The Luigi Death Stare Meme Is Over

The Luigi Death Stare Meme Is Over

I'm calling it (and judging by comments/Twitter/Facebook most of you are too). It's done, guys. It was a fun ride, but it shone too brightly and burned out too quickly. THAT SAID, it deserves a more fitting end than Luigi's own year, which just kinda... fizzed out. It deserves a viking funeral.

I think this video, by Filipe B. Costa, will do nicely. For added effect, hit the mute button and play something like this.


    Forced memes never prosper. Tbh I wonder if this hurt the hype of MK8 too. News on that on a whole is kinda dead, and our own Kotaku TAY daily event is now a weekly..

    I dunno why people go apeshit over this, I saw it once and gave a smirk. As with most memes, the next 100 times it's brought up aren't any funnier.

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