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    Hello TAY. Someone bring me my hot orange chocolate. Muggins here left it at home :(

    I don't know what Battleblock Theatre is but then I saw this trailer and then I bought it.

      Probably has one of the most delightful and funny narrators in a game in a long time. I haven't laughed as much since the commentators in Madworld.

    Morning TAY!

    So, now that I've got new headphones (thanks @aliasalpha!) I can move on my Turtle Beach XP7s to a new home. Around a year old, though not used constantly, in fact over time I stopped using them unless I needed a mic. Still in excellent condition, and in box with all cables and accessories. Woo.

    Why get rid of them? I just found them too complicated for my needs. These aren't "plug in and forget it" headphones, they're designed with gaming audio enthusiasts in mind and as much as I thought "wow these features sound great, I'd love to use them!" I just didn't. Had I known that at the start I wouldn't have bought them. So forewarned is forearmed!

    But if you're looking for a set of PC/PS3/360/I assume PS4/XBone (via TOSLINK) headphones which give you a huge level of granular control and multiple outputs (Game/Chat) to the one headset, you'll probably be quite happy.

    They're going for around $150+postage on eBay in similar to lesser condition, I'd let it go to TAY for $125. Anybody interested?

      I do wish my sennheiser PC360s had the option of leather ear pads, I do rather miss that option

    So much for not buying much in the steam sale, wolf among us is 66% off. Hopefully its not the start of a trend.

    Anyone here got Door Kickers? I'm thinking of buying that before the sale ends, any glaring problems with it?

      Wolf Among Us is well worth the full price so at that sale price its a steal.

      Some research on Door Kickers says at the moment gameplay is very basic and missing a lot of features.

        I've watched a few vids of door kickers from a guy who I know is into heavy tactical stuff and he seems to enjoy it but videos don't really give you a good window into any little frustrations the game might have every so often

      I went to buy The Walking Dead Season 2 the other day (even thought I've already got it on 360), and just went screw it, and bought the whole freakin' Telltale pack, so much adventure gaming goodness, It's a shame though that I couldn't gift the extra copies of Sam & Max as I already had all 3 seasons.

      I didn't even realize it was on sale until reading this comment! So going to grab it now >.<

      *looks at wallet*..... *cries*

        Hey man, what's your Steam ID? Haven't been able to find it on TAYnames.

          my kotaku name with 007 at the end!

            Sweet! Added you, now you just have to accept my FR.

            Also, you on the green team too. GOOOOOO TEEEEEAAAMMMM!!!! \o/

      Yeah, I picked it up too. I was largely unimpressed with what I played of the first chapter, but since I liked The Walking Dead I figure a $9 gamble is worth it and won't leave me short even if disappointed in the end.

      I'm gonna wait and see if Door Kickers pops up in a flash sale or something.

        The other advantage of buying it on PC is that it's a platform that Telltale can actually code for (or which is powerful enough to compensate for them not being very good at coding) so you don't have 5 second loading breaks in action scenes when you press a button like in the 360 version

        "Look out, he's swinging a lamp at your head, press X quick!"
        *Presses X*
        "Oh shit, you pressed X, I wasn't ready for that! Err... where did I put that animation? I know it's here somewhere..."

    I just watched Captain Phillips. Even though I'm familiar with the story and knew what was going to happen by the final scene I may have cried a manly tear or two. That was a well put together movie.

    My weekend summarized


    Family: "It looks bad on you, Saturday."
    Co-workers: "It looks bad on you, Saturday."
    Friend: "You look like shit."
    Me: "Everybody said that about my jacket."
    Friend: "What? No, the jacket looks good, your face looks like shit."

      Get a second leather jacket to wear over you face! That solved the same problem for me!

    Has anyone here put together an arcade cab from scratch? I'm looking at building a Street Fighter II machine for the man cave in my new house and need some opinions.

      I know a guy who has, what exactly did you want an opinion about? I might remember a few things

      Any reason it's a specific Street Fighter 2 machine rather than a multi-game machine that can play SF2? Are you planning to be all boring and legal about it?

