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    Good morning TAY. :)

    Also, this has @dc written all over it.

      I have all the Tex Murphy games. :P


        They'd have you again, if you were on sale.

          I already own them twice. Boxed copies AND GOG copies. :P

    Hola TAY

    Busy all day, so VIDEO GAEMS!

    Monday morning question- which fantasy series needs a Witcher-style adaptation?

      Magician. They'd wreck it, but I'd be hype until I saw proof of it. Although the Belgariad could make an interesting game as well.

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        I always saw magician as closer to a total war style game. Although that might be because I have read the empire series about 3 times as often as the original.

      A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

      Yes, yes, it already takes place in "medieval" times which is standard fantasy setting, but I'd be interested to see it play out.

      Oooh, oooh, oooh, either that or "Magic Kingdom: For Sale SOLD!" which is again already fantasy but could be awesome as a Witcher-style game.

      The Black Magician Trilogy.
      Seriously, read it! It's by Trudi Canavan.

        I was looking up this series to try and find the name of it. I'm not sure if I ever really knew the series name as I got them as a set.
        Great story and could work well as a story based RPG

      Somewhat related note: There was no mention of the new Cyberpunk game by CDPR at E3. :(

        One of their guys was on the GIant Bomb live stuff after the show and they asked him about it, and basically the whole studio is flat out on The Witcher 3 with just a few people still prototyping stuff for Cyberpunk, so it's simply a case of they have nothing concrete to show yet because they're busy with the more immediate game.

          Which is odd because I'm pretty sure they teased Cyberpunk before they teased Witcher 3. Granted, Witcher is the established franchise and everyone expected a sequel but it's disheartening to know Cyberpunk is still probably a few years away because they won't get the real work on it done til after Witcher 3 is out.

            I say we let them take their sweet time. That's one game I'm hoping they'll really nail.

              Oh absolutely, I just assumed we'd see Cyberpunk before Witcher 3 so that I have to wait longer is disappointing!

            They were both announced within a month or two of each other, but The Witcher 3 was always coming first.

              Oh, I didn't realise that. It seems like Cyberpunk teaser was forever ago whereas the Wild Hunt stuff was much more recent.

      I don't know about a Witcher-style adaption, but I still find it quite odd that there was only ever one game in the Wheel of Time universe and that it completely ignored most of everything and didn't remotely fit into the setting.

      I think most of Brandon Sanderson's books could work in action RPG form as well, but they're not high profile enough to get a decent enough budget to do them justice.

        "In March 2012, a video game prequel called Mistborn: Birthright was announced slated for a fall 2013 release. The game has been delayed until 2015 to take advantage of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Developed by Little Orbit, Brandon Sanderson had written the story of the game."

          Yeah and if you look it up it looks to be a crappy browser / free to play thing, thus my "enough budget to do them justice" mention.

      Would love to see an RPG of Kingkiller Chronicle, not sure how it would work though.

      Anything from the Discworld series as kind of like a parody game. It would be all sorts of glorious.

        Have you played the Discworld adventure games?

          I have not and I didn't even know such a thing existed. I'll see if GOG has them available.

            They. Are. Hard.
            Read a couple of books before playing, so you can get your mind into the warped logic of the books.

              Yeah, even by 90s adventure game standards the logic behind some of the puzzles is truly deranged.

      I know this sounds trite because if it's current popularity, but cast my vote for Game of Thrones.

      Not an adaptation of the main story, but other stories set in the universe like the one Cyanide Studios made a few years ago. That property in the hands of CD Projekt... ermagherd.

        A Song of Ice and Fire was going to be developed by Bethesda, but they abandoned the project to work on TES Skyrim.

          Interesting. I'm not sure I'd like an ASOIAF game in the style of Skyrim/TES, but I guess it might work. I just feel like for all their good storytelling the TES games are ultimately always going to be combat-heavy whereas the Cyanide-made GoTRPG had more investigation, exploration and conversation than combat. Which is probably for the best because the combat system was pretty tough to get to grips with.

    Morning all. How was your weekend?

    Mine was filled with work, and obtaining a Wii U console, had enough time to play through the first 50cc cup yesterday, can't wait to get into TAYKart tonight.

    Question: I bought a Wii U last year, when Dick Smith was clearing them out. Stupid me traded it in a few months later to get an Xbone. Now that I've bought a new one, I tried to link my Nintendo ID to my Club Nintendo account, and it says that I can only link one Nintendo ID (which I'd done on the previous console). Is there any way to retrieve that me, or do I have to reset the console and make a Mii with the old Nintendo ID?

    Oh, and by the way,

    2,000 KOTAKU POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Nintendo are Internet newfriends, so they have no idea how this stuff works. Apparently it's a good idea for your ID to be joined to the console. You'll have to contact them and get them to release it. But, I actually think since you lost the serial# of old console, they can't do this, and you may have to create a new one.

      Ask @gooky or someone to confirm.

        Had the exact same situation myself last week - sold my launch WiiU last year, purchased a new one for Mario Kart and tried to add my original NNID. Can't be done. NNIDs are locked to the console, period. I even called and checked. Think there's exceptions if your WiiU is being repaired, they can transfer it to a new console - but apart from that, it's new NNID time.

          Well that's fucked, just went to, clicked on forgot password, they sent me a temporary password, tried adding an existing user, and it said exactly that, "this user is locked to another Wii U console" or something to that effect.

