They Remade The Terminator 2 Chase Scene In Grand Theft Auto V...

And it's absolutely pitch perfect. I'm sort of stunned by how eerily accurate it is.

It's accurate to the point where it actually uses the audio track from the movie itself and it fits in perfectly. Brilliantly edited.

It's also a testament to Grand Theft Auto V itself or, more specifically, Grand Theft Auto Online. My only complaint is that you can't have two people on a motorbike, so you can't replicate the whole 'John-Connor-driving-while-Arnie-shoots' thing, but it's a minor quibble in the grand (theft auto) scheme of things.

First thing I'm doing when I get home is watching Terminator 2.

Via Destructoid


    I always thought that mission where you're chasing Lazlow in a truck was a homage to this T2 chase scene

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    I think there was a scene in GTA San Andreas where a truck was chasing after you, I always saw that as a sendup of the T2 scene.

    Shame about the editing, I think it would have been stronger if they'd used the same angles and cuts as the original.

      "Shame about the editing".... Really? It's using GTAV to recreate the scene. And it was awesome.

      These guys put together this video for your enjoyment and you sit there criticizing. Please share your version, I would really love to see how much better it is.

    @puck, The editing is probably the best they could do as an online-only (rather than doing it with engine editing tools like if it was on PC). my only complaint is why they couldn't find a police uniform for the T1000.

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    Haven't you heard: Watch_Dogs > GTA V.

    Or something.

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