The Loneliest Game At Sony's E3 Booth

The Loneliest Game At Sony's E3 Booth

Sony's spot on the E3 show floor is mostly bustling with activity — people playing games, posing for photos with dressed-up mascots, and waiting in line to try out Project Morpheus VR. I say mostly bustling because, well, there's also Minecraft for PS3.

Poor Minecraft for PS3. You're a known quantity. No one wants to play you. I went by the kiosk three times yesterday and it was abandoned each time. One time I went by and a Sony booth guy was the only one playing.



    Like I said before, everybody already knows what Minecraft is about. They already know if they're going to buy it or not.

    Yeah out of all the games - this one has nothing new to bring - so why go all the way to E3 just to see some crappy PS3 port of Minecraft.

    Why didn't somebody put the Morpheus headset ON the Minecraft booth? The fact we have all played it and know what it is about would have been a good base to show off the Morpheus. Then Minecraft would have got a little publicity too.

    Minecraft for the PS3? Why not the PS4? I own and play Minecraft for PS3 already so this booth is stupid. If they had it for the PS4 though I wouldve played it just to see the differences

    A Last-gen port of a game that is a few years old, that has been available for about 6 months already.
    The disc version is in the JB 2 for $40 bins already......and its not very popular at e3.......get outta here!

      In fairness to the 2 for $40 promotion, the game only retails for $24 in the first place, so adding it to that promotion isn't a huge price cut, the retailer would still be making a margin.

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