timeshift! Yay!

      Ya know, most teenagers would be celebrating about not having to go to school.
      Odd fellow you are. Odd, productive fellow.

    Since being made redundant at work I have had no luck with finding work so I decided I should apply for uni studies except I literally have no idea what to apply for. I did a couple of years of study for Engineering before being made redundant but not sure if I should complete this or start on something else. Anyone know what the current demand in job market is?

      Anyone know what the current demand in job market is?To be related to the boss I think


          You seem to think I'm joking...

          Then again, I suppose you're not looking for work in wagga...

            No, I don't think you're joking just that there is no degree called "Becoming related to your Boss". =P

        Or not to work in the Public Sector, I know that one for sure. =P

      If you have already done some Engineering I'd stick with that.
      Imo, sciences/engineering/doctoring/law are probably the only worthwhile things studying at uni, as they will most likely lead to a job somewhere.

      Engineering is always in demand.
      ... Said by the guy who couldn't get anything back home and somehow landed a job on the other side of the world.

      That said, what @aliasalpha said is somewhat true. In the business I'm in, it seems like it's more who you know rather than what you know.

        Can you take a degree in nepotism? I should go back to uni and study that

          "Hey did you know 0.5% of people are descended from Ghenghis Kahn? That means we're basically brothers!
          ...job plz"

      Are you willing to move interstate for work?

        Sure, you're offering work? =P

          Um, if my sewing business ever comes about, you'll be the first person I employ.

    Bartending Friday night led to being sick Saturday and Sunday, that wasn't fun, and I haven't been paid yet either.

      Are you sure that the sickness wasn't payment? It'd be pretty bad compensation but technically you got something in exchange for work.

    Got the .NET framework installed, just had a go at Transistor.
    It's pretty damn good so far.

      Such an awesome game.

    Why couldn't i have been sick tomorrow instead of today? I could have spent the day reading E3 news!

    - 50 chest pushes at 65kg
    - 50 leg curls at 85kg
    - 50 pulldowns at 75kg
    - 50 seated leg presses at 115kg
    - ^^repeat^^
    - 100 situps
    - 5 minutes on stair master

    I was coasting too much, so increased all my weights by 20kg instead of 10kg.
    We'll find out tomorrow morning if that was a good idea :S

      - 2 cups of coffee, one for each hand 100 reps
      - 10 spins on the chair, or whenever i start feeling sick

      That looks intense compared to what i can achieve though, good on ya!!!

      Last edited 09/06/14 1:39 pm

        Yeah, I'm dead, haha!
        And I stink :'(
        I need to remember to take roll-on deodorant to the gym next time, haha!

        I swear my body can't put on muscle though :S
        I went to the gym nearly every day last year and there was no physical change other than a bit of weight loss :S
        I need to eat more meat me thinks :S