          So now I won't get that bonus $7 credit for the free game, and I'll lose about 800 stars.


      Ring Nintendo, their support is pretty good about this sort of thing.

    I'm back.
    Expect a big write up at lunch time.
    I have 2 weeks of TAY to catch up on and a nagging feeling I should have applied for one more day of annual leave, so I could have had today off.
    I got back early yesterday afternoon, and after washing and cleaning (somebody forgot to run the dishwasher through before leaving, and by somebody I mean me, so we had rotten chicken and foodstuffs smell throughout the entire house) I collapsed in bed at 11 last night.
    And here I am at work.

      STAN! *waves arms around, punches in sternum*

      *expects write-up*

      To be fair, you never specified what year the write up would appear in!

        Hahahaha...ha...I forget how busy you get when you go on holidays and come back to work.
        Tomorrow! I promise tomorrow!

    'Morning. Weekend was 'meh' once again. For like the 6th month in a row it's raining on a weekend, so I couldn't go mountain biking. But on Sunday, weather held up enough for short ride so I get bike out after 2+ months not touching it. Not going anywhere - rear brake seized up completely.

    Played DnD on Sunday, and I could choose a Feat. Contemplated picking up some spells as a Rogue, but they were all nasty lvl 1 spells so I passed on that. Picked up some 'Field Tactics' or similar.

    @powalen and other Mario Kart 8 folk: any chance we could change to 3 days per week in TAY kart? 7 to 1 day is pretty harsh, and I'd personally prefer a Mon-Wed-Sat or something arrangement if possible. I've only just completed 50cc cups and I'm getting into it, so one day is pretty sad. :( Also, tonight ...

    Apparently Destiny Alpha is finishing soon, but Bungie is throwing a last mission tonight at 6pm. Everyone is told to gather at the social centre, so I guess they stress testing servers too. (My friend told me all this). Destiny is alright, nothing special standing out atm (if you overlook the whole seamless multiplayer thing), and a friend already finished it.

      I'll be on Mario Kart tonight. I'm up for it just about any night I'm not at work, and if the missus will let me have the TV.

        I'll have to see if I added you ... my details are on TAY list. I'll try to get on after Destiny stuff, but we have The Hobbit to watch too ... :P

          Yeah, don't add me just yet, I made a new Nintendo Network ID, and now I'm trying to add my old one, and I can't remember the password, as soon as I get it sorted I'll put the correct one up on TAYnames.

          Edit: Don't worry about waiting to add me, stupid Nintendo won't let me link my old Nintendo ID, so whoever wants to add me can go right ahead. My NNID is evilmonk3y

          Which Hobbit, 1st or 2nd?

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            First, I haven't seen any. :D

              You've got a while to catch up, the last one isn't out till boxing day. Extended Edition, or vanilla?

      "a friend already finished it."

      There's only one story mission and some free-roam stuff. You can 'finish' it in about 25 minutes.

        Seems you can keep repeating it. He actually got a message up saying "thanks for finishing apha, love bungie". Dunno! He's over level 10 and got some sweet gear too he said. I'll check it out tonight.

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          I couldn't level past 8 it said I'd hit the Alpha cap and gave me a message saying thanks for playing

          Yeah, the level cap is 8. I got the same message after completing the strike mission.

      People can still play every night if they want. It's just the Tournament score-counting that is set up for Mondays. You can still freely play in it at any time. Just tell people you want to play and those who want to will.


        And tournament score counting is pretty pointless anyway since those who have stuck around longer generally end up with more points.

        You're probably better off making a private friend room (for chat) or joining in on a global race and getting friends to join in on your game. But like Powie said, there's no reason stopping you playing the tournament on a non-tournament day.

          I thought the tournament 'room' itself was closed outside of those times? So it isn't?

            Nope :)! You can still enter and "practice" with NPCs and I believe there's still a score tally. But since it's weekly at least everyone will know it's on that day and will be more likely to join. Activity has definitely died down but it's easy enough to just ask people on TAY/Twitter if they're keen on playing and then starting your own session.

      I gave the Alpha a go. Got to level 8 with a Titan. I quite enjoyed it. Early days, but I think I'll give the retail version a shot.

      Tonight at 6 pm? Hmm....that would be cool to check out, but I'll be at the gym.

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    Morning errbody,
    How's every little thing? My weekend was filled of children's birthdays and babysitting after arguably one of the longest and energy sapping days I've had in years being on Friday, my body still aches from it.
    Played a bit of Watchdogs Saturday night while babysitting and then played some more Payday 2 on Sunday afternoon while, again, babysitting. I'm the best babysitter :D
    Last night I played some Mario kart then left the room for a while and when I came back Cathryn was playing it for the first time ever and watching her was hilarious especially when she'd get red shelled :P

    A morning question in the style of Red - what series would you like to see a compilation of in the vein of Mario kart style or the like of super smash?

      Sounds like a tiring weekend haha!

      LBP Karting, Sonic Karting 1&2, F1 Race Stars, Modnation Racers, PS All Stars ... it's mostly all been done before. :P

      Game of Thrones Kart. When you win, you get beheaded.

      Even though the series is pretty dead now, Crash Team Racing needs a remake something fierce.


      Tekken Kart. Tekkart?
      The Elder Karts. Tiber Septim versus Pelagius the Mad and Boethiah!