        I suppose I could go for a MAME machine, but I'm a collector so I'd love to get my hands on some classics PCBs. I mainly want to weigh up the cost of build v pre-fab,

          having built a mame cab it's not that pricey I found that getting the woodwork and vinyls to be finished and looking good was trickier. I also suck at electronics despite some weird obsession with trying to be good at them. I had some mates build a nice interface for loading and game select menus though so was pretty happy with the end result. You could run off a laptop nowadays with one of those usb monitors making the weight more accessible.

    Repost from previous TAY. Thank you so much to those of you who have already voted, I appreciate it more than you know.

    I usually hate doing this, but I need your help. If you've got Facebook, please click the link below and vote for Harley Quinn. It's not often you get the chance to play a show with your favourite band, but I have that chance here.

    Spoilers working? No

    Also for those on archaic IE 7, has Kotaku changed for anyone else or is it just me? The boxes and format are kinda screwy for me today.

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      Spoilers haven't worked for ages, God knows what the problem is, but we've all just been using

        Yeah I was just double-checking to see if they've come back on as my Kotaku seems to have changed around a bit. It might be one of these days that it gets fixed and no one knows about it because we've all be ROT13'ing everything.

    Morning all. How was your weekend. I planned on playing all teh gamez, but most of the time all I did was spend money on the Steam Sale. Spent soooo much money, so much money.


      Your helping a Noble cause, getting your team points so you have a 30 in probably 500000 chance of getting 3 games on your wish list for free \o/

        Yeah, Green team won by a mile yesterday, but I wasn't one of the 30 winners :(

    So I came down sick Saturday night. I should've been in bed resting, but instead I was doing stuff.
    I'm the worst.

      Wasn't it Saturday night I was talking to you on steam? I'm sorry!!

        You didn't give me a cold through the internet. Duh =P I enjoyed the chat

          Have you never heard of getting viruses over the internet? I feel so guilty!!

            Wrong type of virus =P I'm not a robot like Techie.

      Hey Scree, I was looking up on stock and the store nearest to me apparently doesn't have stock left on that card. I'll be calling them up to find out where their stock is currently sitting and if I can either get it sent to the nearest store to me or if I can reserve one for pickup elsewhere. It won't be impossible but it will be a chore to get to the other stores near to me. I'll keep you posted :)

        If it's a chore, don't put yourself out. I can wait 2 weeks until I get paid and get it posted

          Problem is that looking at MSY's site the stock they have is low, as in dangerously low you might have to end up eBaying it. I could pay for it and get it delivered to you or something. You're usually at home yeah?

            Yes, i am. We're busy this week because of things, but if we're not home, My brother is.

              Alright I should be able to get it delivered to you, just to make it nice and easy, I'll chat to you more on Steam about it tonight when I get home

                Thank you, you really didn't have to, but I appreciate it

    Good morning TAY. Two major things to report from this weekend.
    1 - I finished XCOM:EU and bloody hell was the last battle tough. The short version is: I was down to one guy at 2 HP, and I finished it off with a rocket to the guy's face, it was all decided after the guy missed me... good times :)
    2 - I have made a start on the Witcher 2. I was going in expecting it to look good but HOLY CRAP! And it runs smoothly on my PC as well on High settings. I was having some weird clipping like my pants showing through my boots in a cutscene but other than that I've been having a lot of fun. The combat, way more enjoyable than the first Witcher's rhythm style :). I've had a few crashes in the first few hours though, sadly :(, but so far the game itself has been enjoyable. Also, this world is really really weird in some places, where for the dark and dirty style of towns/society most of the women look uncharacteristically attractive while the males are mostly ugly cockney brutes :P

      Yeah get used to that with the Witcher.... Almost all of the main female characters you interact with are ridiculously attractive =,= And always seem to have ridiculous amounts of cleavage! What difficulty are you playing the game on? (confession I've never gotten past Flotsam) And if you're playing on normal or higher how are you combating large groups of enemies? The damn nekkers killed me like 7 times in my first run in with them >.< Also have you (slight side quest spoiler for flotsam) orra gb gur Unhagrq Nflyhz fvqr dhrfg lrg?

