There Was No Metroid At E3 This Year, But This Is Close

When I saw Axiom Verge on the show floor of E3, I thought to myself "Man, that sure does look a lot like Metroid." It was only when I got my hands on it and talked to the guy behind it that I realised that it was a whole lot more.

In the video above, the creator of Axiom Verge Tom Happ shows us his game and explains how it works and what went into it. It's not just a game about platformers like Metroid and Bionic Commando, it's also tipping its hat to things like Game Genie, rom hacks and the glitches in old games that players love.

You can follow Tom Happ here.


    This looks totally killer! Shame it's not on any platform I have at the moment though :\

    Very awesome

    Not a fan, looks incredibly bland and generic.
    I mean, the story looks shit and the writing (from what we saw) looked cliché.
    Glitches? Really? Sucky.

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