The Amazing Story Of A Game That Took 13 Years To Make

The Amazing Story Of A Game That Took 13 Years To Make

Adam Butcher has spent half his life making a single game. Today, you can finally play it — and this is the inspiring story of why it took so long for Butcher to finish.

The game, which is called Tobias and the Dark Scepters, might not seem impressive when you play it — it’s definitely a relic of the past. But honestly, that’s beside the point. The uplifting thing here is about a young boy’s dream, a dream that a man refused to give up on — no matter how much work it took, and no matter how much indie games were leaving him behind. It is a story of perseverance and dedication.

In a way, the tale of Tobias and the Dark Scepters is a cautionary tale: it outlines many of the things that can get out of hand during game development. But more than that, what I take away from it is the grand importance of pursuing the things you love.


The Game That Time Forgot [Adam Butcher]

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