      In regards to the graphical issues I have them too, and I also get the odd minuscule thin black lines through some characters during cutscenes!\

      Edit: Get my message on Uplay from the ubisoft forums as to why I needed to re-install HoMM?

      Last edited 23/06/14 9:37 am

        I find that the first part of the game requires a fair chunk of just exploration and dare I say a little grinding so that you don't get absolutely destroyed by taking on the bounties. I think my go-to strategy for the nekkers was setting up traps and using bombs to take out large groups of them.

        I didn't really have too many graphical issues but I do recall a few mesh effects coming off a bit incorrectly. If you haven't gotten it already, there is a patch of Projekt Red's website that improves the game a bit although I'm pretty sure that was included in the EE version of the game.

          Yeah I've basically been Quen kiting them... goddamit they're annoying, however once I set up sword upgrades and armor enhancements from the non-combat quests the fights became a lot easier! I think I was getting smashed because I tried to do the quest with the cave full of nekkers at like level 4 or 5 =p Actually managed to clear them but dear god did it take a lot of running around with potions and poison.... If I'd had an audience of villagers it would've totally killed the image of a "monster slayer" >.<

          Question for all the Witcher 2 vets, is there a point in holding on to the hundreds of nekker and endrega parts (i.e. eyes, teeth, jaws, etc) I seem to have? And how much leather and iron ore should I keep in stock (shit weighs a ton!)? Worth noting I collect herbs like crazy so I'm not sure I'll need the parts for potions, just wondering if there's recipes in the future where I'll need them?

            If they're miscellaneous, sell that crap straight away. If you find you're still encumbered and not sure if you will need it later (like ore and other alchemical stuff), stick it in the storage at the inn. I believe (not 100% certain) that it's a persistent item storage same as in the first game but you should probably double-check that.

              I didn't realize there was a storage chest..... *facepalm* Ok I'm going to stop selling my ingredients and materials now =p

                I've mainly been selling excess weapons/clothing I pick up and anything labelled "Junk"

        I got recommended Easy so I'm playing on Easy :P. Still going through the first area.

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        The message i got from you was regarding you needing to reinstall and patch it up yeah? Fine by us as Freeze and I decided to reschedule anyway, better chance for more people to get involved rather than a 1v1.

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          Juvpu dhrfgf/fvqr dhrfgf ner lbh hcgb abj?

          Sounds good for HoMM i'll have it re-installed and patched before the next session! =]

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    Just thought I'd mention again that I've got 2 guest passes for Killing Floor. Who wants 'em?

    Edit: Oh, and I'm also now on the Twitters, so if anyone wants to follow me I am ev1lmunky, not that I'll post a hell of a lot.

    Last edited 23/06/14 9:35 am

      Why aren't you evil monkey anymore?!!? This is unacceptable!

      Man, Killing Floor is a rad game. I do miss the vanilla version though.

    While I remember for any TAY's out there I've got a gift copy of Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2 (no expansions) to give, if anyone is interested! I think I got an extra copy when I bought the collection?

      It's pretty good, I'd recommend it. I got about 18 hours in before GFWL f*ked me.

      Last edited 24/06/14 3:01 pm

    Hola Tay

    Had, finally, a quiet weekend. I've been on the go for the last month or so, so having a weekend free has been novel.

    Went to a friend's house Friday to sit in on his D&D (4e) game, he is on placement in NSW so has a drop-in drop-out game he DMs whenever he's back. Good fun, played a Tiefling Warlord. I got dropped to zero hit points once, but got up and rolled pretty consistently well so stayed in the fight, after blowing pretty much all my healing ability on myself.

    Saturday lunch went out for my Grandfather's 85th. Most of my family is O/S atm- there's me and one cousin left here in SA, and so I was pretty much the sole representative of his kids. I did get to chat to two of his siblings who were there, which was nice, although one wasn't "chatty"- he's had a traecheotomy. All in all, a nice lunch.

