This Might Be My Favourite User Created Content In Any Game. Ever.

This Might Be My Favourite User Created Content In Any Game. Ever.

Seriously. This is bloody life changing!

When games have user created content — user made maps, tracks, levels — I tend to ignore them for the most part. There’s something just a little off about most of them: they lack polish, they’re inconsistent, don’t fit into the themes of the game, etc. But this track, The Cave, on Trials Fusion is absolutely worth the hyperbole of the above headline. It just might be the best user created content I’ve seen in a video game ever.

I’m making the call: I think it’s better than any track RedLynx themselves made in Trials Fusion. It is seriously that good.

It has everything. Fire, dolphins, caves, underwater sections, mindbending physics, exploding airplanes, dramatic viewpoints, perilously difficult obstacles. This is the ultimate Trials track. Literally, there is no point creating any more after this one. The Cave cannot be beaten.


Just for reference, this video is of the very first platinum run on the track.


    • Not just you, mate – I thought so myself, and -every- single time I play the game my girlfriend asks why he sounds like Homer.

  • Wow… 9 minutes?! I simply wouldn’t have the endurance! 😛
    3 minutes of intense concentration on not stuffing up maybe, after that there’s a good chance I flip my bike over something minor because I’m already amazed I’ve made it so far, lol.

    Great map though – pretty much the pinnacle, has everything a map could want. Underwater part was craaaazy.

  • This is truly insanity. I wish I liked trials more, but I always hated jumping puzzles in platformers, so although I tried trials many times, I just found it too frustrating.

    I can’t imagine how long this map took to create, it looks incredible. A shame the dolphin isn’t animated as it goes through the air, but my god that is amazing work.

    • 2 months it took him.

      If you want to learn more and therefore enjoy Trials check out the University of Trials on YouTube. That guy makes awesome and helpful videos 😉

      • except you sound like you chewing on chewing gum and someone is pinching your cheeks when you speak

  • When games have user created content — user made maps, tracks, levels — I tend to ignore them for the most part.
    It’s things like this track though that make me the complete opposite. I love user created content, the levels might be short, corny (if there’s dialogue) and buggy but a lot of them are so much more difficult and interesting then the stock levels too.
    The original Portal for example was an amazing game but I think I spent more time playing custom maps and mods for it which were 10x harder. Things like the Portal flash version (they made a real map pack) and Portal Prelude were great.

    • I made an epic map in Farcry 2 once, chose the largest map spent hours terraforming putting in enemy positions and patrols, structures and jungle, only stupid console version made me run out of memory halfway through map, and it became a barren desert on one half of map so I never released it and no-one ever played it but me. But yeah mostly I will ignore the user created stuff. Skyrim mods and even GTAV have had some very good user created content though.

  • I was pretty amazed and gobsmacked of the run until…the underwater parts.
    Like,c’mon man…I was having a WTF? moment.
    The bike running underwater is just not possible,but apart from that,everything looked legit and doable.

    • Yeah that was epic, but about halfway through (in the cave bit) the bike seems top float on air for a bit and I was like “hang on…” Then the bike goes down a vertical incline which ends upside down at a negative angle and I was like “wait a minute that’s not possible…” So when it got to the underwater bit I was like… “But the engine can’t run without oxy… OMG VIDEOGAME!!”.

  • wow.. to complete that track I would have to swear at my tv somewhere between six and seven hundred thousand times…

  • Wha? That’s one epic track. And the fact that the course was complete with no faults is just as impressive. HOW???

  • Another bloody @Markserrels article about Trials fusi….


    Easily the best track in the game. Easily. They should absolutely put that in the game as the final, official track. Wow. Thanks Mark for showing us that 😀 made my day!

  • I made a video about this track when it came out, it’s pretty awesome and he even made a trailer to announce the release of it. I spoke to the creator a week or so ago, took him 2 months to build and way too much effort by all accounts. But yeah it’s a great track. It’s on PS4 now but with the recent improvements to the game it’s now possible to make it cross platform, something that I believe RL are working on.

    If you want to send positive vibes his way, the creator is on twitter @TheEpicTrials.

  • That shit was pretty incredible.
    I have to know: how does usermade levels work? Everything we just saw, was all of that content already ingame assets? Was that entire track – the size of which looked like it could rival a lot of games’ individual maps – made on the PS3? What about the dolphin? Animating things, setting things up?
    How’d they make it all?

    • Way too much to go over in detail (and I don’t really know) but yes they are all already in game assets. The editor that the developers used to make the game is included in your $30 retail version so you can do what they do and more.

      The track was made on PS4 (no PS3 sadly) and he (UltraNova) made the entire map manually. This would have been achieved by modifying the environment where you have tools to raise or lower the ground level and placing objects to make the scene. Each ramp flame rock waterfall etc that you see was placed there one at a time manually. Their individual attributes adjusted to suit. The animations are also controls by elements within the editor so you can have triggers that when breached will initiate some sort of animation, all of which has to be defined. It’s a visual coding languate when you get right into it and works great. I’m really happy that people are not only seeing these tracks, but appreciating what must go into them.

      • Well that sounds bloody insane. I imagine making something of that caliber would be hard enough on PC, let alone a console (I am honestly not master-racing here). I guess it stands to show just how great a job the developers did in making a map-making editor.

        (And damn it, I was going to say PS4, but then I thought “well the Trials came out before it, right?” but now I’m thinking, PS4 did launch over a year ago…)

        One more thing: that music was baller as. Is that also standard ingame music? It rocks pretty hard.

        • The editor is designed for using a controller, so the difficulty level is pretty much the same. You can make an ok track very quickly with all the tools, but the stuff people come up with is just plain nuts. Redlynx have done a few editor tutorial streams on their twitch channel, which go from beginner to “i have no life”, which is a good place to start. I keep trying to find motivation to build something, then see stuff like this and just stop and play theirs….

  • Watched this and decided to finally pull the trigger and buy the game on Steam.

    Went to the Steam page and saw it’s a Uplay game…. um, no thanks.

    Goddamnit Ubisoft, why do you have to go a take a shit on good games?!

    • Uplay isn’t as bad as it used to be, for the most part it’s stopped being an impediment between you and games and it’s just superfluous now. At worst it’s just another thing to update

  • The thing I’m curious about is, was this created using pre-fab’s already available in the game, or is it comprised of pieces they modelled/textured themselves? I don’t have the game, and haven’t looked in to it, but if it’s possible to make your own objects etc, I’m very likely to give it a go myself!

    • Lots of prefabs, but you can make a ton of stuff yourself too. The complexity of what you can do is insane – you can make games completly unrelated to bikes if you want (Like tennis games, mazes, basketball…. whatever you want if you are smart enough….)

      • nice! would be great to have something a little different to play around with! Might have to give it more of a look!

  • Be great to have a go at the user created content on Trials Fusion. Alas I have been having ongoing issues with connecting to Uplay ever since I purchased it. Have made contact with Ubisoft support to try and resolve the issue. Their support has been lacklustre to say the least. Poor form Ubisoft. U-be-soft, you be real soft.

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