      I was going to name series from Michael Crichton books, (Jurassic Park, PREY, Airframe, NEXT) but why not mash them all together?
      Crichton Kart! The PREDPREY nanomachines versus a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Transpacific Airlines Flight 545 plane versus Gerard the talking bird!
      Oh my god someone make this game.

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    Hey guys. How was everyone's weekends. I ended up watching all of the e3 conferences and most of the world cup. Didn't achieve much else. Was very much ready for a weekend of rest.

    E3 - really happy with everyone's turnout except ea. They had little prepared but I am excited for a lot of their games. Ubisoft has a bunch of must buys in the pipeline. Microsoft did good enough to keep my support of the xbone. I can't wait for master chief collection plus looking forward to sunset overdrive and a couple of indie games. Sony got my interest for a ps4 a lot earlier than expected with games like uncharted 4 and again some indie titles like no mans skys. Multiplatform looked the goods with destiny looking pretty and intriguing. Also games like the Witcher and lord of the rings plus a few others looked awesome. Nintendo killed it with yoshi and toad games. That will be a hit with me and the Mrs.

    Overall very excited for future gaming. World cup was actually quite entertaining even though I never watch soccer. A few awesome goals already and some really good games.

    This week hoping my order of watch dogs and wolfenstein come in from Oz game shop. Plus another pair of shoes. These collecting addictions are sending me broke. Thankfully I still live at home.

    Also. I weighed myself last night and now weigh 107 kg. The heaviest I have been. Considering I was going to the gym but stopped due to being sick for the past 3 weeks this makes me feel crap. I have decided I need to start runni by again and riding my bike plus gym work outs. I also need to watch what I eat. Something I have never really done and I have a shit diet. Plan on dropping 12 kg by end of the year.

    TL: Dr
    Liked e3. Very excited. Bought more shoes and games. Getting fatter need to lose weight.

    How was your weekend?

      Hi! Go download MyFitnessPal for your phone and do a bit of calorie counting, You'll work out really quickly what things to not eat or eat less of, and you can track your exercise too. It's a great app, you can even scan packet barcodes.

      And if you have a parkrun near you, I recommend it heartily - I missed this week's run because my ankle is still sore after rolling it last weekend :(

        Aww man, I love the idea of those Parkruns, but there's not one near me in Sydney... I might start scouting locations and see if I can get one together in the area though...

        I use strata for riding an running. It works a treat

          I think you can now connect Strava to MFP and it will sync exercises to your daily diary.

    Good Morning TAY

    Nothing really new to share here, study taking up most of what used to be my gaming time but I did have my first run of an "Adventure" (instance) in Wildstar
    I gotta say, it was actually really cool but I can also see how raiding and/or PvP is going to be that extra bit harder with the latency that most Aussies are getting

    Got a cold and spent a fair bit of time sitting around feeling sick. Then I played some Destiny while coughing a lot, felt like I've gotten everything I can out of the Alpha. Completely sold on the game now, though it was already a must-buy since Bungie.

    Also played some Nier yesterday. It's such a strange game. Suddenly it's a visual novel! Now it's channelling Resident Evil! Now it's a terrible slog with an isometric perspective! Seriously all over the place. It's not bad by any means, but I'm into the second half of my first playthrough and honestly I'm not enormously into it. It's just okay, not some revelatory experience or anything. I'm also starting to get bored with the sidequesting in it. I ended up not doing quite a few in the first act and now I've got more and I'm not really feeling like doing them either. Hope this doesn't mean I miss out.

      Whats got you sold on the game? I'm still not 80% let alone 100% sure. Seems like a nice-looking version of Borderlands in the format of semi-MMORPG. Nothing is grabbing me, shaking me, and yelling at me to buy it (yet).

        It's nothing like Borderlands. I don't even understand why people make that comparison.

        If you played the Alpha and didn't like it then maybe it's not a game for you? For me, it's basically the combination of Halo and Phantasy Star Online that I didn't know I always wanted to play.

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      You fucked up assessment? :(

        First exam today :S
        Knew the stress would hit today.
        Should have studied more :'O

        Edit: ha, unintentional haiku cheered me up a bit.
        Now back to stressing :3

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          Quit stressing man, you did prepare. Go in there and use that preparation to nail it. GL.

          If you don't know the subject by the week before the exam, cramming the day before won't help. You pass or fail based on how well you do doing the year, not the last week.

          I REALLY hope that changes your opening paragraph...

            Wow, remind me to never ask you for a peptalk.
            I'm already stressed buddy and feeling pretty down, I don't need to feel more stressed, which you have succeeded in doing by the way.

              Dude, you'll do good. You're clearly a smart guy and during tests stuff comes back.

              Hell I test fucking abysmally and I've only ever failed one test in all my uni time and that was because of the test being a nightmarish piece of shit designed by an idiot who thought that a 3 hour test should be made up of 3 hours of writing. You know, who needs time to read, think or any of that shit?

              If all else fails, just stand up and storm out while shouting "I don't need this shit, I CAN DRIVE LIONS!"

      I see someone played Dark Souls on the weekend.

      I would like to say a few words in memory of lion. He was a brave soul who died fighting for what he believed in.... Let us take this moment of silence to remember him as he was but not as he is.

      Edit: Ok so apparently's he's not dead just stressing over an exam. Way to kill my eulogy!

