The Big Question: Who 'Won' E3?

Yes it's a stupid question and yes we are all winners blah blah blah. But come on! It's fun to debate these things. Who do you think had the best opening to E3? Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft?

I think Microsoft probably had the least amount of surprises, but easily the leanest conference. Sony had plenty of surprises and some great exclusives to show off, but seriously sagged in the middle with all that TV talk and whatnot. Nintendo — I feel — sort of under delivered, but still showed off an absolutely gorgeous Zelda that's taking all the right steps in all the right directions.

I guess what I'm saying is: this was a very tight contest.

Who do you think took it?


    Who won E3 2014? PC. Most of the really noteworthy games so far are cross-platform, and PC is going to have the best results for them.

      Uh.. PC isn't a publisher, it's a platform...

    there needs to be a - Tie/We the gamers option.

    Sony for me, but it was a close run thing. I think all 3 of them had a pretty solid show.

    For me, Sony just scraped through due to the sheer variety of stuff they had across the whole spectrum, from their first party studios to third party multiplatform games, a couple of 3rd party exclusives and a good slate of indie games. I don't think anybody saw that Grim Fandango announcement coming, either. I will deduct points for lack of cateagle, however.

    MS really stepped it up after last year's catastrophic showing. While they didn't do enough to beat Sony, they certainly held their own and should at least have saved themselves falling further behind.

    Nintendo brought a good bunch of games for the Wii U, but didn't do much to quell concerns about lack of third party support. Which leaves the same old problem of their machines having huge appeal to their core audience of Nintendo fans, but not much to offer people who aren't such huge fans of their first party output. But certainly the Nintendo die-hards would have been more than happy with what was shown.

    Bit disappointed in Sony and MS in particular for lack of stuff for PS3 / Vita / 360, but hopefully there will be some good stuff on the show floor even if it didn't make it into their conferences.

      I will deduct points for lack of cateagle, however.

      I was holding out hope even as the 'Sony Computer Entertainment presents...' showed up on the Uncharted trailer. And then the Naughty Dog logo popped up and I was like,

      "GODDAMMIT... ...alright, disappointment time is over, now pay attention!"

      But I feel like TGS could be it its time. We'll see.

    Dunno who won but I can tell you that Ubisoft loss. What a shit conference.

      EA's was worse. With the exception of Battlefront, there was almost nothing else there unless you're a huge EA Sports fan.

        Oh, I forgot EA had a conference. I didn't even watch it.

        Should probably go have a look. Or maybe not.

          No love for Rainbow Six Siege?

          They actually had really great and impressive demos, they just gave them to the platform publishers. I was impressed with Unity and Farcry 4 at the MS and Sony conferences, The Division wasn't bad either, but much more than last year's.

            Rainbow Six looked okay but I'm not excited for a multiplayer only iteration of the series. I loved R6V's campaign.

      How did they lose?

      Ubisoft had the best conference of all of them they stuck to the point of games and should gamers what they wanted to see (except for shape up and the dancing game) other than those it wasn't boring and it had the best games to show off

      Assassin's Creed Unity
      Far Cry 4
      The Division
      Rainbow Six: Siege

      I mean come on they showed the best games and since all are multiplatform everyone will get to enjoy those experiences.

      P. S. Another great game that trumps all but ACU was Mortal Kombat X. I think 2015 will be a better year for gamers (unless they surprise release Fallout 4 this year)

    I have to give it to Nintendo if only for the reason that I really want to buy a Wii U now where just a few weeks ago I was really quite disinterested. First time since the N64 that I'll have owned a Nintendo system but damn it after work I'm buying one today :)

    Nintendo. Hands down. I haven't seen Nintendo hit it out of the park like that in so long.

    PC wins because we get gtav bizatches!

    Nintendo of course kinda disappointed that they didn't show anything about legend of zelda majora mask

    Nintendo Wins!

    I reckon Sony did, with No Man's Sky and Bloodborne.

    Lol tight contest indeed.... Nintendo's got 65% of the votes! Being a fan of the PS4 I can safely say Nintendo deserved it this time as well. Well played and quite the come back.

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