The White Destiny PlayStation 4 Will Be Available In Australia

The White Destiny PlayStation 4 Will Be Available In Australia

Hot on the heels of news that PlayStation TV will be released here, we’ve just gotten words that Australians will get the opportunity to get their hands on the white Destiny PlayStation 4.

Again, we’ve yet to receive concrete details on when the console will be released, but we can only assume it will be sold alongside Destiny when it is released September 9.

Anyone interested in the white PS4? I’m a fan of the black, myself.


  • I’m looking to pick up a PS4 when Destiny comes out so I will probably pick this up.

  • I don’t get why people want white products, they just look dirtier faster and I’ll be damned if i’m gonna clean the things that I own.

    • Besides dust, none of my non-hand-held consoles ever get ‘dirty’. Even after a red ring, my Xbox 360 from 2006 still looked in mint condition. 😛

      • So how long until it didn’t look like it was in mint condition? I have a 2006 model that still works to this day and I look after my shit, but the thing looks far from mint condition…

        • I meant, it looked like it was in mint condition from 2006 till about 2011 when it died. I don’t get how people get theirs dirty. Mine sits in the cabinet and no food or other crap comes near it.

          • Ahhh! Was about to call bullshit but makes sense if it was in a cabinet. I think in the case of other owners getting dirty is just a result of lazyness and not wiping dust off. Had a friend once who got Wii Fit when it came out and within two weeks the balance board had food stains and what have you all over it. I think he turned it into a food tray. Not really sure where I was going with this….

      • Well my main point of reference is my white 360 controller from my 2006 model, it just looks dirty after all these years.

        The console itself still looks nice despite the inch of dust on top.

    • Would look nicer next to my WiiU than my Black PS4 and other black consoles. White can be refreshing. But sometimes look weird after time.

    • Apart from the controller i’m pretty sure the white console would look a lot cleaner than a black version, white wouldn’t show dust compared to black.

  • I still find it funny how this works:

    Xbox 360 – White originally. OMG BLACK IS OUT I MUST HAVE ONE!

    PlayStation 4 – Black originally. OMG WHITE IS OUT I MUST HAVE ONE!

    • yeah, I was so happy that the consoles launched in black. I even payed for the premium Wii U just for the black one. Not a fan of white at all. (I can never keep it looking clean / new).

  • Geez Sony, do I dare upset the balance of my marriage and despite my wife’s restrictions on system buying add this console to my already purchased Wii u and xbox one? I’ve never been so tempted 🙁

  • when are they gonna do a white controller that has white buttons instead of black? the white ps3 controller looked silly coz of the black buttons

  • I would just like the white dualshock 4. I prefer black coloured consoles but I like white controllers with black accents.

    • One thing I loved about the Gameboy Color and Advance, they both had the ice the colouring which was damn awesome! Also lots of 3rd party controllers for consoles are clear.
      Some of my friends have also added perspex windows to their consoles, looks damn awesome!

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