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    Morning TAYs! How was everyone's weekend??

    I had a fairly non-productive one with lots of Wildstar and also spent a bit of time on the F2P Ubisoft game, Rainbow Six something something Tom Clancy something (I've probably gotten that horribly wrong). Anyways I shot people with guns and topped the scoreboard =D I then spent Sunday evening painting my Warhammer 40k shield drone and soldier for RPG! Ok fine I suppose that was just me procratinating reading Rogue Trader >.<

      I think i spent about 10gold on buying things for my house in Wildstar last night. OH GOD IT'S AN EXPENSIVE HABIT!

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        Hahah I warned you =p Also try and do challenges whenever you can, the rewards are usually a bigger bag or in place of that a decor item!

        Like I said I've just been using my renown to buy housing items, it's too expensive to buy stuff with gold ><

      I've been getting into wildstar during the last week.
      It has potential. Had a bit of lag last night though.

      I think i need to hit up the mods a bit because the interface and quest log is starting to annoy me

        Keep me posted if you come across any particularly good mods, I don't have any major problems with the UI as is, but I'm always keen to try something new.

          I think there's a lot of articles about it. Most of the mods go through the curse interface which is nice.
          I think the main thing I want to fix is the quest log/ tracking and inventory. Would be nice to get some screen real estate back too. It's a bit cluttered atm I think. Having the scanner things and challenges overlap the quest log is just bad design.

            Yeah the Quest log is really bugged as well, if you're in a dungeon group that doesn't finish the run you have to relog to get your Quest UI back. Would definitely be useful getting a mod for it and selling junk from the inventory as well. Has anyone else noticed the Auction house is kind of dead?

            @morkai @inquisitorsz you guys in Myrkalus?

              I think so... is that the only one that's marked as oceanic?
              I'm on the Exiles side. lvl 14 medic.
              Happy to add some TAYs. Is that TAYNAMES doc still around?

              I haven't looked at the AH yet. I like that the crafting one is kind of automatic. it's run through the game rather than other players. So its more like a shop with fluctuating prices rather than an auction house.

                Why are all the TAY's exiles! =p Me and nobulus got a Dominion PvE guild going, you should come join us =D Keeping it small and casual.

                If you make a Dominion toon add me - Chyrone.

                  Yeah I'm on Myrcalus and Exile too, I might jump on Dominion at some stage, but I want to make more progress on my current toon for the moment.

                  I'm only exiles because one mate who introduced me (and gave me a guest pass) was exile. And I think that was because furries....

                  Personally I would have picked Dominion too. If I make another character or get into some serious end game stuff I'll reconsider.

                  They already have realm transfers... perhaps they'll introduce faction change too. It's all just $$$ for them anyway, same with level boosts, name changes etc...

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    Finished Saint's Row IV over the weekend - well, all the sidequests/loyalty/story. I'm not going to go for 100% completion because I don't plan on buying the DLC and there's no "platinum trophy" equivalent on Xbox. I might jump back in to get a few extra achievements but then again I might not. I finished it in just udner 20 hours and I have to admit it was dragging a little by the end despite how much fun it was.

    Also the game froze my Xbox on the last mission and I lost about a half hour of progress. Then after I replayed it it did a "joke" freeze which actually annoyed me. It was obviously a joke and had the game not ACTUALLY frozen on me I would have found it amusing, but because it did, I couldn't.

    All in all though, fun game. It was actually way more fun and interesting to me than SR3 was which felt a bit flat and "by the numbers" after the unexpected brilliance of SR2. SRIV cashed in on the nostalgia not only of past SR games but games and pop culture in general and never got tiresome in spite of this. Well done to Deep Silver for completely recycling game assets and still making something fresh and interesting and fun.

      I'm not saying you should go and buy the DLC, but you should go and buy the DLC. Steam sales are coming up soon so you might be able to grab it on the cheap and it is definitely worth it for the sheer craziness that it contains.

        I might consider that if I can get it super cheap with DLC but i'm not sure if I want to plough through the story again since I just finished it on Xbox. Even if I get it for 5 bucks or something, that's 5 bucks wasted if I never play it.

          I'm hearing rumblings that the steam sale will start next week.

            The 19th, apparently. Not that I have any disposable income this month anyway, thanks to car rego.

              I've been holding out for this for quite a while, I traded in my 360 and all the games for steam credit about 2 months ago, so I've been sitting on $170USD in steam credit since then.

              My wishlist is getting longer, and my buyin' finger is gettin' itchy!

                I recently fleshed out my wishlist with a series of adventure games all in the $5-$10 range but I doubt any of them will be on sale. If they are, I'll grab them. If not, I plan to buy them in the next couple of months anyway, one at a time as I finish them.

    Morning all.
    Took the dive with the EB bonus credit offer on the weekend, and traded in a bunch of games that were never going to be played anyway. The total value for 11 games?


    Quite shocked they did that good a deal (nice to be looked after by the local store), so now our Witcher 3 CE is fully paid off, there's 50 on the new Bayonetta, and a bit was left over to spread on the pokeymans.
    Can't really complain for:
    6x games that were $10 from the good guys
    A bundled game that was later free on PS+
    A trilogy I burned a $50 JB voucher on one time since I couldn't find anything better
    A Wii game now missing half the content since the servers shut down, plus we have 3 other copies on Wii U / 3DS.

