The Many Secrets Of Dragon Ball Z Video Games

The Many Secrets Of Dragon Ball Z Video Games

Voice acting quirks, extra animations, unused dialogue — there are as many secrets lurking in Dragon Ball Z video games as there are Dragon Ball Z video games. Did You Know Gaming explores the secrets of the series.

I'm an odd duck when it comes to this series, as I love the games but have no clue what's going on, not having followed the series. I keep buying them for my wife, who has to remind me every time that she's a fan of Dragon Ball, but not so much Dragon Ball Z. Apparently little martial arts boys with tails are adorable.

I am still confused, but Did You Know Gaming is not. They even knew enough to tap KaiserNeko of the Dragon Ball parody group TeamFourStar to narrate this episode.


    We either get articles with photos or videos on here with no writing, or we get articles such as this with videos but a writer who doesn't know or writes the minimum to pass it along.

      Blame Kotaku US. We unfortunately get stuck with cross-posts from there. The articles written by Kotaku AU staff are generally much better quality.

        They should scrap that partnership anyway. Any half decent writer here like Brian Crecente, Owen Good or Tracey got snatched up by Polygon. Yet we're still blessed with Patricia Hernandez and Plunkett.

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