The Witcher 3 Looks Amazing In Action

The Witcher 3 Looks Amazing In Action

Three and a half minutes of gameplay footage of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been making the rounds this weekend, and it's so freaking lovely.

After two amazing games from the folks at CD Projekt Red, I'm not surprised the third instalment looks this good in action. They have performed above my expectations twice now, to the point where this is exactly what I expect from them. See for yourself, courtesy of Arekkz Gaming.


    Words cannot describe how keen I am for this game. It looks amazing.

      Same here. Yet to finish the first one, but the second was by far one of my favorite games.

    Ooooh, this open world is looking amazing!

    I imagine my PC is crying in terror right now in anticipation of the work its gonna be put through in February.

      Yes..I have to agree...My PC is crying now with Watch Dogs and it will be weeping when GTA V releases on PC, So I could imagine when W3 comes out...

      Maybe it's time to save up for an upgrade

        gta 5 will likely run much worse than the witcher if gta 4 is any indication

          Gta IV was the only bad port, every other port was generally well done, Max Payne 3 was very well done!

            I agree... GTA IV was a very bad port (seemed to be rushed)....Max Payne 3 ran good on PC...I would think that with the long delay for a PC (and next-gen console) release, Rockstar spent some time optimising the code for them

              Well considering PC is the only version of GTA V that is getting "Enhanced AI" and "New Animals", I think it's safe to say we'll be alright!

    YES YES YES. That water!!!

    Is it wrong that I'm willing to spend more than $1000 to upgrade my PC just so this game will run at max settings?

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      Nope, that's pretty much what I did for The Witcher 2, haha.

      HOPING my Crossfire 7950 are up to the task, 'cause I only upgraded early last year!

    I hope it looks this good one xbox one, thats looks amazing

    I want this game... but with a combat option that lets me forgo all the spells and stances and crap... and just lets me haul away with a sword, hacking up beasties.

    I'm not liking Geralt's face.

    He looks too human. Too normal.
    Go look at him in The Witcher, he looks super pale, weird bone structure, really bright eyes... almost 'vampiric' I guess.

    Hopefully they change his face before release, just like they did for The Witcher 2.

    Geralt's 'look' has changed in every game and trailer so far. One good example is the trailer for the cancelled Rise of the White Wolf - distinctly more muscular than the Witcher and Witcher 2. Perhaps through the use of potions, and for the duration of their effects, he will possess a more ghoulish look.

    One thing that has me thinking, is that he now has facial hair. Which doesn't bother me, but I didn't think he could grow hair anymore following the Trial of Grasses.

    I like how CDPROJECT RED was saying fps and resolution does not matter and are just selling points and here we are, a gameplay in 60fps to show witcher's graphic capability.

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