    Quite pleased with that outcome. Now to keep saving for the ps4 - should be happening either with a decent Christmas time bundle or once Bloodborne comes out.

    I had an interesting weekend. Good, but with a shadow hanging over it. I'll ROT13 the shadow so it doesn't bring everyone down:

    Ynfg Zbaqnl V unq gur pbcf xabpx ba zl qbbe ng nobhg unys cnfg avar, nfxvat sbe zl ynaq ynql. Fur jnf va Onyv, fb V pbhyqa'g uryc gurz. Ba Sevqnl, V sbhaq bhg gur ernfba jul. Ure uhfonaq jnf xvyyrq va n gehpx nppvqrag va Dhrrafynaq. Nccneragyl, ur'q unq n urneg nggnpx naq qevira bss n oevqtr vagb n evire. V'ir xabja gurz sbe 6 lrnef, naq pbafvqrerq uvz gb or n tbbq sevraq. Nf lbh pna vzntvar, V'z fgvyy va fubpx naq fgehttyvat gb qrny jvgu jung'f unccrarq.

      Yeesh, sorry to hear man,,, While I haven't been through anything quite like that myself, I can only imagine how tough it would be for close friends, let alone how his wife is going to take it. Having said that, I was in the US last year on a 6 week holiday, and only found out when we got back that my pop had been admitted to hospital with lymphoma (which he eventually succumbed to, 2 days before my sisters wedding...) , which my family made a deliberate decision not to tell me until we got back... I was of two minds about that... One, I want to know when bad shit happens to the ones I love, but I can appreciate that they didn't want to ruin my holiday...

        Upvote is thanks for sharing, not for your pop dying. Apparently my land lady is coping. She's had to go to Queensland to take care of stuff. I posted what happened, because it's easier to talk about it, even in written form, rather than let it fester.

          Absolutely. One thing I found as well was getting together with people who knew the deceased, and reminiscing, at least once... Maybe get together for lunch/coffee/tea with his wife and any mutual friends/neighbours and look over photos and tell stories etc... Maybe not right now, but whenever you're all over the initial shock.

      Sorry to hear that, man. :(

    Good morning TAY!

    I had a fun weekend - I went to Supanova and I saw taybies and did this:

    And now want to start planning for PAX and next year's Supanova!

      Impressive how still everyone stayed while the cameraman was moving around!

      Last edited 16/06/14 9:36 am

      Oh, that's so so awesome! :D Cosplay is great too!

      ooohhhh it turned out really well, great pose as well

        What else is there to do with a circle skirt than give it a twirl? :)

    So I'm lazy and I can't be bothered writing ebay listings. Are any of you fancy TAYfolk interested in buying either a good condition NVidia GTX480 (with manual & cables) or an as new condition Steelseries 7h headset (only 6 months old and even in the original box), $80 plus postage for either?

    Help me Obi-Wan TAYnobi, you're my only hope *ksssht*

      I'm interested in the headset, actually. I'm personally getting a little tired of my Turtle Beach XP7 (hey, anybody want to buy some Turtle Beach XP7s?) and want to downgrade to something a bit more simple. My needs just aren't that great.

      How do you find the 7H after an extended wear? Any discomfort?

        how much were you looking for for the XP7? Just looked em up on their site, they are expensive O_0

          Any reasonable offer considered. :)

          These are around a year or so old, mainly used on PC / PS3, but not for any significant amount of time. I'm 99% sure I've got all the cables still around, including fiddly bits like the control-box-to-phone cable, and I'm certain I still have the box.

        The headset is pretty comfortable overall, the top is well padded and its nice and light so there's not a lot of weight to it, the only time it gets a bit uncomfortable is when I'm wearing my glasses and using the leather ear pads* since they're a little stiffer and compress my giant ears a bit more and even then that's after a good 4-5 hours of use. If you don't wear glasses or have a comically gigantic head even that shouldn't be a problem.

        *it's got both leather and cloth ear pads that you can swap out, the leather block sound far better but the cloth is softer.

        Hmm, come to think of it, I only remember being a bit uncomfortable on one side, it may well be the fault of my TrackIR's Track Clip Pro now that I think of it, that would press down on the arm of my glasses from where it mounts on the headphones... Okay, maybe there's no discomfort issue with the phones at all!

        Last edited 16/06/14 11:21 am

          Haha, sounds good for my glasses-wearing-not-overly-gigantic-head then. :P

          Final question, how's the microphone? Any issues picking up extra background noise, distortion, etc? I only ask for the sake of the TAYPathfinder fellows. Gotta make sure my whining comes through clearly.

            It's not bad, it does tend to be a bit on the quiet side so you need to use mic boost but as long as you point it the right way you're grand. Rather embarrassingly for a few days I didn't realise I had it aimed away from my mouth (it's on a bendy snake like arm thing that can twist all the way around)

            This video is probably a good example of the mic quality, it's from when my mate and I had started using Skype for game chat so the transmission quality was as good as it's ever gotten (mine's the first voice)

              Ahhhhh, shaddup. :P

              Sounds good to me! Ok so all obstacles cleared, I reckon, let's get things happening. If you want to shoot me an email on "Robs ginger snaps" (but as all one word) at that googley mail with details and whatnot. :)

    I have the worst luck when trying to meet either of the Lannister brothers. Peter Dinklage cancelled coming out with G.R.R.M last year and on Sunday, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was called back to set and had to leave Supernova. I was so close to the front of the line too!
    Didn't have any luck meeting Stan Lee either. The organisers put about 100 people in a line for 45 minutes to take a number to come back later. By the time we got to the front of the line we were told "Sorry we're not taking numbers anymore, you'll have to wait here for another two hours for Stan to come back or you'll lose your spot. But first the VIP and 300 people who took a number need to go before you". Eh, shit happens I guess.

