This Year’s E3 Exclusive Skylander Isn’t A Skylander At All

This Year’s E3 Exclusive Skylander Isn’t A Skylander At All

For the past couple of years, Activision has been luring the press to their E3 booth to play the latest Skylanders game with the promise of an exclusive toy variant. For Skylanders: Trap Team they’re getting a special trap pre-loaded with an exclusive villain instead.

Skylanders: Trap Team mixes up the toys-meet-games formula by allowing players to purchase crystalline traps, which can be socket in the new game’s portal accessory during the game to capture enemy characters. Once trapped, enemies become playable characters themselves. It’s a clever way to introduce a horde of new playable characters without having to make toys for each one.

So visitors to E3 2014 will be able to get their hands on the Life Torch trap seen above, pre-loaded with an enemy that is only available at the show — Riot Shield Shredder.

This little bugger is a recolour of the normal Shield Shredder enemy, with a special blazing red weapon and an exclusive suit of armour.

Collector’s will no doubt go crazy over this little green piece of plastic, so keep an eye on eBay throughout the week to see how many Activision booth visitors go directly from the booth to the auction site.