The Honest Modern Warfare Trailer, Now With More Underage Racists

Video: I've been waiting for Smosh to do an Honest Game Trailer for Call of Duty's Modern Warfare trilogy, and they do not disappoint. "Suit up for the least realistic war franchise since Contra." My favourite moment comes during the multiplayer montage, when everything goes a little crazy. It's the most accurate representation of the feeling I get during those rare moments when I find myself on top of a game that I don't even need the real thing any more.


    "Campaigns so patriotic, they would give Reagan's ghost a boner"

    Just about coughed up a lung laughing at that!

    Last edited 29/06/14 10:22 am

    Americans are blind loyalists, not patriots.

    IRA, Palestinians maybe.

    The honest guy forgot to point out the morons that buy each and every one of these crappy "games".

    I don't even know why the bother wasting the development time and effort making a singleplayer campaign, nobody enjoys it anymore, nobody buys this game thinking "OH MY GOD Where is the story going?!?!"

    Save yourselves a few million and just release multiplayer only, nobody would notice. It's worked for Counter Strike for years.

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