    Sunday, played Saints Row IV. I'm really enjoying the superheroics.

    A Monday Morning Question: What is your favourite method of healing in games? Do you like regenerating health, or health packs? Do you just prefer guzzling painkillers?

      I liked the way Halo did it with two levels of health, one small but regenerating, the other larger but requiring health packs to replenish if that gets hit.

      Witcher-style healing is pretty cool in that you go in and must win with what you have prepared beforehand. Very tactical style.

      On the flip side though, I like the old type of healing in FPSs with finding health packs and stuff like that. Hardest difficulty on the original Medal of Honour was nailbiting at times as you were constantly scrounging for health packs and surviving by the skin of your teeth.

      Neither. Your health is your health and if you want to die less you should find some body armour!

      I think Halo is a good example of a decent (I'm yet to see something I'd call favourite) system: regening shields, old school health kits.

      Spayce Maureen. Healing through head stomping


      I dunno, they all seem to have advantages and disadvantages it seems...

      The ARMA 2 ACE medical system, You get shot you need bandages, morphine & sometimes epinephrine, if you're not bandaged you bleed out and die, you can pass out from pain and need to be revived by a teammate or you can be instantly killed by a solid shot to a critical area or a major trauma like an explosion. Looking forward to it's implementation in 3 (though hopefully with a bit more complexity, have to apply bandages to body parts rather than characters in general for example, it'd make medics more fun to play).

      Sod T-1000 style regeneration, bugger bandages that are basically borg nanotechnology and screw painkillers that somehow plug up bullet wounds, give me something that at least feels remotely realistic (even if its not even vaguely real, it at least pretends to try to be).

    Only Warhammer I've played is a bit of Spaysh Maureen, Not really into strategy games though, so I think I'll pass.

    Edit: Replyfail, meant to be a reply to @pupp3tmast3r

    Last edited 23/06/14 9:49 am

      DoW2 is squad-based tactical, not RTS. Campaign you control a maximum of 4 units/squads at a time. It's a hell of a lot of fun, too.

      What Rize said, also most of the maps or missions on Dawn of War 2 take about 15min to complete? They made the game with bite sized play sessions in mind as opposed to the 30-45min games you'd have in traditional RTS's.

      I guess in reality Dawn of War 2 plays more like an RPG, since you get a fixed squad that you can level and equip and don't really get into any kind of base building or unit building during missions!

        Flamethrowers are a lot of fun to use in DoW2 :D
        Unit building does come into play in the Retribution expansion but they're all from the same building, the HQ/Strategic points

        Really? Maybe I was really slow and built my guys wrong, but missions would take about 50 minutes. Maybe I just used Cyrus's slow stealth stuff too much.

          Is that the scout guy? I never used him in my teams =,= Ever! He's way too squishy... You want to use your commander + jetpack + heavy machine gunner guy. The last one can be anyone but the scout =p

            I always found that jetpack guy was just a reskin of my main character with a jetpack. I already had a tank, why would I need him?

            EDIT: Plus, Cyrus could blow up the entire enemy base without alerting the enemies if you leveled him right!

            Last edited 24/06/14 5:52 pm

      It's more of a strategy/action-RPG hybrid. The best part of your game is leveling your guys and getting sweet loot.

    So that game of ORION Dinosaur Hunter last night was surprisingly fun. Basically Killing Floor with open maps and dinosaurs instead of zombies specimens.

    Also, for those that missed out: there was 4 of you, you could have created a second lobby...

      Yes, I realize that now, next time Gadget, next time.

        It's definitely worth a go. My favourite highlights would have been when I nearly killed half the team by ramming a triceratops with a jeep (they were in it with me), when @freezespreston got eaten by a T-Rex, when I drove a jeep off a cliff and got it stuck halfway down in a tree, and when @tigerion died on the back of a stegosaurus and I knocked his corpse into the distance by ramming it with a jeep when I tried to revive him.

