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Seriously. I can't believe that someone guessed yesterday's HaiTaku. That was one of the vaguest haiku clues I have ever written. Ever. How is it possible? I wrote it fully anticipating that I'd have to write a second clue today!

So congrats to Deathburra, who correctly guessed Head Over Heels. Amazing job.

I've really missed doing haikus, so here's another one...

Heads turn towards things? Surprise! There's a new version! The last of its kind.

Good luck!


    Escape from Monkey Island!

    Head turning, the new technological advance in adventure gaming!
    EDIT: Also, wasn't it the last LucasArts adventure game released?

    Last edited 26/06/14 12:29 pm

    I'm going to have to ninja Shane here and say "The Dig"?

    Certainly Grim Fandango, but I'll go with The Last of Us just for argument's sake.

    MS Flight Simulator X? The last in the Flight Simulator series and it used TrackIR to detect the player's head motion.

    Grim Fandango seems too easy! Hmmmmm. HMMMMM...

    Wind Waker?

    Final Fantasy 9!

    Heads turn towards things? ----- MC head turns towards items/ chests
    Surprise! There’s a new version! ----- New Final Fantasy
    The last of its kind. ----- Last game to have world map

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