    On a plus I beat Mortal Kombat's story mode over the weekend (F*ck Shao Khan and his BS hammer). Shadows of the Damned is next on my pile, it looks...quirky.

    How did the weekend treat you guys?

      Given how much the true believer tickets were, I think they had to make sure all the VIPs got their moment with Stan. I didn't even try for a photo this year, my little companion was getting tired/bored after a couple of hours. But next year I think there will be a much bigger group and such things might be possible.

        Yeah I don't have a problem with the VIPS or other people, more annoyed that I waited in a line for no reason. Twice.

        Not to worry though :) Your little one must've had an exciting day! My friends son was so excited he fell asleep atop daddies shoulders.

        Last edited 16/06/14 10:06 am

          It was my friend's daughter. I think she had fun, but it was a little bit overwhelming. She was too shy to pose with anyone for a photo, even though she LOVES star wars and was fascinated by all the cosplayers.

    I was in Adelaide for the weekend, it was Nos' 18th birthday, there was family, friends of family, and drinking, plenty of drinking.

    TAY Pathfinder on tonight at 8pm AEST. What next for our brave tomb robbers adventurers?

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @sernobulus @negativezero @beeawwb @rize

      Probably worth noting, if you guys haven't leveled up your character now is the time!

        I don't know how /o\

          I'll jump on a little early tonight in case you want me to help you through it. That goes for anyone else who wants assistance.

          What are you using to manage your character sheet? If you're using something like YAPCG it should be as simple as putting in your new XP, entering your hit dice roll, and then.... you're a Barbarian so you won't have to choose spells but you may need to choose a RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE power.

          That's about it.

          Barbarian is relatively easy compared to other classes. At least you're not a wizard/cleric, those are difficult to manage even when not levelling up :)

            Freaking "memorized spells" *grumble* *grumble*

              Cleric is a little less of a "damn it the spell when I needed it and I don't have enough memorised!" problem than Wizards thankfully. Apparently they can sub any of their memorised spells for a healing spell (If good) or harm spell (If evil).

                Yeah, the class I am (Magus) is basically a battle mage. So I have to plan out each of my spells perfectly. Also, on top of that the Arch-type I am gives up 1 memorized spells per day for bonus martial / combat abilities.

                  Do Magus spells have chances to fail if you're wearing armour like Arcane magic or are they they're own class that don't have that restriction?

                  @tech_knight Magus removes the Arcane spell failure chance while wearing light armour. Anything heavier than that will cop the full penalty although there are feats to reduce it (I think it can be brought down to a 20% failure chance while in heavy armour).


                  @popdart5 is right. Right now I can wear light armour and suffer no arcane spell failure (still suffer arcane spell failure for shields). However, at level 7 I can wear medium armour and suffer no arcane spell failure and at level 13 I can wear heavy armour and suffer no arcane spell failure.

                  Last edited 16/06/14 10:57 am

                  Just gonna retag @tech_knight because I failed in my post above. =P

                  Sounds pretty neat! I was contemplating between that class and Sorcerer, however being an advanced class I thought I'd leave that for my next character roll.

                  Last edited 16/06/14 11:01 am

          Roll die *3*
          Tell GM you rolled a 6

          Assuming you're going to level up to level 2 as a Barbarian and not multi-class:
          - Roll a d12, add that many hit points to your total (reroll if it's a 1)
          - Your base attack bonus goes up by 1 to +2, your fortitude saves go up by 1 to +3
          - You gain the Uncanny Dodge class feature, which basically is that you can never be caught flat-footed, which is basically that if you're attacked before you have made an action in combat, you don't get your Dexterity bonus to your AC. Now you will, always, unless immobilized
          - You gain a rage power of your choice. Look at the list here:

      Looking forward to it.

      On a personal note, life is slowly getting back to some semblance of normality again so I'm hoping to be in a mental space where I can catch up on the backlog of letters home Drewan has to write. Hooray.

        All good B-ob. I took a month and a bit hiatus on TAY Numenera recaps so I understand when other things in life are more pressing. Don't feel obliged to continue doing the letters if it's interfering with other life stuff.

          Nah, the "letters" themselves aren't interfering, it's that I've been too stressed to even think about doing them. Now that stress is bleeding off my mind is starting to get back to normal thoughts so I can put some time in to writing. I don't feel obligated, it's something I do want to continue doing, just haven't been capable of for the last month or so. :)

      Looking forward to it. My level up's been done, looking forward to zapping with ice beams when I'm out of magic missile ammo :)

        ICE to see you.

          Stop spoiling my future one liners! I'm going to go nuts with freeze puns on kills with that spell, but I'll only be using it when firing into melee and/or I can't use my crossbow.

            You're such an Ice, Ice, TAYbie. (Too cold, too cold.)

        I wish there were more damage options in the level 0 spell set than Ice and Acid.

