The Loneliest Game At Microsoft's E3 Booth

The Loneliest Game At Microsoft's E3 Booth

Different console. Same sad story. Two lonely kiosks. So sad. :(


    To be fair, nobody needs to be impressed by Minecraft. People already know if they're planning on buying it on Xbone or not.

      Pretty much. I mean it's basically being ported from 360 with a bigger world size.

      It's the Playstation fans that need to really see it in action.

    At least they are actual consoles this year. Jokes aside, I wasn't there so I can't compare console peens...

    eh, what do you expect for a game thats several years old trying to hang with the new kids with all their fancy bells and whistles

    Why does Minecraft even need to be shown at E3?
    I don't think there is a single person who can afford to go to E3 that hasn't already bought it for some platform or seen a million other people play it on Youtube.
    you pick up blocks, ten put them back down, is that something people really need to "test out".

    What were they thinking!!? Seriously they wasted money putting that in there

    yeah Minecraft has had it's day in the sun. Another version isn't going to interest anyone.

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