The Moon From Majora's Mask Looks 100% Crazier In Hyrule Warriors

Dayshot: The Moon from Majora's Mask looks 100 per cent crazier in Hyrule Warriors, just like all the characters that have been revealed so far.

We've already seen Link, Impa and Queen Zelda (she's a queen now!) in action in Hyrule Warriors and fresh screenshots introduce two more playable characters.

Here's Agitha, the bug collector girl from Twilight Princess.

And Lana, who's absolutely not a Hatsune Miku clone.

Dayshot showcases some of the prettiest, funniest game-related screenshots and art that we can find.


    They should add characters from the "Oracle of" side series, I would love to play as Veran, Ricky, Moosh or Demitri.

      I really hope Tingle is a playable character. I'll purchase a WiiU just for that.

        Tingle is second-highest on my most wanted list.

        Linebeck just pips it for me.

    Funny how the closer this gets the more interested I get.

    Gender equality issue detected, 1 male protagonist and the rest female? Brb, starting masculism movement (And I had to look up the word masculism btw, not even sure it is correct, trusting wikipedia for now).
    Game looks like great fun and it will be cool to see some of the characters seeing more of the spotlight than usual and kicking all kinds of ass, also seeing another developers take on the characters and giving them roles somewhat outside their usual scope.

      On a serious note, there isn't actually that many male characters whom aren't evil in the series that are of particular note. They could add one of the Goron leaders, Tingle (oh god lol), a Kokiri kid (Fado from WW comes to mind) and perhaps the King from WW as well. Zelda series has always in my opinion had a much more interesting female cast, which I'm totally fine with despite Zelda herself never having been playable.

        Groose would like a word with you :P
        But no, you are totally correct, and for the most part I don't remember a single "busty blonde helpless mcguffin-like token female" (outside of Zelda herself in most of the games).

          Bah, I had totally meant to include Groose in that list, I made a mental note of it too. I guess it sort of disappeared >_< As for Zelda, she's definitely been far less of a token damsel since the 3D era.

    Are Ninty hinting on a Majoras Mash remake? They hinted the crap out of a ruby sapphire remake in X Y.

      I was playing in the basement late one night
      When my eyes beheld an eerie sight
      For the moon from its horizon began to descend
      And suddenly the day came to an end

      He did the mash
      He did Majora's mash
      The moonster mash
      It was a planetoid crash
      He donned the mask
      He transformed in a flash
      He did the mash
      He did Majoras mash

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