The Classic N64 Shooter GoldenEye 007 Lives Again

Video: The classic N64 shooter GoldenEye 007 lives again for a few minutes, thanks to a modder, William Kjellgren, who remade one of the most known maps of the game, the Facility, using the Far Cry 3 engine.

The original N64 music already gave me chills.

FarCry3 - James Bond 64 Goldeneye - Facility [YouTube]


    Shoot her, SHOOT HER!

    What about GoldenEye Source?
    It's been around for a while now, has multiple levels and game modes.

    There is already a great Source Mod of Goldeneye

      Is that still about? I had it maybe three years ago and it wasn't too bad.

    just installing the source and mod now. whos gana jump in and get Powned?

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