The Most Unlucky Mario Kart Player

This, folks, is the very essence of "get wrecked." Watch as Daisy is completely unable to catch a break in this video by HowBoutGaming. I think my favourite part is at the end, when she clearly just stops trying to move forward. I don't blame you, Daisy.

Confession: I have an absolutely irrational and intense hatred for Daisy, so this video makes me feel happy despite claims that Daisy deserves better. Still, we've all been there, right? The title of this video says it all. This is Mario Kart, this is the Mario Kart experience. It's bullshit. And that's why we love it.

(Via Reddit)


    I remember shenanigans like these on MK64. 4 Player split screen shenanigans. Oh I miss those days.

      It's one reason I'm glad they made reset buttons harder to hit on the Wii :P

        Hardly... when playing Brawl, my friend would always hit the power button on his remote at the end of the match before it could announce that he lost :P

    How many times have I almost got the 3 gold stars on 150cc to get a red shell or a blue right up the butt about 2m from the finish line?

    Quite a few times. I don't actually rage anymore, I just shrug. That's the game.

    That's Mario Kart Wii I believe, not Mario Kart 8. That bridge is on the GCN DK Mountain track, which isn't in MK8, but it is in MK Wii. Also, you can see a fake item box in the background, which isn't an item you can get in MK8.

    Still, I've lost count the number of times something like this has happened to be playing Mario Kart.

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      Also, daisy tries to do a wheelie... Can't do that in MK8... for some god damn reason...

        On the bright side, you can get to the orange drift boost with a bike now. Nintendo's way of balancing it out I guess.

          I would much prefer the wheelie. its high risk, high reward play style set it apart. now all bikes have going foe them is the sharper turns....

    I actually laughed out loud when I watched this, and shook my head. Happened to me so many times.

    I would have launched the troller at the wall at mach 10.

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