        I should not be allowed near jeeps.

        Last edited 23/06/14 10:13 am

          Oh yeah, and I ran around knifing velociraptors because smrt.

      Any word on whether there is another mode that allows for more people? It'd be good if we could all be in the same game.

        Not that I can find online. I'll have to jump in the game and poke around, I think. Based on the size of the maps we played last night surely the PvP stuff lets you have more.

    Some of you might have noticed gifts in the last 24 hours, I had extras in my inventory and simply looked at who had those games on their wish list. Enjoy to those people :)

    Tried to obtain normal sleeping hours. But nooooooooooooo. I had to go and wake up for no reason some time around 4:30, then be unable to get back to sleep til nearly 6. Stupid retarded body.

    So I played some tabletop 40K on the weekend. I have never actually played 40K or any other wargaming before in my life as I've merely watched friends duke it out. I borrowed some of my friend's Khorne Berserkers and had a kill team match followed by a 500 point 2v2. It was pretty great as I was pretty noob at it and even my friends who were experienced were still getting used to the 7th codex changes so the skill difference wasn't that large to be infuriating.

    The highlight was when my five Khorne 'zerkers deployed with a Rhino in the kill team match against plague marines and I botched up my deployment and didn't deploy them inside the Rhino. So I had to do a mad sprint across open ground with everything and I successfully tank-shotted a plague marine wielding a plasma gun with my Rhino. He had to roll a 3+ to damage the Rhino and he had a reroll available. He rolled two 2s and the plague marine went splat. \o/

      Really that feels about right for Khorne, solid tactics are less important to them than bushy tailed enthusiasm. Admittedly that bushy tail is usually drenched in blood and random body parts but that's just part of the fun. Besides, deploying inside a rhino depending on the opening range, can be a bit dangerous if the opponent has AT weapons, you can lose your entire unit with one lucky shot. I find armour more useful as mobile cover and for providing suppression & supporting fire.

      In the Epic scale Space Marine game, I once lost almost an entire Deathwing terminator company because I deployed them in their Land Raiders and my opponent got a lucky series of shots with his ork gargants. I did get my own back and barraged the shit out of them with most of my heavy weapons to drop their shields and it was one of my few surviving terminators who got the astonishingly lucky kill shot on the reactor of one so he avenged his fallen brothers.

        My friends who were playing are more in the "play to have fun" or "roleplay" camp of 40K rather than the intense, super strategy type of players. So they have had similar things happen and it does make the game more fun when playing.

        It got to the stage where people were asking me if I was sure I wanted to charge 'zerkers into a near full squad of space marines and I said yes because retreat was not Khorny enough. :P

        I feel if I ever got into playing the game fully, I would probably play Orks just to mess around.

    Oh hey the othersite stories have reappeared a the bottom of the page again too.

      All they have to do now is fix the spoiler tags and we're back to normal, and it's only taken them how long.

    I have a really cool weekend, went to see a play yesterday and it was all in Italian and i realized just how much Italian i can pick up on when needed. It makes me wanna be in a musical production, too bad my voice is rubbish. Maybe as a extra or a lighting guy. WHO KNOWS

    On Saturday, I painted a bit and man that shit is relaxing. Also my fine motor skills mean that i can paint in the lines so my stuff doesnt look rubbish :)

    Last night we had our group thing we do every week and played Mario Kart and Mario Bros Wii. My girlfriends best friend is so competitive and it turns me competitive because I dont want her to win. She is making me a shittier person but regardless it was still fun


      I was in musicals in HS.

      If you're enthusiastic, and have the time, I'm sure you can jag a role in the chorus. It's good fun, just a big time investment.

        In highschool i played some lead roles in some productions. My best friend and I played Sherlock and Watson in a play and it was the best thing ever. But my voice has changed a bit and i cant really sing any more.

          Oh, my singing is awful. I mainly jagged roles by being one of the few males who'd get involved in the school production (To all the knobs I went to school with who thought being in the school production was "gay": Where do you think all the women went at lunch time?)

