Uncharted 4 Stars, You Guessed It, Nathan Drake

Uncharted 4 Stars, You Guessed It, Nathan Drake

And hey, Sully makes an appearance too (at least, audio-wise...is Sully still alive??) It sounds like Nathan Drake has been out of the game for a while — he seems older, and Sully seems uncertain if Drake has got it in him still.

Here's the trailer. The full name, technically, is Uncharted 4: A Thief's End — pretty ominous!


    Pretty underwhelming, but glad to see Sully's still kickin' round though (they'll probably actually kill him off this time).

    Looks very smooth, if in game. Naughty Dog will bring it. They always do.

    Well, I'll be getting that. Most definitely.

    I hope this is not the final uncharted!!!

      It seems inevitable that there'll be a 'reboot' in future or even just another Uncharted game that doesn't fit in chronologically.

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    Haha, I notice every time they make a trailer where the character dialogue pretends to be for the game, but is actually directed to the audience.

    Pre-order now for what, 2015? Yeah ok no.

    As for the game, I believe the "swoon, swoon, swoon" above was on the money.

    This is a sure fire reason to turn the PS4 on. Shame it will still be a while.

    I'm all for "...one last time" but after that I feel the series would start to drag. If the title does in fact relate to the demise of a key character (Nate or Sully), then it will be a fitting end.

    Naughty Dog do not bring their game half arsed.

    Drake's married?!?!? To Elena or Chloe....? Hmm

      Likely Elena. Chloe was always more of a free/rebellious spirit, and they parted ways in 2; Elena returned in 3 and they had plenty of emotionally close moments.

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