          Yes me too. I would've gotten like a Spark spell which did low lightning damage instead of ice as that matches my guy's preferred element. At least we got both of them covered so one of us at least can hurt all enemies we come across. Again, still got my crossbow if my enemy is open and not being attacked as that has a chance of missing but it also does more damage. At later levels I will sell it or give it away though once I get more damaging spells/summons.

            Then again, maybe the idea is to limit the amount of "free-1d3-damage" cantrips?

              You still can only cast one at a time though... it's annoying to have only two element choices but I'm not going to go ape over it.

            I also don't understand why crossbows are 'simple' weapons but bows are 'martial'. Seems backward.

            There *is* an electricity cantrip (called 'jolt'), but it's not 'official' in that it wasn't published in any of the Paizo books. There were a few cantrips that they were intending originally to put in Ultimate Magic but they left them out for various reasons. Published here:

            But because they're not official, whether we could use them is up to @popdart5.

            EDIT: This bit is important:
            "Spellcasters that gain access to all 0-level spells at 1st level do not gain access to rare cantrips. A spellcaster gains access to rare cantrips only by uncovering their secrets in some other way. Some are guarded by jealous mages, while others are lost in missing libraries or molder on forgotten scrolls."

            Possible character development thing later on?

            Last edited 16/06/14 12:05 pm

              Well with bows you're using your arms to both pull the string and aim, with crossbows you're just steadying the aim and pulling a trigger, pushing a bolt in after pulling the string to reload it. Sounds like a simpler weapon to me. :/
              Edit: Oooo so spells to find in the world *rubs hands together* my kind of character quest! :D

              Last edited 16/06/14 12:09 pm

                That's how I understood it. It's the action taken to "use" the weapon, not the mechanical complexity of the weapon itself. Anybody can wind back a winch and pull a trigger. Not everybody can draw back a bowstring with enough power to fire it.

                  In that case in a pathfinder campaign using firearms, would they also be simple weapons? (hint: they're not)

                  @negativezero Totally fair point, but in Pathfinder world the firearms themselves are not widely used or understood and have some level of mysticism around them. It's not just the weapon, in that case, it's the care, use, understanding, fashioning of powder, ammo, etc.

                  At least that's what I'm telling myself so that my point remains consistent in the narrative. :p

                  @negativezero Depending on the type of campaign and the time period when it takes place, firearms can be treated as Simple weapons. This assumes that guns are pretty widespread and commonplace so that would place it at around the late 18th century mark. Pathfinder has rules depending on the ubiquity of firearms so they can range from no firearms at all to exotic and mysterious weapons to specialist arquebusiers to everyday stuff.

                  That said, firearms in our campaign are moreso in the time period where you need martial weapon training to fire and operate a gun, as they are advanced as flintlock muskets. In my opinion, this is mostly a case of knowing how to deal with things like recoil, the amount of powder and correct loading procedure, and the case of maintaining a consistent rate of fire. Sure any average person could pick one up and use it but they would suffer the non-proficient penalties for it.

                  Going back to the bow vs crossbow discussion, there was a reason that crossbows were given to average militia while specialist bowmen were trained/levied. While a bow is less complex, it places greater reliance on the user's individual skill than the weapon itself to work correctly. A crossbow is pretty easy to pick up and use appropriately whereas a bow takes more than a little while to adjust and become adept at.


      Only team I hate more than Heat are Spurs -_-

        My ranking is pretty much this;

        Bulls (have been a fan since MJ in the 90s)
        Clippers (CP is my 2nd fav PG and I love Blake's dunks)
        Knicks (Only team I've seen twice live, both at MSG, once in 2009, and once last year)
        *insert every other team*

          Clippers are my #1 for the reasons you posted. Really keen to see what happens with trades next season!

    So I moved in with my boyfriend over the weekend. Moved out of the house I've spent the last 6 years in. it was a very overwhelming weekend. Trying to find my place and how I fit inside the house. it's a weird feeling.

    Rest of the weekend. I found a copy of the very out of print StarCraft Board game. Trying to work out whether I open it(and diminish it's value) or put it straight up on Ebay... I should just use it as an investment. But I would love to know how it played.

    Also played more star trek attack wing. Seriously, if anyone is remotely interested you should try it. It's a game I did not expect to get into as I have. It's a lot of fun. Almost destroyed Voyager as a Borg Sphere.

    Started playing Rise of Nations Extended edition. I'm liking it alot. its always been a favourite of mine. If anyone wants to play let me know :)

    Add to that the moving things into a house and putting together a shelf and a bed, a migraine and my awful back and you have my weekend
    How is everyone else?

      When I moved in with my girlfriend back in 2005 it was right after a house move. My mtoher and I lived in one place for over 14 years when the rent suddenly skyrocketed after being stable for most of that time. We moved into a smaller place that, actually, I liked a LOT more. Then two months later my girlfriend had a big fight with her parents so they gave her til the end of the month to move out, so we found a place together, which crushed my mother who wasn't ready for me to move out despite me being nearly 23.

      It was a time of emotional upheaveal for the both of us and I think we took a really long time to settle in.

        Moving is classified as one of the most stressful things someone can go through, along with Breakups, Death, and Job Change. To have other emotions added to it can be pretty intense.

      There's an Extended Edition of RON? I used to love RON back in the day, still have the CD sitting around somewhere. What's different in the Extended?