          I was President Roosevelt in Annie, then the Spock-equivalent in a crappy Star Trek satire that was on during ear 12, which had a solo show opener that I inflicted on people.

            Spock-equivalent in a crappy Star Trek satire that was on during ear 12, Spock... ear 12... I geddit!

        I was in a few musicals in High School. Mostly in the band, but for the last one, I auditioned for a part and got it. I played King Louis XIII in a comedy version of the Three Musketeers (plus the Duke of Buckingham). It was a lot of fun.

      Sign up with an amateur group? Start out offering 'to be a stage hand to prove you're not a muppet', then get into Stage Management or Lighting/Props/Sound/whatever! :) I used to act a bit in some amateur stuff but I also took some Stage Manager gigs and they were pretty good/stressful/fun.

        I ran a sound board for one in year 8, good skill to pick up

      Maybe as a extra or a lighting guyGo for gold, be an extra lighting guy!

      I did musicals is HS also, background characters in Oliver (yr. 7), and a Pirate in Peter Pan, who I traded off on the role with a friend (yr. 11), I was a poorly accented Italian pirate, who did a "Who's On First" with Hook, who couldn't differentiate 'It's me' and 'Smee', 'What?' and 'Watt', 'You' and 'Who' with a crew member named Yu Hu, I also wore a shitty moustache that was spirit gummed to my face, and that shit burns like hell.

      Last edited 23/06/14 3:20 pm

      Being in a musical or theatre production is great if you ever get a chance to do it. I did 3 revues while I was at university and was in the crew for 2 more. They were Engineering revues, so the acting was terrible, the jokes were in poor taste and the singing was worse - but we had the most awesome sets (...I wonder if the Star Trek doors and the Bar Flat are still in existence...)

    Grunt. Too little sleep this week. But I was kind of determined to get a proper weekend's ration of 'fun', when boring unfun things like inspections and entry condition reports robbed me of valuable fun hours. This was a dumb decision. :P


    Unrelated: TOTALLY related: Tried some Wildstar on the weekend. Sooo... IMPROMPTU WILDSTAR REVIEW!

    I spent the first day of playing it fighting off an impending sense of buyer's remorse.
    It's... not fantastic. I mean... it's good, and that's nothing to sneeze at. Maybe even 'very good!'

    But... it's basically WoW2.0 without the 10yrs of investment and I'm kind of over WoW. My bad. And the new WoW expansion with updated models and mechanics and etc are kind of making WoW into WoW2.0 anyway. So Wildstar loses a LOT of novelty value due to just how similar it is. So this is my fault for going into a genre that I'm already burned out on, expecting the novelty to do something for me. And with that factored in, I'd say it's not worth the current price - or at least, not in my opinion. I'm sure the box price will go down at some point, then I'd consider it decent value for WoW/MMO burnout-victims.

    That's based on first impressions, anyway. MMOs are brain-worms that occasionally need some time to take root. Plus, if you're not thorough or 'choose poorly' in your classes, you can get completely the wrong impression as to how it plays, anyway.

    I had to go play all of the character classes for their first 5+ levels or so just to get a feel for how they were going to play minute-by-minute, because the majority of them shat me.

    * Warriors use a WoW-style rage mechanic and are similarly slow/low-damage. I'm anticipating decent in dungeons/raids, not great solo/bursting.
    * Espers have deliciously high damage output but require you to stand still and have 'combo points' that disappear very quickly, which can get real inconvenient. Their 'special' gets them to plan their feet, boosting resistances and damages.
    * Engineers basic attacks are slow and feature unimpressive damage output - guessing they only start coming into their own with the pet, and some traps and toys to chuck onto the ground. A slower kind of Hunter, perhaps.
    * Spell-slingers fit in between the warrior and Esper in terms of damage and mobility, with some stand-still charge attacks - lower-damage/higher-mobility mages, effectively.
    * Medics are interestingly mobile and high-damage considering they're a healer class (and I'll probably play one of those next), using up 'charges' on special abilities and building them back up with builder-attacks.
    * Stalkers (WoW rogues without combo points) are basically the bastard offspring of James Bond and Chuck Norris spliced with a velociraptor, one-shotting area-bosses without even using all their resources, so that's what I'm playing now. Intriguingly, a look down the future skill list shows high-threat/taunt/tanking abilities. Given how often I fall into tanking in MMOs, it's the perfect fit!

