The Steam Sales Are Pretty Good Today...

We all know the Steam Sales are in full flow, you don't need me to tell you that, but I thought it might be worth reminding you there are some pretty solid games on sale today, just so you don't miss out.

The obvious one, for me, is Dark Souls being 75% off at $4.99. If you haven't had the pleasure, might as well stock up now. July tends to be dry on new releases and I can't think of a better time to indulge in my favourite game of the last generation.

What else? Well, I'd recommend FTL at $3.99 for sure and Saints Row IV for $12.49. Surgeon Simulator is only $2.49. Definitely worth it for a laugh.

Anyway, point being: today is a good day. Have at it.


    I've been able to avoid buying anything this time around. My "Only buying from my wishlist" policy is working out great... None of my games have been cheap enough to buy

      What's on your list?

        Broforce & Dead Rising 2

        Edit: Serious Sam 3 & Double Dragon Neon are purchased! That's people for the heads up on sales.

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          I picked up the DD Neon Bro-pack today! it's 50% off (2 copies for $6.50)

            Thanks for the heads up. I picked up the bro-pack today and sent a copy to a friend.

          Just saw the Serious Sam Complete pack on sale today with SS3, $5.99 if you haven't seen already!

            Thanks for the heads up. I was lucky enough to catch this before it went off being a flash sale.

    Gone Home and Spec Ops The Line are some of my all time favourite games. Currently 80% off for next seven hours or so. DO IT. :D

      You might have conviced me to get Gone Home (Already have SOTL). The only thing I've been watching for is super cheap sleeping dogs DLC. I actually have pretty amazing restraint.

      Spec Ops is the first game I've bought in this sale. I thought it was just another generic shooter, up until recently when I saw some people on Reddit discussing it. Looking forward to playing it after work tonight!

      Gone Home is also one of my favourite games. Some people were criticising its $20 price tag, since it's quite short; but at $2.99, it's definitely worth it. I bought it for $20 and I still think it was worth every dollar.

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        With Spec Ops, just put the combat on easy and enjoy the ride. The shooting is one of the weaker parts of the game!

          Yeah, I noticed that haha. Gameplay is pretty mediocre-at-best.

    Flash Sale Dark Souls 2 please Gaben give me that gift

    I only have a Macbook Pro for pc gaming so am missing out on a butt-tonne of these good sales. Rogue Legacy is looking pretty good however at $3.75

      You don't have Windows installed? I highly recommend doing that. My Macbook is my gaming PC (admittedly not too powerful but it runs most things I want).

      Also, Rogue Legacy is great. I spent a solid 30 hours on it.

        Nah, haven't got Windows on it. Is it easy enough to do?

          All you need is a Windows DVD or an ISO and then open up the boot camp assistant and follow the intructions.

          Just do a search in spotlight for Boot to find it.

            Are you able to still buy Windows 7 online or has MS stopped them for Windows 8?

              You can bootcamp Windows 8 even though it just say 7 btw. :)

              You can still get Windows 7 from places like you might be able to find it cheaper online.

    I'm feeling pretty lucky thus far - everything I've seen that interests me I either already own or am avoiding because it's early access. With the exception of Halo: Spartan Assault ($2.50 to learn that it is worse than I could have imagined) and Shadowrun: DragonFall for when I eventually get around to finishing the base game. And Rocksmith DLC - turns out Boston is actually pretty fun to play, while System of a Down is as exactly as weird as I expected.

    I'd like to point out that ALL of the LEGO games are on sale if you click the link, not just the LEGO Movie game. I finally got myself the Batman ones.

      If you haven't already, get the Marvel one. So so good

        I have it and I love it. Those animations just completely sell the characters. I really should go back and 100% that one.

    Steam is already trying to re-do sale. Lego Movie game is 75%, its also in the community choice as 75% off.

      Yeah that's a pretty glaring example of a quality control stuffup

    Mark, I don't know if I am asking this right but, is it possible to have journalist view on the way these sales actual affectil the games industry itself and whether or not they are in the best interest of the company behind the games or valve?

      I believe the publishers opt in to the sale process, so If it's optional it must be of benefit to them. Couldn't tell you how though, some savings are ridiculous.

        Yes but there are plenty of consumers who won't buy most games at full price, they'll wait for the inevitable 75% off. If a publisher doesn't offer their game for sale then they may never sell their game to a portion of their audience, maybe the publisher doesn't actually see these sales as 'optional'.

