This Is Totally Not A Beta For No Man's Sky

But it should be. It would be perhaps one of the most almighty trolls in history.

I'm looking forward to playing No Man's Sky as much as the next man, but I have to admit this made me laugh.

On a serious note, this goes straight to the heart of concerns some people have about No Man's Sky: if everything is randomly generated and it's randomly generated on a limited scale, No Man's Sky could get boring pretty quickly. And there is the question of what you actually do in this game.

(But that doesn't necessarily worry me since I'm happy to explore different coloured planets with different coloured dinosaurs for the rest of my goddamn life.)

Thanks Rowan


    I don't get the appeal of this game, am I somehow dead?

      I think it is because you don't quite understand what it is yet except another plane game I guess. At first I was thinking meh but when I know more about it, it blows my mind.

      Few points that got my interest:
      -No load screen, seamless gameplay from walking in a planet and discovering new species to sitting back to your spaceship an blast off to space.
      -Infinite universe (each player start with their own planet)

      It sort of feels like infinite version of Journey plus the seamless gameplay and discovery.

        Feels like what we actually wanted the space phase of Spore to be, so I already got hyped for this game years ago when Will Wright convinced me Spore would be amazing....

        Also people project their own expectations onto games, particularly when you have very little information to go off, hence hype...

      Did you ever play Minecraft and just explore? Then come across landscapes where you just wanted to stop what you were doing and look at them for a while?

      That's the kind of thing that makes the idea of this game appeal to me.

    The seamless transitioning from space to land and back looks awesome. I hope Battlefront 3 uses the same idea and we go from infantry, to air, to space battles all in real time. That'd be awesome. Especially if spacecraft can crash land onto the planet below :-O

    It's not randomly generated, it's procedurally generated. There is a vast difference.

    It sound like a game changer. It's not the hardware but the software that needed to change and it sounds like this could be the start of something fantastic .

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