Vita Fans Are Pissed About Final Fantasy Type-0

Vita Fans Are Pissed About Final Fantasy Type-0

Earlier this week, just after press conference day, Square Enix dropped one of E3’s biggest bombshells — that they’re remaking the PSP game Final Fantasy Type-0 and bringing it to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One here in North America.

This was exciting news for fans desperate to play one of the few Final Fantasy games that never made it out of Japan. All of those fan petitions had worked, and now Type-0 was coming here. Plus, as the PlayStation Blog reported on Tuesday morning, Type-0 would also be coming to Vita.

Except… wait… just a few minutes later, Sony issued a correction. No Vita. Just consoles. Whoops.

A whole bunch of fans were immediately pissed, and took to the comments of the PlayStation Blog to complain about Sony getting everyone’s hopes up only to shoot them down a few minutes later. That Type-0 post on the PS Blog currently has 1319 comments, almost all of them complaints about the game not coming to Vita.

Exacerbating this drama were some tweets from Sony’s Shahid Kamal Ahmad, who has spent months actively promoting the Twitter hashtag “#jrpgvita” and promising big Vita announcements for people who like Japanese role-playing games.

On Tuesday, when Sony announced Type-0 for Vita, Ahmad wrote the following:

But then…

Though Ahmad says Sony is still working on getting the game to Vita, a whole lot of fans are very pissed off about the whole situation. Square Enix designed Final Fantasy Type-0 as a portable game for the Vita’s predecessor, the PSP, so many gamers expected to be able to play it on the go. And Sony’s big screw-up poured a gallon of salt into that wound.

Combine this Type-0 mess with a PlayStation press conference that was underwhelming for Sony’s unappreciated handheld, and you’ve got yourself a whole lot of angry Vita fans. So now there’s a petition, and even a popular new Twitter hashtag: #NOVITANOBUY.

A lot of people are pissed. To give you a taste of some of the reactions out there:

Vita Fans Are Pissed About Final Fantasy Type-0


    • They should be raging at Square Enix – they’re the ones making the game, not Sony.

  • Well, was a simple slip.

    Not angry tho. Having both a ps4 and vita, I can remote play it, so its kiiiiiinda the same…
    I dunno, whatevs. I only care about this game mildly…

  • Uh… what about us loyal PSP fans who could have used an English release three years ago?

    • There’s a fan translation out. In fact it released a couple of days before E3 and probably forced Squenix’s hand.

  • Squeenix has been showing the greatest amount of disregard for it’s non-US customers lately, this is just another nail in the coffin.

  • Eh, I’m quite happy with it on ps4. Heck i play peacewalker more on ps3 than I do on my handheld.

  • The way some of these people put it, I actually feel pretty bad for them. I’m a vita owner too and I enjoy my games. Sucks they don’t get to have a title they obviously want dearly.

  • I get it, the Vita isn’t selling, but still Sony’s support of the Vita has been abysmal since the launch of the PS4. Before the PS4 came about they pushed the Vita hard, it was a great time to own a Vita. Look at what Nintendo is doing with the Wii U. It’s failing just as hard but they are continuing to push it hard. They aren’t going to let it die without a fight. I’m not buying a PS4 before Sony whips into the Vita. Vita supposedly means life. I’m not seeing that.

  • The Vita died when Nintendo acquired exclusive rights to the handheld Monster Hunter games. Now it’s stuck in a viocious circles of no games being developed means no customers, and no customers means no games being developed.

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