Titanfall's Not The Only Sci-Fi Game With Parkour

Titanfall's Not The Only Sci-Fi Game With Parkour

The best thing about Titanfall was not the mechs. It was the wall-running. So the more games doing that sort of stuff, the better.

Ascend is an indie title made primarily by Tommy Wong (an artist in the games business), which he's been working on for years now. Like Titanfall, it has mechs, but like Titanfall, the key seems to be the fact the infantry units can run all over walls.

The game has an interesting funding model; instead of getting on Kickstarter they have made a parkour add-on for the Unity Engine, and will be selling that. They're also looking at making models of the game's characters and selling them.

Which is...well, it's different. You can check out more about Ascend at the game's IndieDB page.


    Replace the orange with red and you've pretty much got Mirror's Edge.

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