The Games At E3 2014 Sure Had A Lot Of Dudes (Like Always)

It's probably not surprising to hear that E3 heavily featured men this year — that is, unfortunately, normal — but still, after watching every dude one after the other in a supercut, everyone sort of starts blurring together as a blob of Stern Angry (And Probably White) Dude.

It's not as bad as when every protagonist ever started looking like Vin Diesel, but it's still not a great situation if you ask me.

There were, of course, some games with women protagonists in them this year, too! The new Tomb Raider, Splatoon, Bayonetta — just to name a few. But they're outliers. Here's hoping that game companies stop making excuses and stop cutting women out of their games, because it sure would be nice to have more variety in here.

But for now, these 40 dudes are basically the face of gaming, as Rebellious Pixels notes in the title of the video.

The Face of Gaming: 40 Male Protagonists Featured at E3 2014 [Rebellious Pixels]


    Sigh... Here she goes again

    Hey, a controversial topic, I want in!

    I think perhaps there are far more male protagonists in games than in other media (like film and books), for two reasons - 1: because most games are violent, and 2: because men are good at violence.

    1: Almost every game in that montage contains high levels of violence, multiple murders etc. It's an easy and satisfying genre of game to make. It's much easier to make a fun game about killing than it is about romance or comedy. Apart from Nintendo and some indies, most developers don't even attempt to avoid violence in their games. I like fictional violence personally, it's fun, but it's also a disproportionately bigger part of games than any other media. Name 10 comedy/romance/dramatic non-violent films? Easy! Do the same with games? ...hmmm, not as easy.

    2: Men are violent. Statistically and biologically violent. Evolution gave us larger muscle mass to hunt and fight and kill, and culture has reflected that to the point where it feels unusual and a bit novel when a women is portrayed as being violent. More and more that's changing culturally, but there's still an expectation that action heroes with high body counts (most game protagonists) are men.

    So imagine if games were films instead, and if we lived in a world where literally 90% of the films being made were violent action movies (Rambo, Predator, Terminator,Die Hard, you know the ones, multiple kills etc). It would be a lot harder to see the majority of those male murder machines roles taken by women, because they are roles designed for men. In a world without non-violent films, I think there could be far less female actors.

    So perhaps what we need, rather than more violent women protagonists, is a few more non-violent games? (I don't want to take away your violent games, I just want them AND other games as well).

      Or we could have a crack at redefining gender roles in media.

    Half the games in this list include either a choice of gender or both male and female protagonists but sure, lets just ignore that and show only the males because it causes more of a shitstorm...

    Keep wanting what you want, and you'll find people who share your opinions and want to do something about it.


    *Puts females in Videogame*


    You know why they're all guys? Because 97% we just don't give a FUCK about how the character is portrayed, that other 3% is where we just hate a character for no reason...


    (choose your own punchline)

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