The Internet Reacts To Luigi’s Death Stare

The Internet Reacts To Luigi’s Death Stare

Luigi’s Death Stare is everywhere right now — people are in love with Luigi’s cold, menacing gaze in Mario Kart. This fascination inevitably means there’s lots of fan-art and hilarious GIFs floating around of Luigi on the internet. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Picture: mellownoiz

Mind, none of what’s highlighted here is a straight up Luigi Death Stare taken from the game — for that, you might want to check our “best of” compilation, or our post on how everyone in Mario Kart 8 looks like a troll. This post is all stuff that people are making or talking about based on the meme:

If you try logging into Tumblr right now, this is what you’ll see:

The reference to this video…

…isn’t too surprising given how much Tumblr is blowing up with Mario Kart death stares. There are many GIFs — and at least one person, scuttlebutt, realises that Luigi has had a death stare for a while now:

Most of what’s floating around about Luigi makes him seem like an unhinged character, much like The Villager from Animal Crossing. Who knew Nintendo had such scary characters?

(Via SixpathsofLuigi)

(Via Mexer)

(Via karkats-left-eyeball)

Here’s what people have drawn or Photoshopped when it comes to Luigi’s Death Stare:

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(Via claire-sketches)

(Via sonira-art)

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(Via the-la-li-lu-le-lowdown)

A couple of folks have even redone Mario Kart 8’s box art:

No one will even try to steal my phone now….

The year of Luigi might be over, but his revenge has just begun.


  • Wow, insane over reactions about this… pretty funny but way to keep flogging it……

  • I’m still not sure if this is all a brilliant marketing tactic by Nintendo. Have their brand and Wii U on everyone’s mind, as the Internet is flooded with “Ninty are doomed” and “What Should Ninty Do To Save Themselves?” articles. Before we know it, it’s suddenly: “Luigi Death Stare” “How awesome is Luigi?” and “Should Luigi Throw The Opening Ball in Superbowl?”

    • Sadly Nintendo marketing just isn’t that good….

      Or else this game would have come out right at the end of the Year of Luigi.

      Now that would have been a mic drop moment.

  • I am never onboard with any memes, until now. The death stare is simply gold and I don’t even mind that it’s being spammed everywhere. I love the suggestion for Nintendo to make the death stare Luigi’s final smash in the next Smash Bros, though that’s far too much to ask from Ninty.

  • I’m playing Luigi’s Mansion 2 right now, so it’s pretty funny to see the vast difference karting brings out in him.

  • Can we make this the last one on Kotaku?
    I’ve gone from wanting to get MK8, to not wanting to in the space of 24hrs.

  • Within the next week, I’m betting that Jimmy Fallon will have John Leguizamo on Late Night to recreate that stare…

  • Some of them missed the mark for me.
    I feel like the beauty is in the creepy subtlety of it…

    • Agreed, it’s not even like he’s raging or anything.

      The stare is the cold, calculating stare of someone who has just committed something heinous, but has felt entirely like what they have actually done is “just” and, more frighteningly, deserved.

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