Tesla Motors' Wall Of Patents Replaced With Giant 'All Your Base' Meme

I know what you're thinking. "Surely that's a Photoshop and Tesla CEO Elon Musk hasn't actually gone and switched the company's impressive wall of patents with a certain, well-known meme from Zero Wing?" That is precisely what's happened, after Musk was inspired by a post on car blog Jalopnik, which featured a tweaked version of the meme with the text "OEMs: All our patent are belong to you".

It all started with an update on Tesla's website, where Musk announced the company would "open-source" its patents to help the electric car industry compete with its venerable petrol-powered competitors. As you'd expect, Jalopnik reported the news and led the article with an image featuring the "All your base" meme, its famous caption altered appropriately.

Apparently Musk liked the image so much he asked Jalopnik if Tesla could use it, to which the blog gave its blessing.

This tweet from the company's official Twitter account was the result:

(A before-and-after shot is available in this Reddit thread.)

While the meme is ubiquitous in gaming circles, it's hard to know how recognisable it is to regular folk. I guess we'll find out!

@TeslaMotors [Twitter, via Jalopnik]


    Share price would take a hit.

      Why? :)

      Do you really think people investing in a company that has a 3-month waiting list to buy the cars will care about what's painted on a wall?

    As soon as they get a little more affordable I'm buying the shit out of one of these

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