    The writing's good. Enjoyable, even, with the occasional subtle jokes it doesn't bother to ham up for the camera, just slips it in on the way, and taking the time to read it all is enhancing the experience such that the buyer's remorse edge is wearing off.
    Combine recent access to crafting and discovering new activities in the world, dropping that money on it when things are tight (PC upgrade/moving) it's starting to feel like less of a bad decision and more of a neutral one.

    The only really major turn-off at this point - on its own merits - is when things aren't explained clearly or feel distinctly like bugs (which is probably to be expected for still being so close to launch), but you just can't tell. The dissonance comes from their habit of holding your hand to ludicrous lengths for all manner of activities, then randomly not explaining unintuitive shit, which is so inconsistent that it makes me think they did an 'idiot-proofing' pass and missed things that they thought were obvious or just ran out of time to finish it.

    Either way, the inconsistency results in some head-scratching. It's a game I'm going to have to play with Google open, just to get over the occasional bone-headed disconnect in unintuitive design. It's not great if whenever I encounter a stumbling block I have to ask, "Is this a bug, or something that's not implemented well?" and go ask The Internet.

    But given that this is the only major complaint I have so far (apart from some boring classes), if you aren't burned out on MMOs, Wildstar would be an excellent choice. I'd totally recommend it as someone's first MMO.

      Unrelated/kinda related, entry condition reports are a pain in the arse. And yet if you screw it up when doing it, it comes back to bite you years later when they try and charge for extra cleaning or repairs or other BS.

        I've been a few places where I've really had to fight to get my bond back. Against owners who consider that a tenant's bond is a pool of funds that they're entitled to dip into to repair things they would otherwise have to pay for themselves, which definitely fall under the 'fair wear and tear' category of the tenancy agreement.

      I'd totally recommend it as someone's first MMO.
      I'm not 100%, but I think this is why I wasn't drawn in. I could see that it was decent, but...I've kind of done it all before.
      Wasn't helped much that I'm playing SWTOR and when you then try to play an MMO without voice acting everywhere it's a little disappointing.

        That's the thing I've found with MMOs in general lately. The games that have drawn me in are sufficiently different from WoW to justify it, whether it be voice acting or more active combat or more player-driven stuff. Trying to beat WoW at its own game is like matching a wrestler with a gorilla. Sure it's doable but it would be pretty dang hard to overpower the stronger opponent.

      Dominion? Myrkalus? Join me and Nob? =p

      Couple of things I didn't like too much from my experience, the crafting system in Wildstar while original in concept the implementation is rough at best, the tutorials need to be more detailed and the system needs to be simplified (I've basically foregone levelling any crafting/professions until I hit 50).

      With the classes all of them come with a second class that can either heal or tank, so engineers, warriors and stalkers tank, while the other three can heal. With the tanking classes you can't really get a feel for them until you go past level 15 (which is kind of crappy) but that's when their dps abilities come into their own.

      I think you really come to appreciate the gameplay in Wildstar when you start doing Dungeons and even possibly Adventures. I find the levelling/questing has lost its luster for me already (I'm not even reading the quest text anymore >.<) but I'm definitely won over by the dungeons! My other qualm with this game is the UI for pop-ups and extra stuff, while I approve of how it is for the action bars and the targetting, the rest of the UI is just incredibly un-intuitive. Checking on quests or your map doesn't feel natural and I have no idea why the Path quests needed to be in a separate screen... basically there's a lot clutter in the UI that detracts from the overall experience imo but I guess its something you can get used to?

