The EA E3 Conference Liveblog: Show Us Mirror’s Edge 2 Already!

The EA E3 Conference Liveblog: Show Us Mirror’s Edge 2 Already!

Well, let’s get this second conference underway! Now it’s EA’s turn. Who needs sleep anyway?

Everyone. Everyone needs sleep. You will die if you don’t sleep.

5.05 Hurry up and show this already!

5.09 Okay. Dragon Age will do for now. This dragon is definitely a dragon. It is a good dragon. It looks like a cool dragon.

Also — I can’t believe that guy said ‘ALL THE FEELS’. He said it in real life. Not the internet. REAL LIFE.


“We think fans will be surprised at how far we’re going”



Oh wait they didn’t show us jack shit. BOO.

5.15 Cool sims stuff. I needed a pee anyway.

5.17 I’ll be honest. I’m watching this to see what UFC fighters they bring out to pimp EA Sports UFC.

5.19 Oh they brought zombie Bruce Lee. Cool.

5.21 LOL BJ Penn would destroy Bruce Lee.

Actually this game is pretty cool. I like watching it.

5.23 Cool. Hockey stuff. Anyone here like Hockey? I might just have a snooze then.

5.25 Suit jacket and jeans. The EA uniform. You wear this or you find another job.

5.27 This is a Burnout game with Helicopters and wingsuits. Yeah, I think I need this. This sounds crazy. Never taken out of the first person perspective. Weirdly innovative.

5.30 Golf+Battleships. Why has it taken so long to get to this point?

Oh Madden stuff now.

[hits snooze button]

5.34 Dawngate is probably going to print money.

5.36 Andrew Wilson pushing boundaries by wearing suit trousers with his suit jacket.


5.40 Well they didn’t show much, but at least the game still exists. That’s a positive. I’m glad they confirmed that.

5.42 Sports games might be the most pornographic games. So much concentration on strange details. It’s been a while since EA has really pushed actual mechanical changes.

5.45 Battlefield Hardline is about cops and robbers? What’s going on here? This is hilariously interesting if you know what I mean. It’s strange but I want to know more and I sort of care.

5.50 In a sense, FPS games are just ‘adult’ versions of cops and robbers, so this makes a lot of sense to me. Even if it plays the exact same way as other Battlefield games, there’s something interesting there.

The game looks good btw.

5.54 Words that rhyme with Loot: flute, glute, mute, boot, foot, root…

5.55 Whoa… Battlefield Beta launches today. That is very cool. Wow. On PC and PS4. Better hurry and get in on that.

That’s a pretty cool way to end the EA conference.


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