Video Games Can Be This Beautiful

Video Games Can Be This Beautiful

Yesterday, I mentioned that the the sky in Destiny is gorgeous. It’s even prettier in motion, as you can see in this new video from Digital Foundry, lifted from footage of the Destiny alpha running on PS4.

Man. Those clouds.

[via Digital Foundry]


  • Er, those clouds look real flat. This is what happens when you sacrifice a game that’s apparently going to be around for years and years with cross-gen compromises I guess.

    I mean sure, the art direction is really nice, but isn’t this a game that’s supposed to be around for years? If the clouds look dated and spritey now, how distractingly bad will they look in the future?
    Red Dead Redemption’s clouds still stun me and that was an open world game packed with detail too. Exclusively on last-gen. Four years ago.

  • I’m not a meteorologist/weather witch but shouldn’t the clouds be moving generally in the same direction?…

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