        Yeah, I asked Nob in advance which one you guys were on. :) I'll totally add the launcher to my Steam client to see if I can get it to register so people can see when I'm in-game. Character I'm playing most at the moment is 'Sariss', but 'Aiun' (warrior) and 'Angelsong' (medic) should see some play.

      This is a lot of what I felt about it too. Got through to the second area after the tutorial twice and felt like I was suddenly in Northrend. That's part of the issue I think, it's not just that it feels like WoW, it's that it feels like the WoW I got sick of playing years ago. It's competently put together, but I've tried enough MMOs now where everything they do in it I feel like I've experienced already at the same or better quality.

      A lot of what gives it that WoW flavour is the visuals. It's like WoW and Ratchet & Clank had a dumb baby. Additionally the design of the areas is very much Wrath of the Lich King-era WoW. Basically a theme park of quest hubs strung together, and the worlds are simple heightmaps with environmental bits like buildings and whatnot placed into the heightmap. It works well enough but it's pretty hard for it to come close to properly designed areas like you find in some of its contemporaries. I also don't find the art style particularly exciting and it feels pretty regressive coming off MMOs with stunning visuals like FFXIV.

      There just didn't seem to be any reason to play it. I regret buying my copy.

      Last edited 23/06/14 11:41 am

        I don't especially regret the copy in principle (just the price of it), I definitely regret the three month sub more. This should probably have been a 1-monther. I'm hoping playing with Nob/Puppet/et al might make for some more fun dungeoning, which seems to be where they're pinning their hopes for sustaining sub numbers. The 'Elder Game' - given that the other content is apparently somewhere around a tenth of WoW's. Also interested to see what they have to say about this unusual developer claim about creating interesting and challenging solo veteran content. In an MMO, where 'raid or die' isn't the only way to get uber endgame gear? That'll be the fucking day. Never seen it, somewhat skeptical it'll happen, will be pleasantly surprised if they actually follow through instead of bowing to the basement-dweller hardcore raid minority who make up the majority of forum warriors.

        Either way, when it expires, I'm probably going to be re-subbing to FFXIV. I'm really hoping some patches land in between then to further improve the experience, and the Ninja looks sweet.

        My fondness may just be nostalgia because I do remember getting intensely frustrated by the quality of PUGs for dungeoning, latency affecting telegraphed attacks (such that there is literally no way to avoid some without simply moving at random), reliance on FATEs for levelling other classes, annoyance at restrictions of leves, and tagging mobs in FATEs as certain classes, and a few other things... Hoping I'll be able to get around that by just relying on a friendly guild and levelling crafting (which I LOVED).

          Oh holy crap dude, you jumped straight in with a 3 month sub? I usually make that mistake but even I knew to try the game out first.

          I wish I had gotten more into FFXIV. I had my momentum broken by the combination of their issues around not polling your position in the game regularly enough and latency causing you to be considered to be inside AoEs that you had dodged, which meant I couldn't do some of the later instances, plus the fact that the Garuda fight was simply too hard to PUG and I wasn't playing with friends I could ask for help from. The guild I was in was enormous and pretty impersonal. When I las logged in, I'd been booted from it anyway :(

          But that Thief class looks super rad and exactly the sort of combat I was enjoying the most (I played PUG/MNK main class and it was the most enjoyable for me, followed fairly closely, oddly, with the White Mage).

          The biggest issue I had with the game was the lack of repeatable, quality story content once you had finished your first playthrough. They want you to try multiple classes and stuff, but once you're at cap with your main class there's just not enough left to do with your other classes except grind FATEs. They boosted the XP from leves later on I think, but that was after I lost focus, and besides that, they put a restriction on the number you can do for no good reason so they didn't seem like a viable way to grind out a new class.

          Still, FFXIV 2.0 is a night and day difference from 1.0. It's amazing how much better they made it in such a short period too. How is it that Yoshida can redevelop an entire MMO from the ground up and make it profitable beyond internal expectations in about 24 months, but it takes a decade to get mainline console Final Fantasies done? There's more content in an MMO in every way.

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