Two Men Arrested For Allegedly Stealing… 320 Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

Two Men Arrested For Allegedly Stealing… 320 Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

I reckon there are things thieves brag about stealing: diamonds, exotic cars, and priceless art. Wonder where Yu-Gi-Oh! cards fall into that mix. Especially ones stolen from high school students.

Yu-Gi-Oh!, of course, is an enjoyable card game, spawned from the manga of the same name. Some of the rare Yu-Gi-Oh! cards fetch a pretty penny — or, at least, hope to. Kobe Shimbun, Kobe’ s largest paper, reports that two men, both aged twenty years old, allegedly stole 320 Yu-Gi-Oh! cards from a 15-year-old high school freshman they both apparently knew.

The value of all the 320 cards is an estimated 70,000 yen ($700).

According to the Kobe Shimbun, both men have confessed to the theft and planned to resell the cards.

漫画「遊戯王」のカード320枚窃盗疑い 男2人逮捕 [Kobe Shimbun]


  • O card games, thou shall always have a special place in my heart. I grew up playing card games in my brothers gaming shop. It started with Yugioh, and then Duel Masters and Versus System. We never got into Magic or Pokemon, funnily enough, those are the only two major players left on the card scene. I haven’t played in years, but there’s something about making a deck and strategising with real objects that video games can’t quite capture. Way more expensive though. Any other card aficionados out there?

  • “… both men confessed to the theft…” yet you still write allegedly in the title?

    • Until they’re convicted of the crime, the media has to write ‘allegedly’ in articles to safeguard themselves generally, as extenuating circumstances may always come to light exonerating someone for some reason or other.

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