      I remember seeing a few Penny Arcade Report articles about how Valve sends sale data - and more importantly, post-sale data to the publishers to show them why the sales are super good for them.

      The major bullet points are that it dramatically extends the tail on otherwise non-selling titles, people buy the things their friends are buying/playing, and most importantly, people buy the things their friends are playing AFTER the sale. In a pretty surprising quantity. has an introductory write-up, quote for the day:
      "“The bulk of our revenue to date has come from sales,” he explained. “On the first day of the Steam summer sale, we earned more money than Jamestown’s entire earnings up to that point times three."

    Would have loved to buy Saints Row 4, but this Low Violence version is bs. WTB real game

    They should have just sent a low violence version to the CB and then patched in the real game after it was classified. Not like the CB has the resources to review every patch for all games.

      Get if from Amazon. Uncensored and cheaper ;-)

        Sadface, it's $19.99 now. Still, I'll probably grab it anyway.

      Valve has put out some sales figures a few years ago that showed that revenue increased significantly the more a game was discounted. Most publishers seem to keep pretty closed books, so I doubt there's going to be better information than that available.

        I think you replied to the wrong comment here.

        I saw those stats too, quite interesting.

          Quite probably.

      From what I understand its just 1. they took out the anal probe weapon and 2. they took out 1 mission involving shandi taking drugs and gaining powers.

    The only thing i really wanted was yesterday with Metro Last Light...
    All the others are "yeah i'll get them when i get them" and being that my backlog is filled with games that'll take 30+ hours to complete, i think i'm set!

      I wanted to get that, but I fear for what will happen to my PC if I try to run it... I meet all of the minimum requirements but my stock Samsung NP305V5A didn't handle Planetside 2 on it's lowest settings all the well...

    So far..... Papers Please and Enslaved ($5 is a must have!!!)

      Enslaved is great. underrated game, I highly recommend it to anyone.

      Papers, Please is amazing and everybody should own it.

    If you're not fussed about the 'low violence' version then I'd suggest picking up the Saints Row Franchise pack for $18.74.

    For $6 extra you get SR 2 and 3 as well as all the DLC available for SR 3 and 4.
    The DLC for SR 4 alone right now adds up to $19.52 (while discounted).

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      I think if you launch Steam and the game while using a proxy to the US, you can play the uncensored version. I know I did that at launch (I also bought the US version from Amazon by giving my billing address as 1600 Pennslyvania Ave NW).

    I've only bought Morrowind. Then nothing else coz I was too busy playing Morrowind.

      That isn't how you Steam Sale. You're supposed to buy everything and then never get around to playing it. This must be your first year. You will learn.

    There's two more games I want this sale. Kentucky Route Zero and Transistor. Have the credit waiting for the sales to kick in. *waits*

      Hey, what happened to Transistor's sale, anyway? I swear I saw it as one of the Community Choice voting options, but I don't remember actually seeing it discounted for sale...

      Do you mean to tell me that there is really enough lack of taste out there that people DIDN'T vote for Transistor to be discounted?

        People are monsters, Transientmind. I will never trust people again. :'(

        The Co-op RPG set consisting of Magicka, Risk of Rain, Dungeon Defenders and Castle Crashers won that vote over Transistor.

        I'm sure the reasoning behind it was that those 4 (fairly popular) games combined only cost $10 while Transistor would have been $15. Transistor is likely to get even cheaper in the future while the other 4 games are as cheap as they'll ever be, unless they start giving them away for free :P

        Also, people are monsters.

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    Why is SR4 $10 in US store while $12.50 in aus store? Same price discrepancy for some lego

    Why aus store charge USD then? This is ridiculous how they rip us badly in aus steamstore and as usual NO aus media has the balls to say anything.

    Goddamn it. Im going into hospital for appendicitis right now and will miss most of it... :( :( :( :(

    I picked up Tomb Raider yesterday for $5, loving it so far

    Cant believe no ones mentioned NETHER for $2.99
    Pixel Junk Monsters Ultimate - 2 Pack for $3.74
    Risk of Rain - 4Pack for $7.49
    Far Cry - Blood Dragon for $4.48
    And finally Witcher 2 for $3.99

    I'm a happy gamer.

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