The 10 Most Useless NPCs In World Of Warcraft

The Ten Most Useless NPCs in World of Warcraft

Not everyone sells epic mounts and top-tier PvP gear in Azeroth. Some NPCs just stand in the middle of busy cities, and besides getting one or two pointless items from them, their presence is absolutely pointless. Wowcrendor collected 10 of the most useless ones in his latest video.

She's not featured in the video below, but I'd nominate the fruit vendor in Shattrath City as the number one most useless NPC in WoW.

Pointless Top 10: Useless NPCs In World of Warcraft [YouTube]


    Nope? Don't feel like copying them down for us to read?

      You're asking too much. Also how is the video gonna get views?

    The one who created the video and the author clearly never played MMOs before. You know what's the most useless NPC? NPC that can't talk but blocks you in the middle of the city, which every mmo have tons of them all around each main city.

    Not everyone is a city has to have a specific game purpose. All they need to do is add "life" to the city. If they weren't there, you'd think .... "geez this place is dead".

    Is it really so hard to list them

    Ok, I don't have sound available so I could be horribly wrong;

    10: Looks like a bunch of schoolkids, then a female who has a model train. I can understand that.
    9: Griftah - Didn't get much from that. Maybe just bad amulets?
    8: A bread vendor. Standing vigilant day and night with the baguette of power.
    8: A meat vendor. Again just standing there.
    7: An Orc that stands in an empty room swinging his sword.
    6: A frost giant? Just chilling by his fire. That's a bit rude, he's exiled. That fire is all he has!
    5: Topper McNabb. Just standing around watching the world go by. I believe the voiceover guy probably had some dispariging things to say about him.
    4: Something in a crystal wasteland just wandering around and lying down everywhere. Oh, and he's insane apparently.
    3: A poison supplier who sells only daggers. Not even poisoned daggers. I agree with this one.
    2: Trainers? Trainers that don't train?
    1: I think those people are playing Hearthstone.

    He's right, that was a pointless Top 10.

    After watching this video, it seems author never played mmo games before...

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