There's No Way He Should Have Won This Hearthstone Match

There's No Way He Should Have Won This Hearthstone Match

Down to two health and two armour against a player with multiple Legendaries on the board, it looked like prolific streamer Trump was doomed. Then Frost Mage magic happened.

Through a stunning combination of stalling, missteps from his opponent, the right cards and plain old dumb luck, Trump managed to pull off a win so dramatic the normally calm and collected player actually gets a little crazy.

Over at Gaming Blend they're calling this possibly the greatest Hearthstone comeback ever, but it's more of an amazing stall. He knew the cards he needed were in his deck — he just had to dance around Ragnaros' random eight points of damage to line them up. Still incredibly dramatic, and an excellent example of why trading card games are so damn loveable.


    That was epic, he deserves his legendary status.

    Finally got around to trying this out and now Im addicted. Thankfully Ive managed to limit my spending to about $20 but damned if its not a struggle to throw more at it everytime I see cards I dont have

    Haven't played much since the release. it seems too random and gamble-happy. i've seen some sanity reducing math on theorycrafting decks and cards so far, and turned away before my eyes started to glaze over.

    I did get into the beta, had some fun with the practice bosses, and bought a deck or 3 in beta. Had some close shaves, won a match with 1 health vs 19 health, in 3 close rounds (crazy dumb luck) and also lost a match by getting zerged from 20 health to -4 in the 8th round. either the balance/deck was suspect, or people had figured out some crazy decks early on,

    all i remember was that there were 4 cards on the deck, then there were 9, and it was their turn. i lost a guard, and all my health in one heartbreaking round. just unpleasant.

    I have no idea wtf that guy was jabbering, nor how he won that match... Good game though, but dudes that know exactly what's sitting in their deck is kind of why I get beaten so often on there >_>

    My hunter deck is savage. The rest ..... not so much.

    Trump is a good player but his videos are terrible. I enjoy Totalbiscuit's gimmick deck because they're fun to watch and he explains the strategy and the reasons for his choices as he plays.

    Yeah this happens quite often actually... I've won from being on 2 health and the other player on 28 health. The random element to this game is why it's good, and also why it's bad.

    All too often I am on the receiving end of the above video, being up by 20+ health and having a whole hoard of creatures out only to lose...

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