        It's just been updated for steam, Online multiplayer through steam, Twitch Integration. They said updated graphics, which yeah maybe just a little but still its nice to play. Also has Thrones and Patriots thrown in too. Basically Gold Edition updated for modern times.

          Nice, I could probably get behind that. "Updated Graphics" could just mean support for higher resolutions. :P

      Out of interest, did you move into a new place together, or did you move in to his place?

        Little bit of column A and a little bit of column B.
        We found the place together and looked at it as somewhere for both of us to move in to. He moved in first and I moved in 3 months later.

          OK, so not super-established for him, it's still both your space. Exciting times, but yeah, it takes a little while to settle into somewhere as 'home'.

      oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Somebody is getting serious

      Hope it all went well, now to find out about all those annoying habits that have been kept hidden until now.

    You know you're doing it wrong when you get injured while playing laser tag.

    It's not my fault, I swear. The floor tripped me. >.>

      Just tell people you got it while doing some fully sick tricks like running up walls and dive rolling.

        The people I was playing with said it looked I was attempting a Superman impression. On the floor. At speed.

        Titanfall is a corrupting influence on the youth of today!!

      It was the Tau's cloaked drone :P
      I've had sore leg muscles last time I did laser tag

      I disagree. It's not true laser tag unless you're going hard enough at it that a flat floor is a tripping hazard.

    'Sup TAY?
    weekend involved parent's place, puppy & playing games. pretty decent all round.

    My puppy has just had an operation for a bladder problem. poor thing. she was all happy & stuff when I saw her, but she was still a bit sore I think.... but with any luck, she's gonna be fine now.

    Dragon Age 2 isn't as horrifically bad as I was led to believe. In fact, I'm quite liking it. DA:O is better, but DA2 is different, and fun in its own way. so damn hype for DA:I

    been getting back into practicing music again. goddamn I've missed that. playing Rocksmith 2014.

    anyway.... Monday morning question for you:

    What game Achievement / Trophy etc were you happiest with getting?

    For me, I think the one that I was most happy with was getting the Trophy in Rocksmith 2014 for successfully playing 15 tracks on master mode (that's 100% speed & 100% difficulty with no on-screen notes to follow) according to steam, only 0.13% of people have gotten that one. so that's pretty cool.

      Mile High Club, CoD4 on 360. Period. One of the hardest achievements I've ever done.
      One of my proudest was for finishing Demon's Souls way back when.

      Monument to all Your Sins - Halo Reach solo legendary. \o/

      Proudest: Dark Souls platinum!

      Most fun: Test of Faith in Mirror's Edge.

      Last edited 16/06/14 10:29 am

      Yeah I know a lot of people were disappointed with DA2 and truth be told it is a much shallower game especially when compared to DA:O. I get that areas needed to be reused to emphasize the whole action and consequence theme to the game but the combat was overly simplified as well. That said while it wasn't on the same par as DA:O it was a solid game in its own right =]

      Big Brass Balls from Bioshock 2 was a nice surprise, finish the game without using a Vita-Chamber. It wasn't until I looked up what the achievement was that I realised I never died.

        I never finished Bioshock 2, got bored with it a couple of hours in. Was that any difficulty or hardest difficulty?

          I'm guessing it was any difficulty, I only really play games on normal. I enjoyed the game but only recently I was playing it at a friends house and it wasn't as fun as I'd remembered :\
          The first is still my top choice.

      Mine was probably the 100% in Mark of the ninja
      Wasn't overly difficult to do, lots of trial and error, but loved that game so was really happy when I got that 100%

      007 Mode in GoldenEye, although particularly getting the Invincibility Cheat as a step towards that. I must have played Facility about 500 times.

        Oh God, I'd forgotten about that. I unlocked all the cheats, and the invincibility one almost broke me.

      The only time I've felt cool about trophies / achievements was when they re-released Marathon 2 on XBLA. I grabbed it right when it came out and since that game is basically a big chunk of my childhood, I knew the game inside-out so I churned through the single player pretty fast, basically marathonned it (lol) and after a few hours I had some achievements that less than 10-15 people had at that point so I was getting messages from random people asking how to unlock stuff. I think the one I got the most messages about was Bob-b-q, apparently people didn't know about the final clause of the Vidmaster's Oath. They drop useful ammo, you can't let them live.

      Do trophies we're working towards count? If so, I'd like to nominate the Social Lubricant trophy in Watch_Dogs, exclusively because once I have it it'll mean I'll never again have to play that stupid fucking minigame ever again! What on earth were they thinking making it so you had to beat every opponent? Why not just one? 5 rounds per level, 10 levels per opponent, 3 opponents... Hell if they'd been creative and made it like a variant of insult swordfighting and instead of just pressing X, Square, Circle or Triangle to not fail, you pressed X, Square, Circle or Triangle to give the appropriate insult reply that would be incentivising and fun rather than an exercise in tedium.

      In any other circumstance I'd write it off but it'll definitely get to the point where it'll be the only trophy standing between me and the platinum.

      Arkham Asylum platinum maybe?
      Felt good nailing some of those final combat challenges and combo trophies (Freeflow Perfection, etc.)

    for me it was the pacifist trophy on deus ex human revolution. I put a lot of effort into it. and even though it might not have awarded it to me. I still maintain that I did what it asked of me!!!

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