Surprise, The Batmobile Likes To Shimmy

Surprise, the Batmobile Likes to Shimmy

As expected, Gotham City gets a gorgeous makeover on PS4. But what's up with Bruce Wayne's ride?

The latest glimpse of Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay shows the Dark Knight swooping over long distances and switching to the Batmobile. It might be because the game's still got a long way to go but the lateral movement on the armoured crime-fighting car looks really different from that of other video game automobiles. More like a tank, really. It could very well be the kind of thing that feels normal after a few hours, though. We'll see next year.


    What's their to understand ? The bat mobile changes from a normal car mode to a strafing tank like the land master.

    The strafing tank mode looks like it controls very similarly to the vehicle modes of most Autobots & Decepticons from the Cybertron games. Excellent.

    That looks really cool but I'm struggling to see how it fits in with the Arkham series cinematic approach to everything. I think I'll enjoy the game either way but I'm really worried that driving only looks that way because it's promotional footage, like how in GTA trailers the player is shown driving perfectly but in-game players don't make turns properly and are all over the road. A big strength of the series is that even bad players look cinematic and cool like Batman when they fight. That could be ruined if they drive like Harley instead of Batman.
    I'm also a little concerned that it's just being added for the sake of making the game bigger than the last. I loved Arkham City and even Origins and they did a similar thing of trying to make a perfect game better by one upping and expanding on every single aspect that made Arkham Asylum perfect, but as cool as the Batmobile is it's really getting way beyond that simple, this is pure Batman, atmosphere that made Arkham Asylum so great.

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    The way it looks and moves in it's tank mode really reminds me of the tank from Starfox.

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