The Last Of Us: PS3 Vs PS4

The Last Of Us: PS3 vs PS4

Video: GameSpot has posted a video showing the differences between the PS3 and PS4 versions of The Last Of Us. Yeah, the PS4 version looks better. Duh. But damn, the PS3 version still looks amazing.

Graphics Comparison: The Last Of Us Remastered PS3 Vs. PS4 [GameSpot]


    Quite frankly, I'd be impressed if they had managed to get the PS4 version to look *as good* as the PS3 version. The PS3 version is so insanely optimised for the CELL architecture, the fact they were able to get the code running on the x86 based PS4 so well is fantastic [16x the memory of the PS3 *probably* gives them some room to be a little lazier in their port :p ].

    Looking forward to what they are able to do with the PS4 hardware a little further into the console generation!

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    I mentioned a while back in one of the other posts but the video trailer is more or less exclusively cinematic scenes from the game. I reckon come gameplay there will be a more noticeable difference. That said there are some improvements that you can pick straight up like liquids on skin and diffusion of light onto skin along with some transparent surfaces and clarity of field/focus.

      Aren't the cut scenes recorded in-engine though, similar to the Uncharted games? They are played as videos to cover loading delays, but were still captured with the game engine.

        You know, I thought so, but I'm sure there was an article somewhere a week or two back about them using the cinematic models from the PS3 version for the gameplay on the PS4, so I guess not?

        IIRC, Uncharted's cutscenes were rendered on 6 PS3s, so yeah, I guess the cinematics are bad comparisons

    Main question is, is it 60fps?

      Sick of this question popping up, but meh, can't blame you - it is a remaster of a last-gen game :)

        I'd never thought about whether something was 720/1080 or 30/60 until 8 months ago...

    I don't remember the PS3 version being that blurry though.

    The price of this version will play a big part in my decision to get it on release or wait a while for a second hand copy.
    (As in, when they stop reselling second hand PS4 games for the full price)

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      Youtube compresses this stuff to make it look worse than it is. I would bet both the PS3 and PS4 versions look better in real life than on video.

        Yeah, it's one reason I hate comparison videos. Once you finally wade through the bias offerings you are left with a terrible comparison that does neither much justice.

      A post on neogaf seems to show that they've (accidentally?) made the PS3 version look much blurrier than it really is:

      and this:

    so the little girl dies... thanks for that.

      That wasn't Ellie, it's from the intro of the game

    This is probably one of the few "remasters" I'll actually pick up, purely because it's so damn good. Even if the gameplay is a literal copy and paste, I'll still go back for more.

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    Pre-rendered cut scenes for the comparison? Really? I'm hoping this game holds a constant 60fps target (not a 'Tomb Raider 60fps'), otherwise my interest in getting a current gen console will be pretty much out the window ... especially after this year's E3. It's all a bit of a yawn to be honest.

    The models in the cutscenes were higher quality than the in-game models, I'd like to see a comparison of gameplay.

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