Team Fortress 2 Has An Update. Let The Conspiracy Theories Begin.

Team Fortress 2 Has An Update. Let The Conspiracy Theories Begin.

Immediately after we posted the newest Team Fortress short yesterday, someone commented and pointed out mysterious numbers in the subtitles — because of course someone noticed something like that.

What does it mean? Cripes, I don't know. It was probably just a mistake that wasn't even meant to be there. But Valve fans are notorious for picking up clues in anything Valve releases. Sometimes the clues are real — Valve does likes ARG games. And sometimes, fans pick apart stuff that isn't actually there.

This video by PABS makes fun of the latter type of fan, who is undoubtedly digging into the Love and War update in the hopes that it might confirm Half-Life 3 or something about Team Fortress itself:

Granted, there may actually be stuff hidden in the original short. Who knows! At least one person has theories about the many items that the short may be teasing: Have you seen any good conspiracy theories or predictions about the newest Team Fortress 2 update? Make sure to share in the comments.


    All I know is that Ms Paulie mentioned "the administrator". Half Life 3 confirmed!!!!!!

      She's a character in the TF2 universe

      Ms Pauling is voice by Ashley Burch!

        Haven't played TF2 in a long time, I was going off Scout's "Noo Yok" accent and I got "Paulie", my bad! :P

    team fortress 2 update? team fortress 2 confirmed!

      Team fortress 3 Updated? Half Life 2 Confirmed!!

      Last edited 19/06/14 1:26 pm

    i'm constantly amused and baffled by the excitement at cosmetic updates to this game

      Its addictive thats why.
      5 months ago i thought it was stupid to spend 10$ on a digital item, but know i will spend 100$ on a dirt cheap cosmetic and flogg it off at a higher price to get more hats.

      Last edited 19/06/14 11:04 am

    I didn't notice the TF2 update in my library but I did see a small update for Portal 2 and the first thing I thought of was HL3 conspiracies will come alive again

      You mean the same Portal 2 update last night that triggered false positive virus detections in Norton and Kaps users. Conspiracy ?

    The numbers in the subtitles are relating to the timing that they're supposed to synch to. Someone screwed up putting them up on Youtube. They mean nothing more than that.

    What does it mean? Cripes, I don’t know.

    Yeah. Très surprise, Patricia.

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