The 1990s Console War Is Rolling In Its Grave

The 1990s Console War Is Rolling In Its Grave

The idea that all these characters could be in the same video game would have been inconceivable in the '90s, and yet here we are. Pac-Man, Mega Man, Mario and Sonic are all in the same game.

Kind of wild to think about, no? Then again, it's not like the characters are cooperating with one another. They're here to fight each other! But still, it's kind of weird.

One more image, which comes from the recent Pac-Man Smash Bros. reveal tonight:

The 1990s Console War Is Rolling In Its Grave

You can look at more Pac-Man screenshots here.

[via Allison/Twitter]


    Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

    Great and all but does anyone like pacman or actually want to play as him?

      Hell yes! I love pacman and am really excited to play as him... I should really be saving for a Wii U.

    The "Bit Wars" never ended. SNES is still the greatest, Mega Drive still sucks!

      Whatever man, we'll see how much better the SNES is when Sega release the 32x addon!!

      Last edited 12/06/14 8:43 am

        I have four syllables for you:

        Super FX.

    Pac man?

    They invited PAC MAN!?

    That cherry chasin'... DOT MUNCHER isn't even worth his GAME!

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