The Best Luigi Death Stare Videos

The Best Luigi Death Stare Videos

I'm not gonna lie: Luigi's Death Stare is my favourite thing to happen in 2014 so far.

Given that I've spent the entire morning watching these ridiculous videos of Luigi's Mario Kart 8 death stare, compiled over at CollegeHumor and the /luigideathstares subreddit, I thought I'd round them up and share them. Make sure your sound is on. The Year of Luigi never ends.

Bonus ShyGuy video:


    NSFW with sound...

    Haha this is great! Does MK8 really have such an awesome theatre like component to it?

      Yeah, and the end of every race you get the option to watch a highlights reel. You can edit it so that it features either hits, drifts or action, can be 30, 45 or 60 seconds long and you can pick between 1 and 4 characters to focus on. You can also opt for the full length version. The BEST part, in my opinion, is using the 2 joysticks to manipulate time. The left joystick reverses and fast forwards, the right joystick lets you manipulate the speed from super slow-mo to super fast, depending on how you move it.

    Not luigi death stare but I caught a hilariously badass clip of yoshi owning Larry in Mario Kart 8

    Or you can search on youtube: Mario Kart 8: Yoshi Hilariously Pwn'ing Larry

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