The Sims 4 Is Ditching Pools, And Some People Aren’t Happy

The Sims 4 Is Ditching Pools, And Some People Aren’t Happy

The Sims is supposed to about setting up a perfect fantasy life, right? And, for some players, swimming pools are a key part of that. But they won’t be in Sims 4and that’s made some players quite upset.

Doing stuff with real estate and person-like characters that you’d can’t actually afford or do in reality is part of the lasting appeal of The Sims. But, an EA update mentioned that swimming pools wouldn’t be in Sims 4, at least not when the game launches:

And while we recognise that some of you will be disappointed that pools and toddlers won’t be available when The Sims 4Base Game launches in September, you should know that we’re building an incredibly strong foundation that is capable of fulfilling every one of your desires in the years to come.

Concave excavations filled with chlorinated water aren’t the only thing going missing from the next Sims title. The toddler developmental stage won’t be in the game either, which apparently means that Sims will jump from babies to children.Now, The Sims 4 will have several new features that look promising, like the ability to fine-tune emotions and a build feature that seems more robust than ever before. But taking away already extant features in a long-running franchise is a sure way to annoy diehard fans and that seems to be the case here.

Over on Reddit, Twitter and Tumblr and fansites like SimsGlobe, some players aren’t taking the news well — even if some of the reasons are a little disturbing — while others think any outrage is an over-reaction:

The Sims 4 Is Ditching Pools, And Some People Aren’t Happy
The Sims 4 Is Ditching Pools, And Some People Aren’t Happy
The Sims 4 Is Ditching Pools, And Some People Aren’t Happy
The Sims 4 Is Ditching Pools, And Some People Aren’t Happy
The Sims 4 Is Ditching Pools, And Some People Aren’t Happy
The Sims 4 Is Ditching Pools, And Some People Aren’t Happy
The Sims 4 Is Ditching Pools, And Some People Aren’t Happy
The Sims 4 Is Ditching Pools, And Some People Aren’t Happy
The Sims 4 Is Ditching Pools, And Some People Aren’t Happy

As has been mentioned, pools and a toddler life stage are certainly elements that can be added in as future updates to The Sims 4. But, for those angry Sims fans, these are crucial facets that they don’t want to wait for.


    • Precisely what I was thinking when I read:

      “when The Sims 4Base Game launches in September”

  • Yes people they will be added in later…

    And youll pay 39 – 49 per expansion pack fir the pleasure. What a gyp. Clearly EA saw the Ubi-debacle and said ‘You know what? We can do worse!’

    • The correct question is “How much can we charge to put pools in the game?”

  • Oh they’ll have both, but it will be in the expansions “The Sims 4: Pool Party” and “Playground Antics”

  • DLC Packs
    Conversation Pack – want your Sims to talk
    Walking Pack – allows yours Sims to move
    Object limit increase – want more than 10 items of furniture

    Oh and every pack we released with Sims 2 & 3 but double the price and over the next three years!!!!

  • back on track to win the worst company in the world award for a third year running

  • Simcity release killed my love of the sims series. Never touching these again

  • Over the years (and coming years) EA are just seeing how little they can ship in a release title. Slowly stripping content back. . . bit by bit.

  • Removing features from a game.. to sell it as DLC.. I actually thought EA was making steps in the right direction until now but nope. Guess they’ll never give a fuck.

  • Update: They will also be removing the ability for your sim to move. Your sim will now be stationary and will not be able to interact with anything.

  • What shits me with The Sims Series on the whole is in my mind, every time a new game arrives (Sims 2, Sims 3, not expansions) it realistically should have everything from the previous game + all the good expansions and continue building from there.

    Instead, what we get it a new version of the core game with better graphics, better AI and sometimes new features but on the whole it’s the same game as the previous one. Until the expansions come out. And often they’re the same expansions from the previous games but with different names.

    To then remove CORE FEATURES is a step backwards, in the worst way.

    Oh Maxis….we had a good run……how did it all go so wrong?

    • I disagree. The difference between the sims 1 and the sims 2 is huge (life stages, aging, aspirations, 3D!). The progress since then has been minimal.

      • This. The jump from Sims 1 to Sims 2 was MASSIVE. So many good differences. So I didn’t mind buying the expansions again.

        Then when the Sims 3 came out I was kinda miffed by having to buy all of the expansions again so didn’t end up buying it. I ended up getting it during the EA Humble Sale and didn’t really like it. :c Too much stuff missing and not enough was changed for me to make the leap from playing Sims 2 to Sims 3.

  • Bringing themselves in line with Ubi, EA will only let you create male sims in the base game, ladies to be added in future dlc

    • That would create an interesting industry discussion, with a majority of neighbourhoods emerging with heavy to industrial strength homosexuality.

  • new announcement from EA 2 days after game launches. “NEW Sims 4: The pool life expansion out this week only $49.95” *downloads 30kb unlock as all content was in original disc*

  • EA: “We’re sorry about how that new Dungeon Keeper game was a naked money grab. Now go out and preorder The Sims 4 – Now with more artistic vision!”

  • I don’t understand what is the rage about. We all know it will come as paid DLC that cost $10. Either that or they will come as expansion pack. Pool party and rugrats collaboration

    • I don’t understand what is the rage about.

      I imagine it’s this:

      it will come as paid DLC that cost $10

      • But we all know that is definitely coming from EA. They milk the hell out of their games lately. In game purchase dead space 3, extreme cash cow Sim city. They will not lose the opportunity to make people pay extra for the most sought after feature. In fact Sims 4 might even offer in game purchase for gold to spend in game.

        And EA CEO was like “60 dollars is a lot of value in the games we release”. I give up raging about EA. I just don’t buy their games anymore.

        • Everyone knows it, but if nobody speaks out, they’ll continue this practice till they’ll charge $60 for access to the game, but you have to pay for every single item. (Extreme example, but you get what I’m saying.)

          Much like the online passes, if enough people get angry about it, they’ll quit these stupid practices.

          I started to dislike Forza for the same reason. You can buy the whole game for $60. Yet a single car will set you back close to 10% of that. Some you can only get in a pack and that sets you back about 25% of the cost of the game. It’s stupid when the game itself has a ton of cars + tracks that were included for $60 no problem.

          • Online passes was doomed to fail because Xbox players was already paying Gold to play online and in addition they have to fork out more money to play online.

            I don’t really mind if they make DLC expansion packs but DLC content packs are… disgusting. I guess too much mobile development made them dicks in PC/Console development as well. Even BF are selling these “packs” as well.

            Has anyone ever bring EA to court for intentionally selling incomplete product?

        • Im not missing out on Battlefront because some (read most) of their business practices disturb me.

  • Lets be honest and call “updates” paid dlc. I reckon my gf dropped about $400 on TS3 and over a dozen dlcs.

    There is nothing wrong with it as long as you know from the start that this is EA and there will be over 20 dlc packs that add features like pools etc. It’s part of what you expect from the sims right? You’re buying probably about a fifth of the game at release (give or take).

  • Still not as bad as the microtransaction feature they have introduced. Paying real world money to put food in your sims fridges. God damn.

  • EA is putting something in the game that people want and has been available in all previous releases AFTER the game is out? AGAIN? Is this seriously happening?

  • “oh, i see you are building a wall, it will take 2 hours”
    “you can build it instantly with 20 sim bucks”

    • Simoleans. Why reinvent the wheel? (Because we can charge for it, duh! Now with spokes!)

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