Titanfall Is Getting Two New Modes In Its Next Update

Titanfall Is Getting Two New Modes In Its Next Update

Lots of Titanfall fans were disappointed this week when a rumoured sequel wasn’t announced. But if you were one of the people curling up inside your giant killer robot to sulk Monday night after EA’s press conference, at least you can console yourself with the knowledge that there’ll be two more ways to have Transformers-style battles on your Xbox later this year.

In other words: there are two new types of competition coming to EA and Respawn’s popular online shooter in its next update.

The first, “Marked for Death”, pits two teams of six against each other, with one member of each team being — you guessed it — marked for death. The rest of the team have to protect the target while trying to kill the opposing team’s in turn.

“Wingman LTS,” meanwhile, is four-player version of the existing Last Titan Standing — a timed deathmatch mode in which players try to eliminate the opposing team with no respawns or new Titans until the next round. With opposing two-person teams, Wingman LTS is the first gameplay mode in Titanfall that’s not 6v6.

EA and Respawn are showing both off at E3 this week, and they said that the new modes will arrive for Titanfall players at some point later this season.


  • Lots of Titanfall fans were disappointed this week when a rumoured sequel wasn’t announced.

    …what? The game has only been out for a couple of months. Why would anybody be clamoring for a sequel already?

    Anyways, this is great news, Despite not really caring or having played Titanfall, its good that it’s going to recieve regular updates (that aren’t behind a pay wall). Remember when developers used to regularly update their games before publishers got their claws into them? This is real nice.

    …kinda wish the Halo franchise got the same treatmen…

  • People still actively play this game? I mean it was pretty good, but the community seemed to thin out almost instantly for a game that requires online.

    • Yeah, I completed the Militia campaign, then went to do the other campaign the next night, and spent 20 minutes sitting in the lobby waiting for people to join the match, eventually I got frustrated at having to wait so long and turned it off. Haven’t been back since.

      • I played on Japan servers a couple of weekends ago… Finally got my Ogre chassis..

        But we were getting dominated so they re-shuffled the teams mid campaign and I had to play 2 maps again…. Frustrating.

      • To be fair, why would you expect full lobby’s in campaign? I played through both sides on release day, and never opened it again. It sucks that it’s the only way to unlock those titans, but months after release, why should I ever open it again?

        Proper multiplayer modes are better.

        • Because in campaign you were placed against people queueing for the same game modes? That was how they attempted to fix it, attempted being the operative word.

          • Really? But they jump straight into the action, you get a couple of dodgy cutscenes and voiceovers. How does that work?

          • Which if you time it is the same amount of time you get the pre game black screen and then the deployment animation.

    • I play once or twice a week and there are always plenty of players. It’s pretty much the only thing to play on an xbone.

    • Thrashed it for a good month or so got both campaigns done easily prestiged 3x, bought the new maps and couldn’t even find 1 game to play 🙁

      • I’m in the same boat, I’m tempted to try a refund for the pass simply because I don’t get any games at all. Reckon it’s possible?

    • This +1

      Bought the game on release and played it for a good 2 – 3 weeks, got bored and moved on.

      – Need more weapons or atleast different weapon variants.
      – Smart Pistol needs a good nerf/removed.
      – Close combat Melee weapons are A MUST. (GunZ online anyone?)
      – More covereage for PC Titanfall.

  • Bought this on PC and it has been a major dissappointment. Great gameplay but it takes forever to get into a game.

  • All my gaming buddies got this one…and now almost everyone has either sold it, or it’s collecting dust.

  • I got sick of the bugs and dodgy lag, it felt like the devs just wanted to push out most content for it but didn’t bother fixing anything 🙁

  • The game is pretty much dead on PC, I tried to play it a couple nights ago, and no matter what mode I went too, not one game was found.

  • New mode has bots? I think they should allow for bots or same options to set up multiplayer games like we had back in the day with cs1.6 or mw4. Seriously, on pc it’s difficult to find a game and when you it doesnt last long before you’re in another hours wait for another game.

  • The game is fantastic and the community on PC is really trying hard to keep it together, but waiting 10+ minutes for games all the time is really getting on people.

    • I’d be happy waiting that long if it didn’t kick you out of the lobby if you didn’t touch the mouse for a minute. Let me alt+tab while I wait!

  • Yeah the PC community has died a fair bit (can’t speak for Xbone though, hear it’s going strong) which is a real shame, because I personally love the game and play most nights. If you stick to Attrition you’ll get a game 90% of the time without much of a wait, but the other game modes (especially CTF or Pilot Hunter) just aren’t happening – which sucks because they are actually pretty fun.

    Like I said, i play most nights, if anyone wants to add me on Origin and play my username is seriff_123

    • Attrition is boring. If I wanted Online Shootman Game 437, I’d play one of those. The fact that I seem to be one of the few people who actually wants to play an interesting new take on the FPS genre reinforces my penchant for single player.

      I still think a non-broken matchmaking system or – god forbid – server lists would’ve made this game the biggest shooter of 2014.

  • Almost impossible to play any mode other than Attrition (TDM) and pc players are still stuck with a lot of day 1 bugs/faults. This game in Aus PC died a month ago, a lot of it has to do with respawns attitude “We know what you need to have a fun match more than you do!” When really they don’t know squat, clearly. People would still be playing if they were so damn smart.

  • Titanfall on the PC is like a ghost town – you wait too long for a match. In my opinion they botched this game, and that’s why people want a sequel. I really liked the game, but the PC version was plagued with stuttering and other bugs at launch, so I was waiting to come back…and I guess I waited too long, because it takes far too long to find anyone to play with. Dedicated servers for the sequel thanks.

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