The Big Question: The World Cup... Hate It Or Love It?

Okay, let's make today's Big Question a little bit topical! Fans of all things sport have been drowning in things to watch at the moment, what with the World Cup, the AFL season in full flow and the second State of Origin match tonight. You all love video games — you wouldn't be here otherwise — but how do feel about all this sport everywhere?

Me? I love it. I've always been a fan of most sport, with the exception of cricket of course!

Anyway — the World Cup seems to be the most talked about event, how do you feel about it? Are you in paradise? Wish it would never end? Or are you on the other side of the spectrum and can't wait for it to end?

I think it's been brilliant. Probably the best World Cup I can remember, particularly when you consider the sheer quality of the group matches. I will be sad when it ends. Very sad indeed.

(Good luck to the Socceroos tomorrow morning. It's a big ask, but maybe they can get a draw against Holland. Maybe!)


    I'm indifferent. I'll watch the highlights and I kinda care about Aus but other than that...not really. There should be an option for "Eh"

      My thoughts exactly, don't know any of the players except really famous ones like Ronaldino (think I spelt that right), and Pele (does he even play anymore?). If I here that Australia won a game I'm happy, but otherwise, meh.

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        Pele is 73 years old.

          Ha! that just shows you the extent of my knowledge of Soccer, yes @markserrels, I called it soccer, what're you gonna do about it.

          Seriously though, don't hurt me.

          *runs and hides*

          This is my knowledge of Pele.

      Soccer is fun to play but boring as hell to watch. If ever their was a sport made for a random multi-ball event it is soccer.........

      Australia winning is always good though.........

      I'm indifferent. I'll watch the highlights and I kinda care about Aus but other than that...not really. There should be an option for "Eh"


      I'll bet on it, but nothing huge.
      Personally, I'm more interested in Germany's performance than Australia's, I was actually surprised we scored against Chile tbh. Ange is definitely the coach for our national side though, he comes across as a no bs kinda guy and the players respect and respond well to him.

      Good luck Socceroos (ugh), but we aren't good enough to compete at the spiky end.

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    Good luck to the Socceroos tomorrow morning. It’s a big ask, but maybe they can get a draw against Portugal. Maybe!

    Australia play The Netherlands next, then Spain. And you call yourself a fan Mark? For shame.

    Regardless, yes I am into my World Cup soccer. Normally I try to watch most of the games but unfortunately the timezones aren't very kind to me this time around, and it's impossible to avoid spoilers if I record the matches to watch later, so I'll just watch what I can.

      I totally got them mixed up with the US for some reason! I guess cause they're both the underdogs in 'groups of death'!

      To be fair, he's Scottish. I bet he could tell you who Scotland is facing next.

      Spoilers: It's no one.

    Well after seeing Joe Hart yelling at the ball boy, it's safe to say I hate The World Cup even more now. Well mainly just him, but The World Cup is still crap.

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      They were down a goal late in the second half of one of the biggest games of his life. It's perfectly understandable for him to react like he did.

        No, it's not. He's a professional, he's expected to have a level of restraint. "Big game, pressure on" is never an excuse to verbally abuse an innocent bystander. In many sports, he would have been fined for that outburst.

          It absolutely is. I didn't say that it was the right reaction, I said it was understandable.

            I don't agree. It's understandable for him to be frustrated. It's not understandable for him to yell and swear at someone on the sidelines.

    World Cup plus gaming plus work plus single parenting = one very tired Rossko. Love the World Cup though and this one has been a cracker so far! Carn the Socceroos!

    I don't care for it at all. That said, it is a display of professionals at the top of their game competing for their country.

    Only really care about the NBA/NFL seasons. NBA just finished and I'm hanging for this off season to go by quick so I can go back to watching my preferred ball sports.

    I watch it in the morning when I get up and enjoy it. But Im not going go out of my way to watch

    Love love love. Sure the times of the games are horrible in this part of the world. But it's worth the sacrifice of being tired at work. Watched every game so far and nearly every single one has been well worth it. Some absolutely fantastic games so far!

    Not a big fan of football but something about World Cup makes it extremely entertaining to me.

    Bar golf, cricket and motorsports, I love watching all sports really. Especially when played on a global stage. Shame about the time difference otherwise though. Gooooooo England!!!! -_-

    Nope, can't stand it. Same with what they call Football here, it's boring and I don't why it's so appealing to watch grown men in tight clothing chasing and grabbing at each other for a ball for 90 minutes or whatever.

      Haha try watching Rugby Union, nows that's what you call grown men jumping all over eachother chasing a ball.

    I don't really watch any sport, but some friends came round last time to watch it on our projector, I ended up getting pretty into it whilst they were here, and getting up early to watch games.
    It was fun to wath with someone who was into it all.

    I'd rather watch the Eurovision song contest really, that has everything.

    And yes, Poll really needs a 'shrug' option, I can't really vote for either of the options that are up there.

      This, I don't hate or love it. I put on a fake interest for conversations with people who love to talk about it. Was lucky enough to be in a football country once during the world cup and saw how much of a massive party and celebration the whole thing was.

    Honestly, if it wasn't for occasionally poking at Twitter, I didn't even realize it was happening. I thought it was a weekend thing or something. Go team Australia - woo? *shakes flag at random*

    There are things I care less about in the world, but not many. It might be a problem if 'social media' wasn't also on that list of things I don't care about.

    Neither, I've tried watching a few games and just don't find it very exciting or entertaining. It's fun to play in video game format though :)

    For me, It's something to watch in between the Hockey World Cup (Field Hockey), which finished over the weekend (the Australian men's team smashed everyone), And the Commonwealth games Hockey Cup.

    I wish hockey got more TV coverage...

      I'd never really watched much hockey in my life, up until a couple of weeks ago. I saw a couple of Australia mens games and then saw them (much to my dismay) smash England. Really enjoyed watching it when I got a chance. Especially, as I got to see that amazing goal!! (Prob know what I mean if you like hockey.)

        I got to see that amazing goal!!
        Really brilliant, wasn't it?

        I think with the new rules that have been implemented over the last 5 years. The speed of the which the game is played has increased. Meaning less downtime between great plays. I'm watching the Soccer at the moment getting bored because everything seems to happen at half speed.

        Also the relaxation of high balls and sticks have opened up the game for more interesting plays. like that goal.

    Love it. It's the biggest international sporting event too.
    Although I love all sport in some way or another.

    big football fan, so I'm pretty hyped that its on.
    though I'm also a pretty big fan of sleep & not going to work feeling braindead, so it being in Brazil is a bit of a downer....

    but yeah, I've just been watching the replays after work.

    I don't care. I don't watch TV so apart from Twitter prompting me to discuss the World Cup it's really had no effect on me. Some of my coworkers use it as a small talk discussion when I run into them in the kitchen getting a coffee but at least it's a change from making observations about the weather or anticipation of the approaching weekend.

    I prefer that other type of sportsball. You know, the one where one gentleman hurls a white spheroid emphatically at another gentleman who wields some sort of cudgel.

      The one with the progress markers named after the various stages of sexual congress?

    I am generally indifferent to most sportsball, except when - in the case of the World Cup - it results in Tourettes Guy upstairs getting up in the middle of the night to scream at his frigging television from 2am until daylight.

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