Try Out Cliffhorse, Notch's Latest Gaming 'Experiment'

Imagine rolling hills surrounded by mountains. A lone, brown and white equine stands gazing at this most generic of landscapes, its hooves exerting a brand of friction of their own devising. This, in itself, is a strange situation, but let us take it a step further — in front of this muddy, physics-defying horse is a perfect sphere made from its skin. Its skin.

Thanks, Notch.

Cliffhorse is not so much a game as it is... a thing. Posted today via Twitter by Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson, the developer requested interested users toss him a few Dogecoin, after which they'd be provided "early access". You don't actually have to tip Notch anything — the link goes straight to the download.

The Unity-built Cliffhorse doesn't have a purpose, rather, you get to run amok on four legs, batting around a giant ball. That's about it. Oh, you can stand sideways, soar into the sky or, if you're me, transform yourself into a meatball-horse hybrid.

Put simply, it's Goat Simulator with a horse... minus anything to do.

@notch [Twitter]


    goat sim clone much

    EDIT: i have now read the article and am a clutz

    Last edited 08/06/14 1:48 pm

      Sounds like you called it without knowing a thing about it. +1

    I wander if he will ever actually finish developing one of his games, or is his current design scheme one where he constantly removes features he claimed would be a part of the game until there is nothing that needs to be "finished".

    Geeze, he's got it all wrong. The horse is supposed to be on the ball, rolling around saying "James Baxter" in a horsey voice, spreading cheer and happiness to everyone.

    Geez, that horse is more agile then the MAKO, and i thought that was agile!
    also how high/drunk/something else was Notch to think this was a great idea?

    He should have called it Parkhorse and given it some things to vault over...
    I guess the real equestrition is "why?"

    umm well a cliffhores is cool but well its just that idk i have a hores and she cant go on cliffs so yea

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