That Is Some Gorgeous Video Game Sand

That Is Some Gorgeous Video Game Sand
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Look close and you might be able to guess what game some of the creators of Vane used to work on. Hint: it’s one a lot of people have been waiting on for a long time.

If you guessed that Vane shares some artistic talent with near-mythical PlayStation game The Last Guardian, then you’re right on the money. The indie game is being made by a studio called Friend and Foe, which includes former TLG developers Rasmus Deguchi and Rui Guerreiro. Guerreiro’s bio on the site says that he was an artist on The Last Guardian since its earliest days.

Friend and Foe is still in very early days on Vane, but the visuals they have released look quite fetching. Here’s how they’re describing it:

A child with an odd ability stuck in a strange land. A dangerous natural environment inhabited by a strange civilisation. Vane is an open-world adventure game based on mystery and exploration.

It’s being built for PC first, with other platforms cited as TBA.

[via NeoGAF]


  • Ok, the sand looks great but why do rocks pop out of sand when it’s struck by lightning? that’s like dropping a stone into water and ice splashing back.

    • Same as the “rocks” his feet throw up when he runs. I think it represents impact and not actually rocks

      • Could be Fulgurites from lightning hitting sand? not sure if they would spray into the air though.

    • I’d say it’s a technical/computational limitation disguised as a design choice….

      Modelling sand in real time is very computationally expensive [and algorithmicly very complicated]. You can see that the sand environment, while very realistic looking, is in fact pre-baked and not dynamic. It is a lot easier to simplify the system to larger particles [rocks, in this case].
      But, hey, the game is still pre-alpha, so it could just be a placeholder while they make their code for dynamic sand better.

  • Open world, mystery, exploration … these are words that I like. Developers that worked on The Last Guardian, well, now I’m really interested.

    I wonder which game will come out first.

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