The New Zelda Is Open-World, Looks Absolutely Incredible

The New Zelda Is Open-World, Looks Absolutely Incredible

We just got our first glimpse at the first new high-definition Zelda game, and it looks truly insane. Zelda is going open-world.

Series producer Eiji Aonuma announced the game during the Nintendo Digital Presentation this morning, promising that this Zelda will feel totally different thanks to their open-world structure. It looks like a cross between Wind Waker and Skyrim.

The game is scheduled for 2015. Video here:


  • I don’t know whether I’m more excited about this or that amazing Yoshi game. 2014 is the year of the video game dry spell. Can’t it just be 2015 already? Soooo much I want in 2015.

    Edit: This. I’m more excited for this.

    • The game drought of 2014 is here so you can start saving your money for 2015, because your (well at least mine) wallet is in for a world of hurt next year. 😛

      • Sure, but hackers being what they are, I’m sure one will try to crack the PS4 and get WiiU emulation running on it. God love ’em.

        • Not really, wii emulation is a few years old but it would never run on another console, and it is unlikely the wii u will get cracked anytime soon based on what the 3DS security is like

      • Exclusives are all well and good, but Nintendo are really limiting themselves commercially. Probably be a good idea to expand the selection of products beyond Zelda and Mario as well.

        On a slightly related topic, I don’t understand why people chew out games (e.g. CoD) for more-of-the-same, when these guys have been doing it for the past 3 decades. Fanatics?

  • You know what, I don’t care if other people won’t buy the console, I’m probably going to end up buying a few more for myself.

  • while the game looks great, i am disappointed that they decided to go with the cell-shaded graphics instead of those shown in the e3 tech demo a few years back

    • Really it’s a last gen console specs wise, if they went realistic instead of cell shaded it would look terrible. Cell shaded lets the give it so much character and style they wouldn’t have otherwise.

    • It’s Space World 2001 all over again!

      Wind Waker ended up being my favourite Zelda, so hopefully the prophecy is fulfilled and Zelda WiiU becomes my new favourite.

    • Not really, you had to enter new areas from specific entrances. There was just an open field between them.

      • I seem to remember being able to sail anywhere in Windwaker and explore the whole world in A Link to the Past,

  • Looks sweet. Exactly what I was hoping for – gorgeous, surreal, and peacefully menacing. They’ve nailed the look and the overall direction – a true, open-world RPG.
    But where are the Gamepad mechanics? No mention whatsoever of what, if anything, they’re going to use that screen for? I’m looking to first-party Nintendo to innovate in this space and they just don’t seem all that interested in doing so.

  • Love it.. looks like link is wearing the same gear from windwaker when you played it the 2nd time round… could this be connected some how? super excited for this!

  • So, I guess SOMEBODY needs to ask the question…

    Will the characters audibly speak this time around, or are we going to continue reading subtitles?

    • Time after time I am baffled by the notion that some players need voice acting in their games.

    • There are voices in Zelda games 😉

      TBH, in Zelda, while it might work for SOME of the cut-scenes, I prefer the easy pacing of text. It fits my Zelda play style of ‘play at your own pace’ perfectly.

  • it looks awesome.

    though i am confused with the zelda is open world comment.
    the best zeldas have always been open world.

  • Next time someone snarks that every Zelda game is just the last one reheated, you can now officially smack them across the chops.

  • Hmmm… now i need to think up a strategy on what to tell my wife to show her that we need to buy a Wii U?

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