The New Fable Features Co-Op And Lets You Play As The Villain

The New Fable Features Co-Op and Lets You Play as the Villain

You're not going it alone in the next release in the Xbox first-party RPG franchise. You'll have friends questing along with you. Unless you're the bad guy, in which case you'll have enemies.

Fable Legends got its turn on the Xbox stage today, with a video that showcased multiplayer battles and a feature that lets a single player throw threats at the Albion heroes.


    So is this is an actual action RPG in the style of the originals with a "someone takes over the villain for occasional invasion/battle stuff" akin to the ctOS challenges in Watch_Dogs or is it a dedicated 1v4 arena battle game?

      Read this from a hands-on, kinda put me off

      "Each of Fable Legends’ levels is a sequence of gated arenas full of various baddies placed there by the Villain, the fifth player, who can also manipulate the layout by raising and lowering gates. "

        Oooh yeah, I'm definitely out then. Not my style at all.

          Yea I can imagine need 5 people before the game starts too, although the trailer/gameplay looked like it had a town/market similar to Fable 2

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