Ubisoft Just Bummed Out E3 With A Super-Depressing Trailer

Ubisoft Just Bummed Out E3 With A Super Depressing Trailer

In between the wonky energy of Just Dance Now and the post rock-infused visual splendour of The Crew, Ubisoft took a moment to remind us just how grim the apocalypse looks in The Division.

This new story-driven trailer arrives shortly after Ubisoft teased us with some new gameplay footage this morning. I don't know about the gameplay part yet, but the near-future post apocalyptic virus-stricken version of New York City is making the Fallout fan in me feel really giddy right about now.


    Fuck me I want this game to be as god as it seems...

      After Watch_dogs...I just don't know any more :(

        If no faith in Ubisoft you have, then believe in Massive Entertainment.

        Personally I rather liked it. Not as good as it should have been I think but still something I really enjoyed.

          I just feel that you shouldn't present something that you can't reproduce on release. They not only released a game that didn't look that great IMO (based on what I was lead to believe it would look like) it performs quite badly on the PC - to the point of where overall playability is compromised.

          The Division looks amazing, AC: Unity also looks amazing - I'm pretty sure both titles are new-gen only, so hopefully we will not only see a mass improvement with the functionality of these games, but also some real innovation.

    It's just a shame that these amazing trailers with these daring, relevant messages and topical commentary ALWAYS give way to Generic Shooter No.24 or Open-World 101. What a waste of time. Here's hoping it's as revolutionary as the trailer suggests, but I get the feeling this powerful potential will be squandered.

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