Want To Use Your Xbox One Gamepads With Windows? Here You Go

Even as a die-hard PC guy, even I can admit some games are just better played with a controller. Now, you can get a third-party peripheral, or if you already own a console, plug in a gamepad from it. If you've been hanging out for the chance to use your shiny new Xbox One pad in such a fashion, Microsoft has just obliged.

As Larry Hryb explains on Major Nelson, the drivers will be made available as a regular update in the future, but if you're keen to try them out now, downloads are available for 32 and 64-bit versions of Microsoft's operating system.

Or systems. It doesn't mention which ones the drivers are compatible with, but after peeking inside the installer file, turns out it needs Windows 7 or better (sorry Vista, XP and Linux users).

Microsoft's stance on Windows gaming might be slightly muddy at times, but it's nice the company (or its driver team at least) isn't leaving us entirely out in the cold.

PC Drivers for the Xbox One Controller Now Available [Major Nelson, via Blue's News]


    AWWW YISS! I can finally wrap my hands around this comfy bastard. My 360 controller is getting a bit old and this is the perfect replacement.

      I have the same reasoning. Personally I prefer the DS4 (Except how fast the sticks wear down) but this makes one heck of an upgrade to the 360 pad I use on PC. (That D-Pad, right!!)

      They just need to make a wired version with a long cable now. Wireless would be ok, but batteries etc. Plus the 360 pad was cheap wired. I sit right by the PC when I play so the lack of a cable cable isn't worth the extra $$ for me etc.

      The xbox pad's just have the best compatibility. Even with 3rd party programs the DS's don't always work. (EG: Dark Souls 1 'needs' the 360 pad.) So I'll be sticking with the xbox pad for pc. Variety is the spice of life after all. Now, I'm off to look for a wired version of the X1 pad!

        I'm pretty sure the xone controller was designed so that if you use a micro usb cable, it stops using the wireless functionality (cant remember where i heard it, i think it was last years e3).

        of course, I could've just dreamed it and could be completely mistaken...

          Yes it probably does. But I mean dedicated cable. I really don't like using micro Usb cables with controllers. It's just a personal preference though.

        My ps3 control worked fine with Dark Souls 1 with better BS3

    needs wireless, will use it though

      Hopefully. I would expect them to add wireless functionality through an aditional adapter of some sort.

      I find it weird that Microsoft still wants to use a proprietary wireless system for their controllers (yet they wanted to bring it to PC anyway), guess they can sell special adapters now though.

      Yet Sony's DualShock 3/4s are just bluetooth devices and people have been playing with them for ages. Would be nice to seem some official drivers though, even better make it open.


        Personally hoping for a wired PC version like the 360 pad had. The DS4 works great with PC. The problem comes in where a handful of games (Dark Souls 1) Only recognise the actual 360 pad, even through emulation. (Btw, I don't mind the DS4 tool, it's good enough and has features that normal drivers may not.)

        Some games not working though is unfortunate seeing as IMO both the X1 and PS4 controllers are equally good this time around and most PC gamers have at least on of the consoles and wouldn't mind hooking up their preferred Pad to PC, wired or other wise.

        I wonder if later on in the generation, if anyone does anything meaningful with the touch pad mind you, if they will enable use of the DS4 touch pad in-game on PC. Would be cool if both got equal support in games, with button icons and everything. That would be AMAZING and relatively easy to implement.

    Went and bought one th'smorning for this reason.

    Now all you need to do is bring Forza to the PC and I'd be set.

      Just play Forza 4 but before you use a new car donate 4.99 to a charity and you can simulate the same feeling.

    I don't know about anyone else, but I haven't got it to work. I've searched the net and seen the occasional comment saying it doesn't work for Win7x64 (my os).

      I'm having the same issue, unfortunately.


          I'm using it on Win 7 x64 and it works a treat. Installed the drivers first then plugged the controller in. Must be a conflict or something with particular hardware? @ashuramgs2sub @funky_munky_aus

            Sorry to necro here, but it turned out I just had a bunch of important updates in Windows Update that needed installing first. The Xbox One controller started working perfectly after my PC rebooted after the updates had all done their thing. Cheers for the suggestions. :-)

          Hey man, if you haven't managed to get your controller to work as of yet, it might be worth jumping into Windows Update and installing pretty much every update sitting there (at least all the ones listed as important). My controller started working as soon as I did this. I'm running Windows 7 x64 as well, so hopefully this'll do the trick for you as well.

    Just want some clarification before I go out and drop $100 on a controller:

    Does this work with the Play and Charge kit / microUSB cable? I was under the impression that that cable only provided power and not data too but would love to be proven wrong. It will convince me to buy a XB1 controller and Play and Charge Kit right after exams

      Mine is running without batteries in it. Its wired via mircroUSB. Xbone specs provide data and power to the controller. I have just put some dead batteries in there because I am used to the weight

        are you using the microUSB cable provided from the Play and Charge kit? Or just a general microUSB cable similar to the one you charge phones with?

        My understanding is that the microUSB cable provided with the Play and Charge kit is power ONLY and doesn't provide a data connection. I would love to be proven wrong!

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