This Is What Shredder Looks Like In The New Ninja Turtles Movie

Were you angry when the Turtles in the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie were revealed? Well prepare for Anger: The Sequel as Shredder's new look is revealed. That, or you can take a look, say 'cool' and move along with your day.

Spoiler: that's totally what I'll be doing.

Call me crazy, but I'm totally ready for this movie. I'm ready for it to be stupid, to not make any sense. I'm ready for it to not be faithful to the comics, the cartoon, to anything. I just don't care. I'm so ready to buy my popcorn and a big ass bag of chips and just put my brain into a stupid CGI coma for a couple of hours and leave with no opinion on the actual quality of this movie at all. I'm ready for that.

I think I want that.


    That's just gross.

    I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed Michael.

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    You are everything that's wrong with movies today, Mark! EVERYTHING!

    I'll definitely watch it. But I'll form opinions. I've already formed opinions on the opinions I'll form...

    I am everything wrong with movies today...


        I'll share that popcorn with ya (actually I'll have my own 'cause at the cinema, I'm a pig).

        Shredder looks shredderific.
        I like how the turtles can express mature anger on their faces.
        Transformers girl is awesomely stupid and Whoopie's big cheeks make her look like one of the turtles!

    The thing that will annoy me most about this is when it will be terrible (and we all know that it will be), Bay will simply brush it off as “well it’s a bunch of ninja turtles based off a kids cartoon. What did you expect?”. The thing that flies in the face of this is the first TMNT movie was actually quite good. It even somehow manages to stand the test of time and not be horrible. It’s cheesy and not perfect, but still relatively faithful (I think they just messed with Splinters back story) and entertaining movie. I didn’t feel dumber for watching it.

      They actually got Splinter's backstory correct in the first live action movie. It was the original cartoon series that got it wrong.

    And the sad part is how much I like William Fichtner. The man was in Vice City and San Andreas and was one of only two reasons I kept watching Prison Break long after it had gone to plot-line hell.

    Is it just me or does Shredder look like a Decepticon?

      with all the reused shots in the previous transformer movies, won't be surprised if he reused some of the assets too. lol

    I'm too lazy to actually look this up, but Michael Bay just produced, not directed this, right?

      Produced IE: put up the money, IE: do what I say because I'm paying for it.

      Yes, but you can still see his fingerprints all over it.

        Fingerprints that explode and throw transparent American flags and fire works in to the sky

    But Shredder had some sort of ridiculous super form in the Mystery of the Green Ooze didn't he? This could be a similar thing... I'm with you Mark, imma watch this movie with brain in stand-by and probably be way more entertained than i should

    EDIT - And disregard that now that i actually watched the trailer, it is a superform :P

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    I like the designs for the turtles, but it just seems like a Micheal Bay fest, nothing to really do with the source material just dubstep, explosions and slow-mo. Meh.

      There's about 3 of those dubstep/slow-mo's in the trailer alone. It upsets me.

        Especially when there's so many other appropriately hectic forms of electro music to use: DnB, maybe some progressive house?

          DnB with an MC is one of the most under appreciated genres.

          Why does it have to be electro? Why not Metal? Or Hip Hop?

          Wu-Tang would probably be an appropriate choice, since they are also from New York and think they're ninjas.

          Not sure if there is any ninja-themed metal. Hmmm could be a gap in the market....

    Personally, even though Michael Bay's behind it, I'm cautiously optimistic about this one. I don't mind them changing the origin story around a bit because obviously it's not the first time it's happened throughout the history of TMNT. And I actually don't mind the new turtle designs either.

    As a long time TMNT fan, this is actually looking pretty good.

    There is such a thing as going too far.

    I find Uncle Phil to be more intimidating then that.

    Shredder actually looks quite good in motion, much better than Mark's screengrab would imply. Three things still sour me on this: The turtles still look like Shrek with masks, Megan Fox (seriously - every shot of her looks like it was re-used from Transformers. Pouting duck-face & all) and Michael Bayisms (EXPLOSIONS! SLOW-MO CAR SHOTS! EXPLOSIONS! SHAKYCAM!)

    Will still see it in the movies, because Ninja Turtles.

      Yeah but remember Jonathan Libesmen directed. Not Bay. He produced. So theres hope.

    Thank god. The Fichtner as Shredder rumour looks to not be true. Thank god.

    I'm really not liking what is being shown with the movie... But it opens 2 days before my Birthday and I need something to watch for my yearly Birthday Gold Class movie trip

    For added fun check out the image the Facebook share button comes up with.

      ...the Kotaku logo?

        I got two girls really enjoying research in a library. The top Lifehacker story below.

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    There's some cheese left in this Shredder, Shredder,Shredder

    God I hope their lying and that will arnett is secretly casey. That would save this movie for me.

    I respect your view Mark, but I simply can't turn my brain off to watch a film. That's what people do naturally to avoid trauma, and yet we are paying to do the same with some popcorn.


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    So Shredder is a robot with Krang living in his belly, huh
    I really want to enjoy this but every new bit of info I hear makes me more skeptical.

    Thats not Shredder, thats Silver Samurai... with adamantium claws.

      It's actually probably the Steel Samurai and when something smells, it's probably Michael Bay err... the Butz

    I just hope that theirs some freakin' wide shots of the action in this movie unlike the previous 3 Transformers films. Heck it looks like 4 might be a disaster plot wise but at least I might be able to tell who is fighting who.

    One thing I noticed in this trailer is that Raphael seems to spend a lot of time separated from the other three. You see in this trailer that the other three seem to get captured at some point, we don't know where Raph is while this is going on. You don't see him during those scenes in the snowy area either. He also finds Splinter in a bad state (presumably after the fight with Shredder) and says "Let's go save my brothers". You also see him trying to take on Shredder one on one too.

    I get the feeling there's going to be a subplot in the movie that Raphael has a huge angry emo moment and storms off to be by himself which puts the others in danger. I really hope I'm wrong but this is basically what happened in the first live action movie except it was Raphael himself that got beaten up in that. Similar thing also happened in the CG movie where Raph is a vigilante and ends up fighting Leo, breaking his swords and allowing him to be captured.

    If they've gone for this route as a subplot it seems kinda lazy. Surely there's better ways to approach it than something bad happening due to Raphael's angry personality?

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